Chell and glados relationship

Glados <3 Chell ? (spoilers)

chell and glados relationship

Feb 17, Internet Harmony | Reddit user GryphElyse drew Chell and GLaDOS in adorable kitten form. (Photo: Imgur). Sep 21, Erik Wolpaw, the award-winning script-writer at Valve, who also wrote for Portal, Team Fortress, and will be writing for Portal 2, has discussed. Throughout the tests, GLaDOS guides Chell with what sound like .. in the overall Half-Life universe, and eventually have a fairly significant relationship with.

There are multiple Science Fair Projects there made by the daughters of the employees. One of these projects says "By: Assuming this Chell is the same Chell in the Portal series, this proves Chell is the daughter of one of the staff at Aperture science.

Ladies in Gaming: Portal's Chell and GLaDOS

After Wheatley insults Chell's lack of parents, an insult Glados had previously made up, Glados then counters Wheatley by saying that there is nothing wrong with being an orphan and that Chell is NOT fat. Also, in the credits song, Glados says Chell is a lot like Caroline.

chell and glados relationship

Perhaps this hints at a like mother like daughter comparison Glados is making? Anyway, Ratman escapes and hatches a plan to free Chell. He knows if Glados knows she is Caroline, and therefore knows Chell is her daughter, she would never let her leave.

chell and glados relationship

So he erases Caroline's personality from Glados. Glados then confusedly finds a small child, not knowing why she's there, and raises her to be a test subject.

Ratman bides his time and scowers Aperture, leaving clues for Chell to find. When the time is right and she begins testing, she would follow the messages left for her by Ratman. She learns of Ratman erasing Glados's memory.

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If Chell tells Glados that she is Caroline, her and Ratman's escape plan would be foiled. This explains why Chell is mute in the first game. In the events of the first game, Ratman is killed presumably during the events of the game. Glados discovers that Chell is following Ratman's advice, and kills him. This is why he is not present at the end of the game to escape with Chell.

chell and glados relationship

During his time exploring Aperture, he finds Wheatley and tells him to help Chell out of Aperture. Wheatley, being a core designed for stupidity, wakes up Chell WAY later than he was supposed to.

Chell has amnesia because of her long slumber and therefore remembers nothing of Glados being Caroline, the death of all Aperture scientists and so on. There is definately a relationship between Cave and Caroline, no question there.

chell and glados relationship

Its entirely possible that Chell is their daughter and hence glados has feelings for her. The potato battery thing confused me somewhat. Chell the protagonist is clearly an adult.

There is also a poster believed to be chell next to a robot boss, wearing a lab coat. Combine this with Cave's speech saying testing is now mandatory for all employees, I'm thinking Chell was a scientist at Appeture.

But I can't figure out that with the potato battery from bring your daughter to work day.

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What, that potato got left out for Thats even before we count the that Chell was in long term relaxation between Portal 1 and 2. On the other hand, how can it not be Chell? My brain hurts thinking about portal.


I think you are over complicating this a bit by looking at the conclusion and THEN the evidence. Let's back up and look at the evidence the game presents us with. Once deleting Caroline, Glados has no quarell with Chell, and escorts her out of the facility.