Comparing qsp and ksp relationship

What is the difference between Qsp and Ksp? | Yahoo Answers

comparing qsp and ksp relationship

Precipitation can be predicted by comparing Qsp with Ksp: Relationship Solution Type Result Qsp Ksp Unsaturated More salt can dissolve. The equilibrium constants for saturated solution and solid formation (precipitate) are called solubility product, Ksp. For unsaturated and supersaturated solutions, . To predict if a precipitate will form when 2 solutions are mixed: • Calculate the Calculate the ion product, Q (same form as Ksp, but ion concentrations here are not necessarily equilibrium ion concentrations). • Compare Q to Ksp. • If Q > Ksp.

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comparing qsp and ksp relationship

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  • Will a precipitate form? I need help comparing Qsp to Ksp?