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Things that happen when AtsuMina are a couple “Takamina shouts, “She is cheating! “Takamina tried to hold Acchan's hand, immediately rejected There's almost no relation between quality of a song and it's sales. “. The love triangle between Kai, Acchan, and Ray is really interesting! I am conflicted in who to support The other relationships are well written too (Yuko and Riku/Kojiharu is my . Really, Atsuko already has Takamina, let Ray have Kai.:P. A magical marriage in music and stage presence took place on this night as release in ages and while Acchan has steadily and surely endeared 「Featured Post」~If Takamina♥ were a Powerpuff Girl she'd be Blossom♥~.

Fuji bit still puzzles me to this day lol.

Takahashi Minami’s Love towards Minegishi Minami is…. way beyond description

But still… It has so much that feels like Utaban. I have no idea who those guys are. And how he and Mayuyu have a sort of thing going on, I remember you telling me what a big fan she is!

I should find that video! And they have some interesting regular members there. Easily the best show airing right now. I wonder if I could find rental discs which they sell at one of our local video stores here, I was going to visit them soon so I could look for some SmapxSmap episodes with favorite guests as I do from time to time.

Takamina likes girls?

I wonder if her retired? There were a few very few times Taka-san interacted with AKB members. Sasshi, Mayuyu and Yuko. Again I apologize for my really really late reply xD.

From Philip July 27th, Hi mb! Yes, one more song. I think this is my most AKB-sounding one yet, music-wise. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Apologies if its horrible! You write with wonderful melodies, rhythms and emotion always! Nogizaka46 type A arrived today. Just about to listen. That was about 5 years before the Goonies, and of course the wonderful Stand by Me. I looked him up on Wikipedia and discovered his life has had many ups and downs, which was very sad to read about.

I totally recognized him immediately!! Un I loved him in The Lost Boys!!!!!!!!!!! I can watch that movie over and over and I do! Corey Feldman really reached out and tried to help him too as they were close friends even afterwards …. Spotted a llama from a distance today. Going to find out how to get to the field where it and its friends are kept and take a photo. Llamas are such interesting looking animals and they appear to be very friendly in nature ….?

Hope all is well with you on your island in the middle of the Pacific. Masa sent me this link. Quite pricey indeed for a cassette tape!! I already love the chorus section, you can totally imagine the girls vocals over it!

A Halloween themed song is perfect! Love the retro tones too! Have a great day. I guess the Nori-P single was just on cassette, then. I found the photo of the single, by the way, just by doing an image search. As you point out, though, a cassette would be unplayable by now. I searched for it for years back when I was finishing up my Sakai Noriko collection but never could find a single available copy. Firstly, I hope you are okay and that your weather is bearable.

Ahhh Nori P Ondo!! The title, if read in a certain way, does make me smile. Must order it next time. Lots of elderly people dying from heatstroke. I asked Masa how he was getting along and his son had heat stroke from playing football and spent two days recovering. Hopefully the FB page should open without needing to be logged in.

How uniquely creative and amazing!!!! Love the music being played to by all of those marble thingies with instruments! I just wondered if he was doing something clever, or poetic. Hope you enjoy the little FaceBook mini-movie.

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Is the UK similar in this way? Hopefully not as extreme!! CDJapan credited me with points recently did you get these points too? The limited editions come with concert footage while the standard editions come with music videos, so for once you really do have to buy the lot. Indeed, Mayuyu, I will read the articles. I remember I used to work with this guy at the record store a long while back and he had just bought the latest Playboy because he was in love with ….

And there was a whole series of different body parts they ranked spread out through the 21 episodes. Sakura was tied at 5th with Yukirin. Actually, the top was: Ah that sounds like a fun series to get to know maybe not so commonly known things about the girls. I can totally understand Jurina, Sayanee, Yukirin and of course Sakura! Milky has a beautiful body too of course! Yuko is so lovable reciting those limericks to Riku. I can imagine her reciting those out loud while Riku is blushing, facepalming himself.

Honestly, I think Ray is a lot smarter than she acts in mendol. It's just that, when it comes to Kai She's just crazy in love with Kai. XD Kuu and Mariko's exchange of emails were brilliant! I lmao at that. It was so like them!

That scene and the Meetan suggesting Mariko that they sleep together are my favorite scenes so far in your fic. Dino, Gachapin and Megumi ftw! I totally agree with you regarding the massive TakAcchan fever going on. A balance between both pairing can be a good thing. Lastly, please update soon. What you did was plain evil and cruel!

XD bou-j chapter And I like Ray. She can be really nice sometimes! What will happen between Kai and Ray? That'd be great lol Mayuyu is evil And I wonder if Yuko will still be after Asahi now And really, Mariko and Kuu are so LOL The mail thing was so funny! Not that I dislike Atsuki definitely not just that Ray really love with Kai and both of them kinda cute if really a couple. Kinda surprise them so suddenly feel they concern each others like sisters.

Now Kai can concentrate on Ray only. A first I totally forget that Mayu mention to Ray about Persona secret from previous chapter cz Ray still so in love with Kai. When the end of the chapter Ray knows Kai is a girl instead a guy I totally surprise and she accept Kai no matter he actually a she. Kai seems concern about Ray she kinda worry Ray will leave her after knowing her secret. I wonder whether is Ray or Kai will talk first…I know it really need a lot of courage.

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Hope next chapter will up soon. I actually agree that there is a lot of Takacchan already and Ray deserves a break. Really, Atsuko already has Takamina, let Ray have Kai. P Though Atsuko did seem to come to her realisation that her feelings are sisterly quite abruptly when she was so confused only awhile ago.

I didn't really read it as that clear cut but the story needs to move on and that triangle had the potential to go on forever and ever and ever While I was reading this chapter, I kept thinking about why the information Mayu had provided Ray with in the last chapter wasn't being brought up but it finally came up at the end and I'm so proud of Ray!

Just accepting it like that and not even implying anything about it when Atsuko had said she didn't know anything about Kai in the bathroom. What that comment refers to seems obvious once you know Kai's secret but Ray didn't say a word - probably because it's Kai's secret she's keeping on the off chance that isn't what Atsuko was referring to.

That Atsuko actually gave Ray some valuable advice about Kai was the icing on the cake for that little bathroom scene. While I'm all for the romantic drama, Kuu and Mariko's "fight" that leads them to exchanging contact information was one of the best moments of this entire fic, imho.

It had me rolling about in laughter.

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Anyway, if I were a fan of 'Three Sisters', I'd be so upset about how the KenjixEri storyline ended so sadly and write a letter to the station. Looking forward to going back to Tokyo! Your fanfic is so great! But the next arc sounds MUCH more interesting! This chapter has me completely rooting for Ray again. Because I was rooting for her from the very start until you decided to insert Acchan.

Honestly, I'm totally fine with Acchan and Nami being just best friends. It feels so right right now. And You go Ray! She handled finding out about Nami like the pro she is! Woot, so glad the cat's outta the bag for Ray now. I love Ray whether she's acting evil and conniving or girly and innocent, she's just awesome in my book. Yep, that's what Keigo and that fancy suit get.