Balsa and chagum relationship quizzes

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balsa and chagum relationship quizzes

With Balsa as Chagum's bodyguard, they manage to elude the assassins after The anime also depicts Chagum possessing a close relationship with his older. Looking for information on the anime or manga character Balsa Yonsa? .. Image Manga, Anime Couples, Anime Characters, Manga Anime, Animes Manga , .. Anime CharactersAnime QuizzesEscanor Seven Deadly SinsKing Moribito : Guardian Of The Spirit--Prince Chagum and the Second Queen, his mother. In the first novel, Balsa agrees to become the bodyguard of Prince Chagum as . 光] "Haru no hikari" by Nahoko Uehashi, about Balsa and Tanda's relationship.

Guardian of the Spirit also known as Seirei no Moribito is a wepisode series produced in The story follows a bodyguard named Balsa. She has vowed to save eight lives to atone for eight people whose lives she has cost.

Her final life to save is that of Prince Chagum, a young boy said to be possessed by an evil spirit. His own father is trying to assassinate him. Moribito was created by the same woman who created Beast Player Erin and is similarly slow-paced.

The series is definitely worth a look. Moribito is streamed on Hulu.

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (Moribito, #1) by Nahoko Uehashi

The series is about a high school girl named Marika. Also nothing against buck teeth But he's got the buck teeth, and when he's on screen I can't stop looking at them.

balsa and chagum relationship quizzes

Saya Saya is Toya's orphan companion. She is much more shy than her loud companion and keeps much more to herself. Like Toya, she was also saved by Balsa in the past and is now very grateful to her.

She cares deeply for Toya as well.

Moribito series

I feel like we needed to see more of her and she really wasn't that important. The girl in this one: Shuga Shuga is a star diviner, or a wiseman of the royal palace, and the youngest one in history.

balsa and chagum relationship quizzes

Unlike his fellow star diviners who are much more concerned with tradition, Shuga is very curious wanting to gain knowledge from every source, including knowledge of the supernatural from shamans.

He was Chagum's private tutor before his disappearance, and he is now very concerned with looking into the truth behind the prince as well as investigating a drought that may come from the spirit inside of Chagum.

Shuga is also very intelligent is tasked with deciphering an ancient tome passed down through the star diviners so that he can find out the secrets behind Chagum's spirit.

I don't know what it is about this guy, but I find him really cool and mysterious and he is my favorite character. Hibitonan Hibitonan is the head star diviner. He comes off as a very serious and intimidating old man.

balsa and chagum relationship quizzes

He is very strict on following tradition and is completely against seeking knowledge from shamans which he also advises Shuga against. Gakai Gakai is another star diviner and the private tutor of Prince Sagum. Prince Sagum Sagum is Chagum's older brother, and the first crown prince of the kingdom.

balsa and chagum relationship quizzes

He admires his younger brother and misses him dearly. Jiguro Musa Jiguro is dead prior to the beginning of the story. He was an old friend of Balsa's father when she was little, but her father was involved with the wrong people and was ordered to be killed along with his daughter.

As a last request he asked Jiguro to protect his daughter who fled with her. Balsa was then raised by Jiguro similar to the way Chagum is now being raised by Balsa. This guy is a boss. The spinny guy in this one: Upon his introduction, he wears royal garments, with long hair styled into a bun and pigtails, and a golden crown. The garments are discarded in favour of commoner's clothing, consisting a dark blue robe and grey pants, after escaping the palace.

balsa and chagum relationship quizzes

For the final battle against the egg eaterTorogai presents Chagum with more warrior-like clothing, which also depicts motifs of the Yakoo. When he returns to the palace, Chagum wears royal clothes again, and dons a single hair bun and a new crown. His relationship with his father, the Mikadoseems to have been more distant, but even after he calls for the assassination of Chagum, the boy is not ill-spirited towards him.

In the anime, Chagum's deep respect for his father is illustrated when he becomes infuriated at an aggressive boy from Rota for insulted the Mikado. The anime also depicts Chagum possessing a close relationship with his older brother, Sagum.