Cassie steele and mike lobel relationship counseling

Actress Cassie Steele's Dating History: Wondering Who Her Boyfriend is? Also Find Professional Life

cassie steele and mike lobel relationship counseling

Cassie Steele Cassandra Rae "Cassie" Steele (born December 2, )[1] is a After receiving advice from Paige, Manny asks Craig if he used a condom when they had sex. Relationships begin and end, the need to succeed is tested and all .. Michael Ryan "Mike" Lobel (born March 7, ) is a Canadian actor. Jason "Jay" Hogart, played by Mike Lobel, is a fictional character on "". Jay Hogart was well-known around Degrassi for being bad, mostly because of his Emma and Jay end their 'relationship' since he felt bad for also getting girlfriend Sean takes Jay's advice, but later gives himself up to the police out of guilt and . Degrassi has put Canadian teens on the map for almost 40 years. Take, for example, the relationship between Aislinn Paul, Christine Prosperi, and Chloe Rose. . Even Mike Lobel, who plays Sean's best friend and was with the show . Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment.

It was there where Stefan Brogren broke new boundaries by being the first actor to use the F-word in a live TV series in Canada. It turns out that he almost did not go through with it. In the same interview he mentions that there were two different takes of the scene. His departure from the show was not done on the best of terms.

cassie steele and mike lobel relationship counseling

Naturally, fans of the series include high schoolers who can sympathize with the characters in the show. One of his favorite characters is Caitlan Ryan, played by Stacy Mistysyn, with whom he had a crush on. While he was not overweight, Kipple still sported a portly physique.

Mike Lobel

After he watched himself on the show as Spinner, Kipple found that he was not satisfied with how he looked. As a result, he put himself through a training regimen to lose weight and ended up losing fifty pounds. However, it turns out that before he got the part, Drake did something that could have landed him in some very hot water.

Despite his initial fears, Drake still got the part. His reasons for bringing his old cast mates back together involved more than just catching up with old friends. The music video highlights the relationship between Drake and Shane Kipple. Having known each other since before Drake earned his rap name, today both he and Kipple pursue careers in music. Daniel Clark, who played Sean Cameron from seasons one through seven, was not featured in the video.

Much like the tile of the video, Clark was upset that no one bothered to notify him about their mini reunion. Both actors lament that they were not invited as they would have loved to experience the joy of reuniting with their old co-stars.

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Emma later becomes one of those girls, but quickly learns that she isn't the only one. Emma later finds out that she has gonorrhea after a doctor's visit. Emma and Jay end their 'relationship' since he felt bad for also getting girlfriend Alex sick with gonorrhea. Alex becomes furious with him after learning that her gonorrhea was a result of Jay having unsafe sexual relations with other girls, including her best friend, Amy. After physically assaulting Amy and ending their friendship, Alex breaks up with Jay.

Still needing more, Jay suggested selling Oxycodone to some guys he knew. Eventually the situation got extremely stressful for JT and he tried to kill himself but was, luckily, unsuccessful.

He could have died, had Jay not called the ambulance.

Jerry - Mike Lobel & Cassie Steele

This friendship didn't last as Jay, thinking he would help Spinner get some 'action', told Darcy she needed to let Spinner have sex with her or she would lose him. Darcy later told Spinner who got into a fight with Jay. Spinner then said that he changed since becoming a Christian and their friendship was broken. Finally at the end of school, he reconciled his friendship with Alex, comforting her after she came out despite some of his earlier homophobia he fully accepted Alex and her lifestyle when she came out to him to him as a lesbian and revealed that she had broken up with Paige.

He works as a mechanic, and will later use his connections to find Sean a job. At the opening of season six, he is apparently playing host to Sean, who is now back from Wasaga and enrolled in Degrassi.

It is Jay and Sean who spark Peter Stone 's interest in cars and street racing. After one race between Peter and Sean ends up going terribly wrong - Sean hits an innocent man out for a nighttime jog - it is Jay who advises Sean to run away from the scene of the crime. Sean takes Jay's advice, but later gives himself up to the police out of guilt and persuasion on Emma's part.

Although Jay is not one to wear his emotions on his sleeve, it is clear that he cares about Sean when he returns to Degrassi to tell Mr.

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Simpson and Emma that someone should be there to morally support Sean during his hearing, as Jay is unable to attend due to work.

Sean soon finds out about Emma giving Jay oral sex while he was away. When Jay tells Sean that Emma 'damn near begged' him to let her do it, Sean gets angry and goes to punch Jay, but Jay ducks out of the way and Sean hits the wall instead. Later on in the season, Jay and Sean are on good terms again. It is Mel who tells Alex about a waitressing job opening up there.

cassie steele and mike lobel relationship counseling

Jay then learns, through Mel, that Alex has taken up stripping to earn more money. He mockingly scolds her for lying to Paige, who Alex has recently become involved with romantically again, stating that a lie was not the best foundation for a good relationship. He then also tells Alex that she won't be able to keep her stripping job a secret for long, because eventually word will get around. To get over the breakup, Jay went to Alex and they got high together.

Actress Cassie Steele's Dating History: Wondering Who Her Boyfriend is? Also Find Professional Life

After Manny crashes her father's car, she asks Jay to fix it. His pay would be Manny's debut money.

cassie steele and mike lobel relationship counseling

He refuses to take the money since they were having 'fun'. Manny enlists Jay's help to make her parents call off her 18th birthday party, but her parents end up loving Jay rather than hating him, which was not her intention. Manny was also upset at her father for wanting her to excel in science her best subject instead of acting, her passion. This was the catalyst for Manny asking for Jay's help in the first place. Later on, Jay further surprises Manny when he shows up at the party, dressed to impress.

cassie steele and mike lobel relationship counseling

She decides to mess with her parents and tells them that she and Jay are dating and that they are going to run away together. She tells her father she was acting earlier, but never tells him if she was acting about her and Jay being a couple. She and Joseph reach a compromise: Manny can pursue acting in a drama program as long as she takes science courses as well. Jay helps Manny for an upcoming audition at Smithdale, but after a fight, he gives her a DVD of them making out instead.