Aoshi and misao relationship questions

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aoshi and misao relationship questions

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Aoshi, Misao - Chapters: 15 Well I'm taking a break from my first Misao and Aoshi story because their relationship in my . Misao wanted to slap the girl for her blunt questions. In one of the final shorts, Aoshi and Misao are not stated as a couple, but I really wanna know what their relationship is during Yahiko no. What happens when the RK cast answer to questions we always wanted to ask..? Please read And I'll finally get to talk to mysterious Aoshi and bubbly Misao! Kenshin: Are you embarrassed of our relationship? Aoshi: No.

She was the assassin no one knew about and his enemies are after her dojo. Will they get their wish for peace or will the darkness fill their minds?

aoshi and misao relationship questions

SanoxMeg Rated T for coarse language. Hope you all won't mind! T - English - Romance - Chapters: And nothing will stop him. Unfortunately for her, Kenshin finds her and brings her back to the dojo. Mika makes new friends, but will her past and beliefs end it all?

aoshi and misao relationship questions

Sano x OC Rated: K - English - Humor - Chapters: Kaoru is the empress of a powerful empire that considers Kenshin's nation fair prey. In order to save his people and his throne, Kenshin must make a deal with his deadliest, most intimate enemy Kaoru has done her best to move on. He usually makes wise decisions when it comes to activities, and is loyal to the point where God definitely didn't intend man to be.

With his patience, he makes an excellent teacher of kenpo, whether it be to highly disfigured spies or small children who later fall in love with him. Hire him out to the neighborhood cemetery!

The man's gorgeous, and he looks drool-o-tastic in shirts with holes. Why not make that a job and force him down a few catwalks? With his cool manner and beautiful face, he'll have no trouble being Abercombie and Fitch's top underwear model. Relations to other units: But don't worry, it's a one time thing.

We believe it's because they are both tall. He may also threaten her when he is in his Demonic Mode. Feel free to bring him to a neighborhood creek and dunking him in.

aoshi and misao relationship questions

That game may be interpreted differently by each owner. Ifyou have a spouse and would still like to play "Hide and Go Find Aoshi-sama's Kodachi of Doom", please find a private neighborhood creek.

He will be fine on a diet of green tea. If you want to sneak him to bed and continue a game of "Hide and Go Find Aoshi-sama's Kodachi of Doom", please make sure the door is locked And his lips will whisper your name when you finally find that Kodachi of Doom At this moment, Wicked Enough had to leave her writing andenjoy one long, icy cold shower. Um, what's going on? We apologize for that I would love to see how good he is.

Lights up another cigarette Yahiko: I bet Kenshin can! Kenshin can beat anyone! I put my money on Kenshin as well. I never ever said I wanted to fight. But I will prepare beef hot pot for dinner today! I hope you will prepare my share!

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It's been such a long time! I missed all of you! And look who's come with me? Aoshi briefly glances at everyone Kenshin: I hope you've been well.

aoshi and misao relationship questions

Everything's been going well between me and the Oni gang. Aoshi, Misao, I would like to introduce my friend, Yuki-san to you. She's staying here for a few days to observe our lifestyle and interview us. Grins widely I'm Misao, and that's Aoshi!

We're both members of the Oni gang!

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Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you too! I've wanted to meet the both of you for a long time!

Aoshi X Misao tribute - Cold

Smiles -Aoshi just stares- Saito: It's been a long time, no? Face expression changes Yes, Saito. I clearly remember everything that has happened.

Perhaps you and I could battle one day. Takes a drag on his cigarette Afterall, we both want to fight Kenshin for top place. Eye twitches Perhaps you're right. Please, people, we're not here to fight today. Who said anything about today?

aoshi and misao relationship questions

Throws cigarette butt on the floor Sano: Well I could fight all day! Why don't we just wait for dinner peacefully?