Allah and muhammad relationship questions

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allah and muhammad relationship questions

What are the guidelines provided by Islam in this regard? Do we look for some . , p. ; Marriage and Morals in Islam, Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi. Questions answered: did Jesus say he was God, did he die on a cross, has the Bible A relationship, not a religion, is God's ultimate purpose in creating us. Allah; Islam; Quran; Sunnah; Prophet of Islam; Bible; Women; Marriage; Youth & Now you can find answers to your questions about Islam from the right source. JustAskIslam features answers to help those who are new to Islam and clear asked difficult and harsh questions about Islam, Muslims, Quran, Muhammad.

Why do you have to circumambulate the Ka'aba seven times? Why not eight or six times? And why only in a counter-clockwise [91] direction? Whenever royalty or important persons come to the Ka'aba, security give them a special place for prayer in the hateem.

Why is there such inequality at the Ka'aba?

allah and muhammad relationship questions

There are hundreds of cleaners at the Ka'aba who regularly clean away pigeon droppings. If the Masjid al-Haram is truly holy, why does Allah allow birds to defile it? Marriage Why are men permitted to have four wives [92] but women are only allowed one husband?

Why is having four wives permitted but having five wives is forbidden? Why do many Muslim women disagree with their husband getting a second wife even though Allah has allowed up to four wives? Why does Allah allow [93] and even encourage through Muhammad's example [94] marriage between cousins? Does he not know it causes genetic disorders [95] [96] in offspring? Adultery Fifty percent of men worldwide have had extra-marital sex.

allah and muhammad relationship questions

So, in theory, do half the men on earth deserve to be stoned or lashed? Does Allah really want the children of adulterers to grow up without their parents because they need to be executed? Does Allah really think public whipping is the most enlightened way to deal with those who have sex before marriage? Instead of the outdated and unreliable method of four witnesses to adultery, why not just use DNA samples which non-Muslims invented?

Messengers Prophet Muhammad How do you know that the angel Muhammad was talking to was from Allah and was not Satan himself? Hart, the Jewish American author of "The A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History", claims the 2 reasons he decided Muhammad deserved the number 1 spot was because of his success as a warlord, [98] and because he himself wrote the Qur'an and made-up all of Islam's theology and laws.

If not, do you still feel proud of his placing? Do you think it is okay that Muhammad beheaded a whole tribe Banu Qurayza [] as if they were all guilty? Is it morally acceptable that even children with traces of pubic hair [] [] were killed? Why do some of you condemn an ordinary person for engaging in pedophiliabut when your prophet does it, [] you make up excuses and even defend his actions? Why does Muhammad's ascension story sound so strikingly similar to Jesus' ascension?

Could it have been a copy-cat story? Why is the Qur'an full of verses that say "Muhammad is not crazy"? Since many of Muhammad's own family members did not believe him, [] why should we? How do you know whether or not Muhammad suffered from schizophrenia, narcissism, or Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder?

If Muhammad was illiterate, why does Sahih Hadith such as Bukhari say he used to write letters? In Islam, Muhammad is given the honor of being the uswa hasana. Unlike Muhammad, [] Osama bin Laden is not a known pedophile. Doesn't this mean that the world's most notorious terrorist is in fact a more moral man than the founder of Islam? Why make such an obvious error? When Allah fooled the Jews and eventually the Christians into thinking Jesus was crucified on the cross, [] was he being a Deceiver?

Why did Allah wait years to tell the Christians and Jews that Jesus did not really die on the cross? Instead of simply saying 'Jesus didn't get resurrected', why did Allah not prove Jesus was not resurrected to avoid more than two billion mislead Christians? According to Muslims, Jesus never said he was the son of God. So why is " son of Mary " explicitly added whenever anyone addresses him? Why did Allah let Christianity become the world's largest religion if Jesus was meant to be a prophet only for the Children of Israel [] and Muhammad for all mankind?

Natural Disasters Why does Allah mostly target Muslim majority countries [] in major earthquakes? If this is a test of faith, doesn't the indiscriminate killing of innocent women and children make him unworthy of worship? While non-Muslims provide most of the aid after a natural disaster, Allah does nothing. Does he abandon his people on purpose and wish to humiliate them? Why doesn't Allah prevent Mosques from being desecrated during earthquakes in Muslim countries? Kashmir is divided between India, Pakistan, and China.

Why did Allah destroy the Pakistan-controlled part of Kashmir [] rather than the Hindu and Buddhist majority regions in the earthquake? Islam makes many prophecies about the end of times, but why are none of the modern technologies prophecized? How much of a god is Allah if he sentfailed prophets before sending us Muhammad with a final message?

People such as Nostradamus, [] Isaac Newton, [] and Einstein [] had many prophecies, so were they divinely inspired too? Why would Allah care about which foot [] we enter the toilet with, and why does he care about which shoe we put on first? Why does Allah care whether you use even or odd numbers of toilet paper or stones [] [] in the loo? Why would an omnipotent deity care which hand [] you use to eat? Why does Allah care whether or not you sleep on your stomach?

Why does Allah want you to trim your mustache and grow your beard? Why in Islam is it forbidden to touch a dog but not a rat, when rats are much more dirty? Why does Allah recommend you to dye your hair? Why does Allah forbid silk for men? Why does Allah care what type of clothes i.

Science If there truly is science in the Qur'anwhy didn't Maurice Bucaille [] convert to Islam? Other religions claim to have scientific miracles too, so wouldn't this mean that the Islamic argument is void?

Why do alleged claims of compatibility between the Qur'an and science only come after the scientific discovery is made? If Muslims trust Muhammad, why not use his recommended medicines mentioned in numerous sahih hadith such as camel urine [] [] rather than western products?

Muhammad said if you eat seven dates every morning, no poison can harm you. If the Qur'an and Hadith are full of science as Muslims claim why did the owners of these scriptures not invent computers, TVs, spaceships, helicopters, ipods, satellites, birth control pills, vaccination for smallpox, telephones, radios, light bulbs, microchips, CDs, playstations, refrigerators, microwaves, stainless steel, plastic, x-rays, polio-vaccine, anti-biotics, heart-transplants, DNA studies etc?

Most claims of scientific achievements made by followers of Islam during the so-called " Golden Age " for example; all 20 inventions mentioned by Paul Vallely have been either refuted or shown to have been greatly exaggerated. How do you feel about that? Why doesn't Allah find a way to refute human evolution? Muhammad said that black cumin cures all diseases except death.

Scriptures Bible Why do you claim the Bible is corrupt but at the same time proclaim Muhammad is mentioned in the Bible? If you believe only parts of the Bible have been corrupted, how do you differentiate between the good and the bad? Don't you think arbitrarily choosing whatever verses suit your argument is intellectually dishonest? The Qur'an never says the physical scriptures of the previous revelations were corrupted, only their interpretations. So why does the Qur'an contradicts the message of the Bible?

Why did Allah not as most Muslims claim protect Christianity or Judaism from "corruption"? If he couldn't get it right the first two times, why is Islam any different? If you believe previous scriptures were corrupted because Allah was "testing" humans or he expected humans to look after their scriptures, doesn't that negate his omnipotence?

Why does the Qur'an only speak about religions which were prevalent in Arabia at the time of its revelation? Why are there no Dharmic or Taoic religions mentioned? Why does the Qur'an discuss extinct religions such as Sabians, [] while ignoring major religions such as Hinduism?

Caliph Uthman had all different copies of the Qur'an destroyed, [] so how do you know that his version is the correct one? Muslims claim no-one can produce a single chapter like the Qur'an, but is there anything extraordinary, for example, about chapter [] and its three short ayahs? Muslims do not know what the Qur'an verse " Alif Lam Mim " means.

So what was the point of putting it in the Qur'an? The earliest found Qur'an did not have diacritical marks, [] so how can you say the Qur'an is uncorrupted? Is it possible to open a random page in the Qur'an and not find a verse of violence in there? If Allah knows everything, why did he make the Qur'an so ambiguous? Did he want Muslims to spend their spare time trying to figure out its meanings? Why does the Qur'an repeat the same things over and over and over?

The Qur'an [] claims Satan misleads Muslims - so how can we trust Islamic scholars, or indeed any Muslim? The Qur'an says faces will turn black if the person is a sinner, and the face will turn white if the person is not. Islamic sources, [] [] including Sahih Hadith, [] confirm that Muhammad and the early Muslims were fooled by Satan who produced a counterfeit Qur'anic verse that was indistinguishable from the real thing i. Sex A Muslim male is allowed to have sex with up to four wives, [92] his concubines, his slaves, [] [] and with POW.

Do you think any of this is moral? Does Allah really want homosexuals to be put to death [] [] [] for expressing what they feel, often against what they wish they felt? Muslim men are allowed to practice al-'Azl withdrawing the penis before ejaculation during sexual intercourse with female slaves and POW. Why is listening to music under most circumstances forbidden in Islam?

Isn't Islam supposed to be clear? People date in order to find out the character of a possible spouse. So why does Allah forbid dating? Why has Allah forbidden taking pictures[] [] and why do so many Muslims ignore this command? Why is talking to the non-mahram opposite gender forbidden according to Islam?

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Why according to Islam should dogs [] especially black ones [] [] be killed? Why did Allah forbid the playing of chess [] [] and masturbation? Aren't these things healthy? Why does Allah want Muslims if not the entire world to follow 7th [] century Shari'ah law? Women If nikah Islamic "marriage" literally means "sexual intercourse" [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] and the mahr is payment for nikah, what does that make all Muslim women?

Women are not permitted to practice polygamy, men are. Women are not permitted to beat their marital partners, men are. Why can a woman on her period [] not touch the Qur'an? A woman cannot pray to her creator for a quarter of the time because she is "dirty". It has been recorded in several sahih hadith that Muhammad said women should suckle grown men in order to stay in the same house alone with them. Except a few verses for Muhammad's wives, why did Allah not address women directly even once in his entire revelation?

Should only men receive orders on issues concerning women? Hijab If Hijab and niqab is Islamically good for society, why are there so many homosexuals in the Arabian peninsula? Why do Muslim apologists claim the hijab is only cultural when critics point out that it is oppressive to women, but then claim it is a religious obligation when governments attempt to ban it? If women observing hijab is deemed by Islamic logic necessary to prevent a woman arousing lust in a man, why are men also not enjoined to wear a burqa to prevent women and homosexuals from lusting after them?

In some tropical countries, the weather is hot and humid, Muslim women who wearing a hijab may feel uncomfortable, especially when doing physical exercises, did Allah know this?

Miscellaneous Would you accept your husband's right hand possessions sex slaves in your home?

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Why doesn't the Qur'an actually say there are 5 declarations of faith? Did Muslims make these things up? In the 7th century some Arab guy flew on a winged horse to Heaven and was told by God everyone needed to bow towards a cubical in the Saudi desert 5 times. Why should we believe this? Why does Allah love sneezing but hate yawning? Why did Allah turn Sabbath breakers [] [] [] into monkeys and pigs? Muhammad said that anyone who knows the 99 names of Allah will go to Heaven [].

Does this apply to non-Muslims who believe Muhammad was a warmongering fraud and a pedophile? Why did Muhammad [] change Qiblah? Why does Allah not accept [] [] the prayer of someone who farts? Muslims have to look down when they pray, because looking up towards "Heaven" during prayer will make them go blind. How come all the Islamic messengers of the Qur'an come from the Middle East? Before reading and writing were invented BCwhat basis did Allah use to judge the people who died?

Fatimah was born 5 years after First Revelation according to Shia sources. Muhammad married Khadijah when he was 25 and she was Muhammad claimed prophet hood when he was 40, therefore Khadijah would have been 60 when she gave birth to Fatimah.

Isn't this a miracle? Do you think it's appropriate that slave murderers are custodians of the two holy mosques? Muhammad's father was named Abdallah meaning Allah's slave. Since Muhammad's father was a pagan, aren't you simply following a modified pagan religion? Pigs, which are in the family Suidae are haaram. Does this prohibition also include the unrelated New World animals such as the Javelina, in the family Peccary?

Does this also include related animals such as the Hippos which are in neither family? Why are all angels male? Islamic Sects These are questions for adherents of the larger, mainstream Islamic sects that are partially accepted by one another. Sunnis Why didn't Muhammad appoint a leader before his death to avoid Shi'ites and other sects splitting up from Sunnis?

Why do some of you try to distance yourself from Salafis or "Wahhabis" in front of non-Muslims, when they are the most pious Sunni Muslims? Are you ashamed of the Salaf first 3 generations of Muslims? Why do you criticize Shi'ites for Mut'ah when Sunnis practice Misyar which is essentially the same thing?

Shi'ites If Allah wanted Ali to be the substitute after Muhammad, why did he fail in his plan? Muslim leaders and organizations worldwide, even in countries that restrict the publication of such offensive material, vigorously condemned the instances of violence.

Violent reaction to these images was almost certainly fueled by political issues rather than purely by anger at the offensive images. Libyan President Mohamed Magariaf insisted that the Benghazi attack, claimed to be a spontaneous response to caricatures of Muhammad published in Denmark, was in fact long planned by militants, while the Paris atrocities were the work of militants who may well have been striving to recruit French Muslims to al-Qaeda by creating an incident that would isolate them from other French people.

In either case, the images served only as a pretext. Jesus was a non-violent reformer while Muhammad fought in wars. Why is there a difference between Jesus and Muhammad in terms of their approach?

In his book Jesus through the Centuries, church historian Jaroslav Pelikan depicts and analyzes the varied views of Jesus at different times and in different cultures. The representations of Muhammad are likewise multiple.

allah and muhammad relationship questions

Jesus founded a community of believers that was politically powerless and had to function in the shadow of the overwhelming power of the Roman Empire.

Muhammad, on the other hand, eventually found himself at the head of a new political community in Medina and was therefore called upon to function as a political and even military leader.

Whatever differences one may find between Muhammad and Jesus should not obscure the fact that, in our vision of Islam, both Christianity and Islam uphold the principle of respect for life. Why did the Prophet Muhammad marry so many women? Polygamy was common in 7th-century Arabia, as it has been in many other cultures, especially for a political leader; for instance, the patriarchs in the Hebrew Bible are shown as having multiple wives, and the kings of Israel are described as having harems numbering in some cases into the hundreds.

In light of the time and place, there was nothing unique or unusual about Muhammad marrying several women. Why did the Prophet Muhammad marry a nine-year old?

If she was not nine, how old was she? The actual age of Aisha at the time of her marriage to Muhammad is disputed, but, the marriage could not have been consummated until she reached puberty.

In many cultures, women are or were married years before a marriage is consummated. The custom of early betrothal and marriage continued until the late 19th and early 20th century in much of the world, including Europe and North America, where there are still many states that allow for underage marriage.

What do Muslims believe about Jesus? Muslims overwhelmingly revere Jesus and believe that he was born to the Virgin Mary through an act of God, just as Adam is believed to have been created by God without a father or mother. What do Muslims believe about Mary? Muslims generally believe that she is the Virgin Mother of the Prophet Jesus.

Why is it that Muslims do not celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas? While Muslims greatly revere Jesus, Christmas is generally considered a Christian holiday and not a part of Muslim cultures except where there are Christian minorities. However, some Muslims celebrate Christmas as part of an American cultural observance like Thanksgiving or Independence Day.

What are the different kinds of prayer that Muslims practice? Prayer among Muslims can take many forms. How long does each prayer Salat take? In large groups women pray behind men. The separation of men and women in prayer is not universal among Muslims. In some mosques women pray in balconies above the prayer hall for men, and in some American mosques women pray parallel to men while in others they pray behind the men.

The reason usually adduced for this practice involves notions of modesty. The Muslim ritual prayer is very physical in nature, involving standing, bowing, and prostrating oneself.

While in congregational prayers, Muslims are supposed to stand side by side and shoulder to shoulder with those next to them. Many Muslim cultures have considered it distracting or immodest to have men and women praying side by side or to have women prostrate themselves in front of men.

How do very busy students or professionals e. Depending on their schedules, Muslims probably will not need to perform all five prayers while on the job since the prayers are spread throughout the day.

In addition, each of the five prayers has a window of time during which each prayer can be performed. This time frame extends from about one hour to as long as four hours depending on the specific prayer and the time of year, since the times shift depending on the season and length of day. Throughout most of the year, the prayer time for the noon prayer does not end while students are at school, so they can perform it when they return home. During the time of year when the prayer time ends while students are still in school, they can take a few minutes during recess or lunch to pray.

Students can ask their teachers if they can pray in the classroom or library. In the case of Muslim firefighters, if they are in the midst of fighting a fire and are unable to take a break to pray, they will perform the missed prayer as soon as they are able to, along with the next prayer. How will God determine who goes to heaven and hell?

We also believe that God will judge human beings according to His complete justice on the Day of Judgment based on both their beliefs and actions, taking into account the opportunities and abilities that He gave them. We believe that God rewards whoever behaves righteously in this life and that God knows the innermost secrets of human hearts and will judge everyone with absolute justice. Therefore, whatever actions people commit are based on their free will, for which they are held accountable.

The Seven Deadly Questions of Islam

How does Islam view other religions? Moreover, we believe that the salvation of all people, Muslims included, lies with God alone. We strongly believe that people of other faiths should be treated with love and respect, affirming the Islamic principle respect for freedom of religion and conscience. According to recent polls by Pew Research, strong majorities of Muslims in every country support the right of non-Muslims to practice their religion freely.

Is that not equivalent to anti-Semitism?

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These passages speak to the specific historical circumstances in which they were revealed. They are not condemnations of Jews and Christians in general but of the behaviors of specific people— including, as noted, some Muslims.

We hold that respect for freedom of religion and conscience is basic to our vision of Islam. Does the Qur'an teach the hatred or subjugation of non-Muslims?

The existence of old churches, temples, and synagogues throughout the Muslim world in places like Egypt, Turkey, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, India, and Bosnia and the presence of minority religious populations in those areas demonstrates that this command was historically followed by many Muslim societies.

Do Muslims believe in the Bible and Torah? The completed transcript was then copied and distributed across the growing Islamic empire. The same may have been true of founders or major figures in other religious traditions. What is the difference between the Nation of Islam and the religion of Islam? The Nation of Islam is a nationalistic movement that began in the early 20th century, whereas Islam is a religion that was revealed in the 7th century. The original Nation of Islam was also a single, hierarchical organization.

Muhammad disbanded the organization and moved his followers towards traditional Islam. The Nation of Islam was revived within a few years by various individuals, with the organization headed by Louis Farrakhan being the most prominent of these.