Chris klein and katie holmes relationship

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chris klein and katie holmes relationship

“American Pie” star Chris Klein has revealed his ex-fiancee Katie with Tom Cruise – so he wouldn't learn of the relationship in the tabloids. Katie's first public relationship was with American Pie actor Chris Klein. Chris Klein and katie holmes. Brian Prahl/Splash News. The couple. Here's a timeline of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's relationship. 1/19 During this time, Katie Holmes was engaged to actor Chris Klein. 3/

Of course, being the good girl she was, Holmes put off the audition so that she could fulfill her committment playing Lola in her high school musical "Damn Yankees.

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She Was Engaged Before Holmes didn't date much before she met Cruise, but she did have one other serious relationship. Katie Holmes and Chris Klein. Klein and Holmes became engaged in latewhen she was 24, but they ended their relationship in Marcha few weeks after Klein was arrested on drunken-driving charges.

He pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count and was sentenced to a fine, community service and five years' probation. At the time, her publicist released a statement quoted in Us Weekly: While playing high schooler Joey Potter for the next six years, she put off college. Focus on film career, brief hiatus, and theatre work[ edit ] Holmes' first starring role post-Dawson's Creek was in 's Pieces of Aprila gritty comedy about a dysfunctional family on Thanksgiving.

Many critics and audiences agreed that Holmes had given her best performance in the film as April. Variety said it was "one of her best film performances.

chris klein and katie holmes relationship

Holmes, whose beauty seems to have fogged the minds of her previous directors" in playing "a brat who is slaving to find her inner decency and barely has the equipment for such an achievement, let alone to serve a meal whose salmonella potential could claim an entire borough. Yet it is her surliness, as well as her intransigent determination to make Thanksgiving work, that keeps the laughs coming.

She later played the President's daughter in First Daughterwhich was originally to be released in January on the same day as Chasing Libertyanother film about a president's daughter, but was ultimately released in September to dismal reviews and ticket sales.

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The Hollywood Reporter critic called her character, Samantha Mackenzie, "a startling example of how a studio film can dumb down and neutralize the comic abilities of a lively young star. Variety wrote one of the film's "sole relatively weak notes [came] from Holmes, who lacks even a hint of the wiliness of a ruthless reporter" and The New York Times said the cast was "exceptionally fine" except for Holmes, who "strain[ed] credulity" in her role.

Also inHolmes had agreed to play in Shame on You, a biopic about the country singer Spade Cooley written and directed by Dennis Quaidas the wife whom Cooley played by Quaid stomps to death.

chris klein and katie holmes relationship

But the picture, set to shoot in New OrleansLouisianawas delayed by Hurricane Katrinaand Holmes dropped out due to her pregnancy. Her role was later recast with Maggie Gyllenhaal in her place.

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She opened to mixed reviews. Holmes" is a "sad casualty" of director Simon McBurney's "high concept approach" to the play.

chris klein and katie holmes relationship

He adds that "Ms. Holmes delivers most of her lines with meaningful asperity, italicizing every word. He wrote, " John Lithgow starts in a sunny, benign fashion, but eventually finds himself screeching alongside Holmes, looking tough under a glossy wig. Her rather grand speech pattern takes getting used to, but she seems comfortable and adds a fitting glint of glamour. She was named one of People 's "50 Most Beautiful People" in ; its sibling Teen People declared her one of the "25 Hottest Stars Under 25" that year; [73] [74] and inPeople said she was one of the ten best dressed stars that year.

chris klein and katie holmes relationship

Klein and Holmes were engaged in latebut in early she and Klein ended their relationship. Katie starred on Dawson's Creek with Joshua Jackson fromand it's possible that the two may have had feelings for each other IRL.

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Getty Images Reportedly, the two began dating during season one of Dawson's Creekwhich could've led to a real-life Joey and Pacey happily ever after -- assuming it worked out.

However, after being together for five years, they called off the engagement, splitting up for good. After her relationship with Chris, Katie was rumored to have briefly dated Josh Hartnett around Perhaps it was a friendly peck.

They got married the following year. Splash News Who could ever forget Tom jumping on Oprah's couch all wildly because he was so in love?? That same year, Tom and Katie celebrated the arrival of their daughter Suri.