Cisco and citrix relationship

Cisco and Citrix partner to further enhance the desktop virtualization ecosystem | Citrix Blogs

cisco and citrix relationship

The Citrix-Microsoft relationship, now what? By picking the new joint Cisco- Citrix desktop virtualization solution, customers not only get the. A merger between Cisco and Citrix has always made sense. documented, Cisco and Microsoft have a strong relationship in the data center. Cisco is looking to carve a bigger slice out of the desktop virtualization market with new products, services and an expanded relationship with VDI powerhouse .

cisco and citrix relationship

This puts a lot of pressure on Citrix to help them be successful. So partnering with others both large and small is a critical component of our strategy to take desktop virtualization mainstream. Partnering is a natural act for Citrix, as we have demonstrated for over 20 years with Microsoft.

Providing Cloud-Scale DaaS With Cisco and Citrix | Citrix Blogs

It was natural to partner with the leader in OS and Apps, even when it seemed that we overlapped. As we continue to work with Microsoft, our combined reach and unique relationship will further enable solutions for our mutual customers. Now it also makes sense to partner with the leader in Networking to bring it all together for desktop and application virtualization.

Our goal is to make desktop virtualization easier and more affordable for customers to adopt, making it simpler to manage a mix of both physical and virtual desktops. What did Cisco and Citrix do to deliver this combined solution?

cisco and citrix relationship

Any special product integration? Cisco and Citrix will be offering integrated support services for customers of this solution. It was refreshing to work with a partner who understands VDI alone is not desktop virtualization. By picking the new joint Cisco-Citrix desktop virtualization solution, customers not only get the benefits of the leading desktop virtualization solution in the market but also get the benefits of the Citrix-Microsoft collaboration, partnership and technology integration.

The ultimate winner is the customer Desktop virtualization has the potential to reach s of millions of corporate desktops.

cisco and citrix relationship

The Partner Accelerator, the next step in the evolution of our partnership with Cisco, arms our joint partners with the tools and training they need to build more strategic relationships with customers and grow their business by increasing revenue and shortening the sales and implementation cycle. Richard Bernard, national practice lead, advanced systems, for ePlus We have aligned our lines of business to sell VXI and desktop virtualization solutions.

Providing Cloud-Scale DaaS With Cisco and Citrix

Taking a more prescriptive approach with customers packaging VXI and XenDesktop, we've found that this strategy resonates really well with customers. As a result we have been able to very quickly develop a set of solutions that meet varying customer needs and create new pipeline in a very short period of time.

When Cisco and Citrix asked for input on the Partner Accelerator we were able to provide feedback that I am happy to say has been included in the development of this initiative. I expect that it will help us win business in the months ahead. Pierre Hall, workplace business line director, for Computacenter Desktop virtualization is a key pillar of the contemporary workplace enabling greater flexibility and productivity.

Cisco and Citrix partner to further enhance the desktop virtualization ecosystem

Computacenter has been helping its customers realize the full potential of virtualization for more than 10 years using both Citrix and latterly Cisco technologies as transformation drivers. By combining our industrialized processes with the Cisco VXI strategy and Citrix XenDesktop, we will be able to help customers remove cost and complexity from the workplace. We joined the Cisco and Citrix Partner Accelerator in March ; it's a compelling initiative that will support our go-to-market propositions and enable Computacenter to better meet the needs of its customers.

Stan Sotiropoulos, data center practice leader, for Logicalis Australia There's a clear trend of employees bringing consumer devices into the workplace, and expecting the same IT experience at work as they are used to at home. Our customers are telling us that creating a more flexible IT environment with desktop virtualization and enabling BYOD is one of their top priorities.

We've responded by developing the Logicalis Virtual Workspace, which integrates VXI and desktop virtualization and can be delivered as an on-site, managed or hosted solution.