Darry and sodapop relationship advice

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darry and sodapop relationship advice

In The Outsiders, Sodapop and Darry Curtis, Ponyboy's two older brothers, have a very close and respectful relationship with one another. This is established. What kind f relationship does Ponyboy have with his two brothers, Darry and Sodapop. Pony thinks that . Ponyboy feels that Darry doesn't love him as much as Sodapop. Why? Darry is .. what advice does Two-bit give to pony. to not act like. The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton reveals the life of Ponyboy Curits as he struggles to find his way in a society which makes unfair distinctions between the gangs on.

darry and sodapop relationship advice

Everyone except Pony was able to tell the judge what had happened that night; Pony is only questioned about his home life. The judge listens to everyone, acquits Pony, and closes the case.

But things are not back to normal at home. Pony is having a hard time at school, and he is forgetful and clumsy. Fighting resumes with Darry as he continually has to berate Pony about getting his homework done.

Nothing really matters to Pony any more, and getting through each day is a struggle for him. At lunch one afternoon, Pony, Two-Bit, and Steve walk over to the gas station. Two-Bit and Steve go inside and a carload of Socs drive up and three get out.

Pony feels nothing; he isn't scared or mad. The Socs accuse him of being the one that killed Bob Sheldon, and start coming toward him. Pony calmly breaks a bottle and threatens to "split" them if they don't get back into their car: Pony's English teacher assigns a semester theme for him to write, and if he does well on it, he will give him a C for the class even though his work has earned him a failing grade.

The topic is to be Pony's choice and the theme is proving to be an overwhelming task for him to accomplish. Darry's constant nagging only results in arguments. When Darry and Pony try to bring Soda into the fight and ask him to choose sides, he runs out of the house. Pony and Darry chase after him and finally catch him down at the park. Soda explains that he just can't stand it anymore — always being in the middle, always being torn from one side to the other.

Neither Darry nor Pony had ever thought about how their fighting was impacting Soda. Soda reminds them that they should be sticking together, not tearing each other apart. All agree that they need to pull together, not apart. At home that night, Pony cannot make himself work on his theme. He picks up Gone with the Wind and a note from Johnny falls out.

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Johnny writes that he had figured out what the poem Nothing Gold Can Stay really meant. The meaning is that one should not take things for granted, that everyone needs to continue to look at the world as if it is brand new in order to appreciate it. He also writes that Pony still has plenty of time to make something of himself. There is plenty of good in the world, and, most importantly, Pony should tell Dally these ideas as well. Dally really needs to hear them.

It is too late to tell Dally. Suddenly it dawns on Pony that a lot of Dallys live in the world. Someone should tell their side of the story, from their perspective, and then maybe other people wouldn't be so quick to judge.

Pony decides that this is his theme topic.

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But how to start? Pony starts with the opening lines of Chapter 1. Analysis The lack of control that Ponyboy feels in his everyday life leads to his denial and depression that surfaces in these final two chapters. At the time of the hearing, Ponyboy thinks that he killed the Soc, not Johnny. But the text assures readers that Ponyboy eventually recovers his memory of the true events of the killing: I didn't know what he had do with it then, but I do now.

Ponyboy loses interest in life. The events that lead up to this breakdown are overpowering; the death of both Johnny and Dally in one day was too much. He was the tiebreaker. While wild and reckless like their old man, Sodapop was growing up. He would be seventeen soon. Soda worked hard at the DX to help Darry out with bills and things. He might have quite school because he was failing, but he was doing all right.

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The only problem Darry could see was that Steve planed to graduate high school. That would open up more doors for him even if he weren't college material by any stretch of the imagination. What would happen then? Would he be forced to leave Soda behind while he moved up?

darry and sodapop relationship advice

His happy-go-lucky brother seemed to think that they would be together forever. We need ya up here," Dan, another of the roofers said after hearing Darry's use of foul language after he hit his thumb with the hammer. You're not gonna loose one of them are you?

I mean I don't think it is. Dan had been a big help and good friend through everything that had happened. He listened and tried to give advice, encouragement, or comfort where it was needed. When Darry felt bad about having to punish one of his brothers, usually Ponyboy, Dan understood.

darry and sodapop relationship advice

When Darry felt that he was at the end of his rope or going under, Dan empathized. When Darry was over exhausted with worry, Dan offered a shoulder. Dan had a baby brother of his own to take care of.

darry and sodapop relationship advice

His brother possessed a mental disorder, which Dan had admitted could cause some strain in his relationship with his wife and children. He normally makes straight A's.

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He's in all the smart classes. He's been having some trouble in his other classes too. It's unusual for him, and if it keeps on the state might get involved again. Only he didn't do anything to deserve it. I had just gotten frustrated with him, and will forever regret what I did.