Eames and arthur relationship

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eames and arthur relationship

But what I am craving at the moment is any Arthur/Eams fics where Arthur any fic where Arthur feels insecure, either in himself or his relationship with Eames. The Eames/Arthur Survival Guide by godofwine - an illustrated guide to all non- AU tracing the development of Arthur & Eames' relationship. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

LunaticV Eames' clothes almost killed Arthur. So, Arthur broke Eames stupid with his love.


Formerly titled 'My Antidrug'. Eames' clothes almost killed Arthur. He placed the mug on the kitchen counter nearby and picked up the rag with two fingers, holding it at an arm's length. When did I buy an orange ra- Oh, wait. He frowned even harder and tried to hold it even further from his body. Eames was lounging on the couch with a huge bowl of rainbow-colored cereal and the TV playing something that involved too much tears and drama for Arthur not to frown at.

He promptly dumped the shirt on top of Eames' head.

eames and arthur relationship

That was not adorable. Arthur bit the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling. He was pissed at Eames after all. Lying on the floor. I almost gave myself a concussion tripping over the damn thing, Eames!

That was the third time this week! Why can't you put your stuff away nicely!

eames and arthur relationship

How mortifying would it be, dying because I cracked my head tripping over your outrageously hideous clothes! His Arthur really was precious. Jesus, just how difficult is it to put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket? Simple Mathfoxxcub.

eames and arthur relationship

Keep the Car Runningearlgreytea In this part of the storygunsandbutter. Seven chapters, seven cities. Chapter 6 LA has one of the best Arthur confronts Eames scenes. Neither this Arthur nor this Eames fit my usual head canons—but they absolutely work for me here and I found myself a bit desperate for them to get together and stay together.

Arthur & Eames Fanfiction

The ones he receives from Arthur, and the ones he wishes he could send in reply. Eames finds himself haunted by projections of Arthur.

eames and arthur relationship

Underneath the Sheets Killing Melolahardy. When Arthur and Eames where young, they were best friends. Arthur made the mistake of falling for him but never said anything. By the time they reached high school, they were no longer friends.

Comic books, love triangles, and lots of pining. I really loved this one. Trouble with Dreamssparkledark. He is nineteen, and he can barely remember where he is. So beautifully written and incredibly moving and such a smart way to play with the possible implications of the passage of time in dreamsharing. Especially not with someone like Eames.

Someone that Arthur was pretty fucking sure was created to torture him because he was every single damn fucking thing Arthur had ever wanted.