Baelish and sansa relationship quizzes

Sansa's relationship with Littlefinger | Thrones Amino

baelish and sansa relationship quizzes

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser The Hound has built personal relationships with both Arya and Sansa Stark. “I believe if Littlefinger, Sansa, and Sandor all end up in the same room, . There's no doubt that Littlefinger and Sansa Stark's relationship status on Game Aidan Gillen Breaks Down Littlefinger's Relationship With Sansa Only Baby Boomers Remember These 34 Toys (Quiz) “I think Sansa might just be done with relationships at this point,” Turner Petyr “ Littlefinger” Baelish, whose unrequited love for Sansa's late.

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Sansa & Petyr -- Then I Will Die.

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Baelish tells Sansa all about Joffrey's murder and this is also one of the scenes where we see Sansa's developement as a character: Scrutinising things and being suspicious of Littlefinger's deeds is showing us that she isn't as naive as she used to be. When asking Littlefinger why he did all those things that put his life at great risk, Petyr tells Sansa that one has to keep his foes confused hence they don't know what your next step is going to be.

Still leery of Littlefinger, Sansa asks what Littlefinger really wants.

baelish and sansa relationship quizzes

Petyr now caresses Sansa's arm and tells her; "Everything. During Littlefinger's trial, Sansa demonstrates the abilities she learned in King's Landing and saves Littlefinger from being killed off.

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After the trial, Littlefinger visits Sansa in her chambers and Sansa tells him why she helped him. At this point, Littlefinger still thinks Sansa is only his chess piece, because he seems quite skeptical that Sansa truly knows what he wants.

baelish and sansa relationship quizzes

Sansa is now using the advice from Cersei which I adressed above; She's using the best weapon a woman has. Sansa eventually embarks, however, Petyr leaves her alone at Winterfell soon after they arrive there because he has some business to do in King's Landing.

baelish and sansa relationship quizzes

For a long time, Sansa doesn't see Littlefinger. Littlefinger genuinely seems like he didn't know about him and this is probably the first time something went wrong in one Littlefinger's plans.