Burst angel jo and meg relationship goals

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burst angel jo and meg relationship goals

Looking for information on the anime Bakuretsu Tenshi (Burst Angel)? As Jo, Meg, Sei, and Amy take on the bloodiest jobs in the chaotic city of Tokyo, Kyohei . Meg and Jo have a long history together, They both love each dearly and Jo looks out for Meg. It almost yuri like but nothing to dramatic has. Jo is one of two main characters of Burst Angel. Her full name is She uses a pair of Desert Eagles to hunt down her targets and her aim has no equal. She has.

The art was sup par.

burst angel jo and meg relationship goals

The human body was poorly represented in this anime which is quite sad because this anime came out right around the time of some decent classics. However, this one was not one of them. Not only were the characters poorly drawn but at times the animations were clunky and even out of time and place. This actually became more apparent near the end. Not only was the art poor but it was not constant. Characters hair colour changed from one episode to another.

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When it went to the next episode, she was back to red hair. But then the next episode her hair goes blue for no reason. However, art takes many forms and this is where the good promising bits of my review come in because… 3: The nothing was absolute in this anime.

burst angel jo and meg relationship goals

I am a candid person by nature, and, one of the things that makes me want to duct tape story writers mouths to tail pipes more than anything else is when a ending occurs when it is not warranted. The world does not function on Disney logic and neither should stories in my candid opinion.

This is one of the saving graces in this anime for me. I say that plural because… 4: The CGI was actually decent at times for this era. This anime came out in and looked like it may have been a budget anime. Near the end of the anime, some of the CGI Mecha battles were quite decent. Now I know that the characters would not die in this battle or so I thought considering number 3 caught me off guard.

Unfortunately, this was not a constant. The saddest bit however is the fact that…. They left out the 4th check box, story. I mean, it really meanders.

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At times, it tries to be a comedy but the jokes are so bad that you wonder if it was just an attempt to add character depth. Then at times the characters will be all serious which actually suits this anime better.

But then some episodes will be fan service which kills it because the animations were so poorly drawn a man would be better at sitting a Barbie doll on a table and just staring at it would be less creepy as well because one of the female characters has the body of a 10 year old boy which made me sick to watch her, and she is the main character.

The worst bit is that half of the anime, there actually is no defined goal.

What is the relationship between Meg and Jo in the anime "Burst Angel"?

The viewer watches a bunch of skimpily clad bounty hunters killing their targets. Unfortunately, there was a lot more they could get of done to make this a decent anime. Their partnership started because Meg stopped her from being messily eaten in their younger days. Big Eater - Meg. The habit stems from her earlier days. And Jo in her fight with Maria.

Blood Knight - Jo. She's extremely bored with everything that doesn't have to do with shooting at things. Jo, as far as every other gunman in the story goes.

Bound and Gagged - Kyohei once, but more to the point, Meg. Butt-Monkey - Kyohei and Meg. He's a meek cook who the girls refuse to let go, she gets kidnapped on a daily basis and seemingly can't fight at all.

Camp Gay - The "Tour Guide" in episode Chained Heat - Jo does this to herself and Kyohei when she takes him hostage to try to trade him for a yet-again-kidnapped Meg.

The Chick - Meg, both in the social interaction sense and the Distressed Damsel sense. Kyohei, in the Non-Action Guy sense.

burst angel jo and meg relationship goals

Close-Call Haircut - Meg gets a hole shot through her hair in one episode. The Comically Serious - A good deal of humor in the series comes from Jo's deadpan reactions to the absurd stuff around her. Conspicuous CG - For the mecha and vehicles. Cool Big Sis - Sei's role largely boils down to being this, and both her and Meg act this way for Amy. When these glowy brain creatures start getting more public, RAPT officially step in to deal with them. Crossdresser - Kyohei has to in order to sneak food and equipment to Meg during a few episodes when the latter is infiltrating an all-girls' school.

Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass - Subverted during an episode where Meg has her "hunger" switched around with her will to fight. She spends the rest of the episode mopping up gangsters with impossibly cool kung-fu moves And then later claims to have no memory of what happened at all. A Day in the Limelight Even though he's the first character we're introduced to, Kyohei only really has a single episode where he's the focus character.

And even then, he's the Butt-Monkey. Amy's got one to herself, which doesn't involve as much violence as usual. She spends most of the time in the Internet. Dark-Skinned Blonde - Jo is somewhat like this, though the illustrations gave her a more fair complexion.

Delinquents - Takane and her Girl Posse are all former female biker gang delinquents turned police officers. At first it looks like Kyohei's the lead, but then it very quickly shifts away to the point where he barely appears at all in later episodes.

Similarly, the manga has a guy called Takeru. It becomes immediately obvious he does not belong in Jo's world though. Disposable Woman - Meg, except that she doesn't expire. Distressed Damsel - Meg all the damned time.

burst angel jo and meg relationship goals

To the point that she hangs a lampshade on this. Everyone Is Armed - In this setting, the Japanese gun laws were insanely relaxed in response to ever-increasing levels of crime. This means everyone can legally own and carry firearms at all times. Evil Twin - Maria to Jo.

Maria's "evil" because she's still obeying R. In case all the fanservicey tropes didn't clue you in, this series does not shy from indulging in cheesecake and occasional beefcake. Fanservice Pack - Sei and Meg go up several cup sizes about halfway through the series; the Beach Episode actually uses both character designs in different parts of the episode. Faux Action Girl - Meg. She gets a Small Girl, Big Gun shot in the opening sequence, and another during the Osaka arc, but is otherwise firmly entrenched in the Distressed Damsel role.

One of the trailers for the show actually showed her beating up mooks with the same skill she showed in the Bai-Lan party episode. Averted in a small segment of the OVA that takes place five years after the end of the seriesshowing a more competent and more badass Meg. Played with in the Osaka arc. Jo mouths off to Takane one too many times in the Hanshin P.