Drogo and daenerys relationship trust

drogo and daenerys relationship trust

We take a look at the best of the worst things Daenerys Targaryen has done. to gain their trust, steal their dragons, and kill a few familiar extras. (ahem) “ communicate” with Drogo in the early days of their marriage and. I'm currently in my third reread of the series and the nature of the relationship between Daeny and Drogo has struck me as odd. Could you. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen have been through a lot separately. The fact that he just started a romantic relationship with his aunt is Because of this, Jon Snow doesn't trust Cersei, instinctively . After they sacked a village, Daenerys rescued a number of women and pleaded with Drogo not to.

She rides Drogon during the battle.

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Drogon lays waste to the outmatched Lannister army, while the Dothraki pick off the stragglers. The battle was no contest. When Daenerys returns to Dragonstone, she lands near Jon Snow on a cliff. It appears that Drogon has already figured out what Daenerys has not — Jon has some Targaryen blood in his veins. The look on Daenerys' face is one of intrigue.

How can he get along with her precious dragons? After they sacked a village, Daenerys rescued a number of women and pleaded with Drogo not to harm them. Drogo prevails in the fight, but he suffers a serious injury. Daenerys enlists the help of a local medicine woman from the sacked village who practices blood magic. She promises Daenerys that she can keep Drogo alive. What she doesn't tell her, though, is that she's out for revenge, and Daenerys will lose her child as a sacrifice to keep Drogo in a vegetative state.

However, it was vague enough to be open to interpretation. Once it does, there's no way that they can fight their way out alive. It is there that she sees his scars for the first time. These are the scars from when the Night Watch traitors stabbed Jon, seemingly causing his demise.

drogo and daenerys relationship trust

The scars from the knife wounds are all over his body. Jon finally bends the knee and Daenerys almost starts crying. Sure enough, he was right. His "friends" then ganged up on him and stabbed him repeatedly. However, later, with Mellisandre's magic, he was resurrected.

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Since this had never happened before, many members of the Nights Watch were both shocked and terrified. Gracefully, the Mother of Dragons took this loss and turned it into a win: During the Dothraki siege against the Lhazar, Daenerys saved a mystical healer named Mirri Maz Duur from being gang raped by a group of Dothraki soldiers.

She hoped Mirri would save her sickly husband. However, using her pagan witchcraft, she made sure that Daenerys miscarried, and Drogo ended up braindead.


This was all revenge. Particularly seeing that austere coldness shift over her face. Is that the beginning of a wise leader or a brutal dictator?

drogo and daenerys relationship trust

All they do is kill and screw. Once in a while, someone might eat or take a nap, but in general, those are their two big pastimes. They are difficult to command and, as we covered, fond of sexual assault. Dany herself is bothered by this, but not enough to do anything about it. She has a problem: There will be a great amount of suffering brought to the civilians whose cities they pillage in Westeros.

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For someone who wants to bring freedom and fight for the voiceless, she has no problem letting a bunch of those little people be violated or killed along the way. The Khals run the Dothraki armies. Look, love her or hate her, that scene was the series at its best and brought us to where Daenerys needed to be for a long time.

Things did not go swimmingly. She and the old leadership were constantly at odds, using the Chicago Way method of attrition to thin out the herd. We already covered how Dany had to be talked into giving a Son of the Harpy a fair trial, but we left out some of the juicier incidents. Dany is many things, but subtle, measured, and diplomatic—no, not some of her more finely-tuned qualities.

drogo and daenerys relationship trust

Seems like a good choice. Fast forward to next season.