China and israel relationship

Unlikely partners? China and Israel deepening trade ties - BBC News

china and israel relationship

China and Israel established diplomatic relations in , under the respective leadership of Deng Xiaoping and Yitzḥak Rabin. But the growth. 'Our bilateral relations are at a new height,' Wang Qishan tells innovation summit; PM also meets Alibaba's Jack Ma and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Israel and China first established diplomatic relations in January They have since developed their relations steadily, culminating in the historic visit of.

Bingde's visit was part of a tour that included stops in Russia and Ukraine.

Unlikely partners? China and Israel deepening trade ties

With the advice and experience of Jewish entrepreneurs, innovators, and inventors from the high-technology sectors, China has utilized Israel's indispensable economic and technological contributions to foster its long term economic development.

Since the s, China and Israel enhanced bilateral economic ties with China connecting both Chinese and Israeli businessmen and investors to invest in each other's economies respectively. China now ranks second after the United States in collaboration with Israeli high-tech firms that are backed by Israel's Office of the Chief Scientist. In addition, China sees Israel as an astute technology exporter and has sought the Israeli technological development that China lacks, fueling the successful cooperation between the two countries.

Politicians are also hastening to increase the cooperation between the two countries with former Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett recently visiting China to launch the Israeli Business Center in Shanghai, an initiative that goes hand-in-hand with the China-Israel Joint Committee on Innovation Cooperation, a three-year action plan to strengthen innovation cooperation. This joint project would permit the mass overland transport of Chinese goods to Israel and Eastern Europeand would involve both Chinese and Israeli railway developers.

Furthermore, many European countries often utilize their strong economic clout to exert political pressure on Israel with regards to the Israeli-Palestinian and the West Bank settlements. Alibaba has also invested in Israel-based venture fund Jerusalem Venture Partnersbecoming a limited partner joining Qihooanother Chinese web company to have invested in the Jerusalem-based fund.

Israeli agriculture trade fairs such as Agrivest and AgriTech have witnessed large Chinese delegations and greater participation from Chinese state-owned enterprises and private companies as Chinese's growing middle class and increasing consumer demand as well as increased pressure on agricultural land has prompted the East Asian giant to increasingly look at Israeli agriculture technology to boost crop yields and dairy production.

MarInt, Windward's satellite maritime analytics system, is widely used by many security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies across the world. A large part of the money came from the profits he made from the IPO of Wazean Israeli GPS-based map software company, in which he held an 11 percent stake that eventually acquired by Google.

Li has been the pioneer of Chinese investment in Israel and with his investments in Israeli high-tech, Li set the stage for Hong Kong's business elite stressing that it is financially sound and even necessary for the future of Chinese economic prosperity to invest in emerging Israeli technology companies. Economists are forecasting that Mainland China may surpass the U.

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Playtika was a pioneer in the free-to-play games on social networks and mobile platforms and is the creator of popular titles, such as Slotomania, House of Fun and Bingo Blitz, which consistently ranked among the top-grossing games on Apple's App Store, Google Play and Facebook. Ilan Cohen indevelops automation solutions focused on motion control for a diverse range of industries including robotics, printing, textiles, medical equipment, renewable energy, CNC and machine tools, food and beverages, and electronics.

The company operates worldwide and has subsidiaries in Germany and Mainland China. Playtika described the Jelly Button acquisition as an important part of its vision to become the world's leading mobile-gaming company.

china and israel relationship

Owing to strategic rivalry against Chinese rivals in Asia such as Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, India, and Vietnam and concerns over the security of Taiwanthe United States has pressured Israel against selling sophisticated equipment and technology to China. In Novemberthen China Ambassador to the United States Yesui Zhang stated that the "continued construction of settlements on the West Bank is not only in violation of Israel's obligations under international law, but is also detrimental to guaranteeing Israel's own security.

The government of Israel has been eager to negotiate a deal with China completed in the hope that an influx of foreign workers will increase the rate of housing construction in Israel and reduce the costs of new homes.

The Chinese government met with senior Hamas representative Mahmoud al-Zaharwho previously served as Palestinian foreign minister, during the June China-Arab Cooperation Forum in Beijing which held direct bilateral talks despite protests from Israel and the United States.

china and israel relationship

A spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that "the Palestinian government is legally elected by the people there and it should be respected.

The suit asserted that in the bank's New York branch wired millions of dollars to Hamas from its leadership in Syria and Iran. The Bank of China subsequently denied providing banking services to terrorist groups: In DecemberChinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Israel on a commerce trip to "pursue stronger cooperation between our two countries," he told Netanyahu. The Chinese and Israeli economies "are highly complementary, and the mutually beneficial cooperation between us enjoys a very bright future.

He applauded that tens of thousands of people travel between the two countries annually, numbers that have the potential to rise.

Long Live China-Israel Friendship

In the cultural realm, Chinese performance groups visit Israel to share Chinese culture with Israelis. For instance, Chinese artist Yao Yuan presented his "Sculpture for World Peace" in Haifa and Chinese tourists post photos of their Israel trips on social media that encourage more Chinese people to visit. Yanping celebrated the wide range and high volume of cooperation between Israel and China that has expanded from "agricultural cooperation in the early days to almost all areas today, such as science and technology, education, culture, arts, tourism and academia.

In MayChinese business and government officials visited Israel for a week of conferences, summits and business deals.

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According to Shangyan Fen, who leads strategic investment and development at China Everbright Ldt and manages a joint Israel-china investment fun helping israeli companies develop technology for the Chinese market: The project was announced in late November during an Israeli diplomatic visit to China featuring 15 Israeli companies looking to expand their business into the booming Chinese economy.

This project is being supported by the joint Israel-China Mission, in hopes to increase economic and political cooperation in the future. Rapid population and industry growth has left much of China's water polluted and contaminated, and the Israeli companies have come to the table with solutions for desalination, sewage management and conversion, irrigation, and recycling of water for agricultural use.

The "water city" project will first be unvelied in Shougang, and the Israelis hope that seeing the real world applications of their water solutions will convince the Chinese government to adopt their solutions throughout China.

Shougang was chosen as the flagship city for this program through a selection process involving both Chinese and Israeli officials. Chinese tech giants such as Baidu and Alibaba visited Israel frequently inlooking for startups to purchase to bring new innovations back to China.

These Chinese companies are interested in the Israelis advanced technology and the Israeli companies are interested in expanding their markets. Manager of one of Intel corporation's internal venture capital firms Richard Hsu stated that "the alliance between Israeli startups and Chinese tech giants is a kind of ideal combination.

Many Chinese companies consider investing in Israel. Israel's desire to export it's technology and startups comes from the fact that they have very little natural resources to export besides newly discovered oil fields.

china and israel relationship

Venture capital investment in Israel is double the amount of venture capital investment in the United States.

Alibaba has invested millions of dollars in Israel companies, most notably QR code company Visuallead, and investment firm Jerusalem Venture Partners.

china and israel relationship

Israeli tech firm Radware and Chinese company China Railways began a mutually beneficial journey in mid aimed at improving the public transport systems in both countries. Radware helped facilitate the development of China Railways new online ticketing system by providing vizualization and analytics services to help the railway determine seat availability and price options. The idea to build the red line had been circulating around the Israeli government since at leastbut had been continually pushed aside due to other circumstances.

Israel and China signed an Authorized Economic Operator AEO agreement in earlywhich promised to facilitate an increase in economic cooperation between the nations. Under the AEO agreement, Israel and China will enjoy a fast-track customs program, making trade between the nations less complicated and more streamlined. The Institute will foster creativity and collaboration between the two nations, and is expected to ring in a new era of cooperation in agricultural and consumer technology.

Israel-China Relations

Israeli and Chinese officials signed an agreement in Januarywith the goal of expanding cooperation in the fields of energy technology research and development and renewable energy resources. Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz held meetings with Chinese energy leaders at events organized by the Chinese Ministry of the Economy and the Israeli embassy in Beijing during late and earlyleading up to the agreement.

Israeli businessmen eagerly exchanged business cards with their Chinese counterparts, looking for potential business partners and investors in their technology innovations.