Greta scacchi and vincent donofrio relationship

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greta scacchi and vincent donofrio relationship

Help us build our profile of Greta Scacchi and Vincent D'Onofrio! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your . Mar 31, Greta Scacchi has drawn on the heartbreak that pole-axed her career Scacchi broke up with American actor Vincent D'Onofrio not long after. Nov 28, Poor Greta Scacchi. She'd Her daughter's father is the actor Vincent D'Onofrio, with whom Scacchi had a four-year relationship that ended.

The first kind involves male journalists drooling over her; the second involves female journalists writing a little bitchily about how men drool over her. So when I meet her for lunch at her favourite Italian restaurant in Soho, I'm determined not to be preoccupied with her sexuality, or to bang on about her propensity for on-screen nudity, or even mention her gender very much at all.

Still, before I've ordered my gnocchi, we're deep in conversation about her breasts.

greta scacchi and vincent donofrio relationship

There's an excuse of sorts. Before seeing her, I've sat through the long two-and-a-half hours of her new film, Cotton Mary. It's a Merchant-Ivory production - in fact it's more a Comic Strip parody of a Merchant-Ivory production - in which a colonial wife played by Scacchi is hopelessly neglected by her vain and floppy-haired husband played by James Wilby and betrayed by her Indian housekeeper overplayed by Madhur Jaffrey.

Tea is sipped in lush gardens by women in print dresses; there are vibrant spice markets and creaking verandas; expats bother flies and never quite have enough anti-perspirant to go round.

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The drama of the film focuses on Scacchi's inability to breast-feed her newborn child, who is secretly spirited away by Jaffrey to be wet-nursed in the local village. Scacchi made the film in Cochin three months after her own son Matteo was born - he stars as the wonderfully grumpy shock-haired infant - and she partially redeems its longueurs with her portrayal of the emotional apocalypse of early motherhood.

She did not have to work too hard to get herself into this character - she was up much of the night with Matteo, and constantly breaking off on set to feed him hence our 'breast is best' discussion. So she was 'a little bit vague and softened at the edges' during filming. Which helped with her unusually pliant screen presence: Scacchi worked with Ismail Merchant on her breakthrough movie, Heat and Dust, 16 years ago, and on Jefferson in Paris. She says she probably would not have done this film for anyone else, her son being so young, but that she 'knew that Ismail loves babies and he's an Indian so he has no negative stigma about loving families; and also that he'd be sympathetic to me feeding and so on'.

In the years since Heat and Dust, I suggest, Scacchi has gone from portraying predatory women, notably in White Mischief and Presumed Innocent, to playing the wife betrayed. I've got to surrender to act two. People project that on to you afterwards even if it isn't there. Talking to her, though, you get the sense that she has been divided in the past between playing up to Hollywood's fantasy of her, and rejecting the premises on which that fantasy was based.

She says she has worked whenever possible with female directors - she's just completed a run at the Chichester Theatre in a production of Easy Virtue directed by Maria Aitken, and says it was wonderful. I wouldn't normally, but it's all too… much. She has also just made two other films: But she dislikes the word comeback.

Vincent D'Onofrio

I still feel I'm starting off, you know. But, yes, it just suddenly changed when I became a mother. Plus, it was a traumatic time for me, and I started to look like a haggard older person. She was 30, he was a year-old Italian-American actor whom she'd encountered on the set of the film Fires Within.

Greta Scacchi: 'Women didn't like me when I was a sex symbol'

But it was a tempestuous relationship. He was insecure, with a 'titanic ego just like my father, and he did to me exactly what my father did to my mother'. She left him twice before the wedding.

greta scacchi and vincent donofrio relationship

He begged and wept until she returned; but, in the end, he was the one who left her, six months after their daughter was born. He then told the story of their sex life in lurid detail, while she bought herself a farm cottage near Hurstpierpoint, in West Sussex, where she still lives, and hid. She didn't answer the phone for four years in case it was him. Years later she saw a healer who said, 'Oh, my poor darling, I think he must have killed you in another life.

It was like having no skin'. She barely worked, though they should have been her golden years as an actress; she had too little confidence to go to London to parties.

greta scacchi and vincent donofrio relationship

Occasionally, at breaking point, she would call her brother and tell him he had to come round before she threw the baby from the window.

She sobbed to her agent's secretary on the phone that she was hideous. I ask if it's nice to be a world-class beauty.

greta scacchi and vincent donofrio relationship

And when the lights came up I ran out, down the stairs and on to Piccadilly and hid in a doorway gasping. But, over the years, seeing the rushes on screen, I started to swallow that… allergy to myself. And then,' she goes on matter-of-factly, 'in my mid-thirties all I could see was the ageing process, and it became impossible. Her sex-bomb looks and bluestocking brain were perpetually in conflict. Don't you want to see me naked? There are going to be nude scenes in this film, aren't there?

Vincent D'Onofrio's Relationship with Wife Carin van der Donk, Partner Greta Scacchi

Inthe year she met D'Onofrio, she sobbed in the street after attending a screening of Shattered in which she starred alongside Bob Hoskins and Tom Berengerfeeling that her humiliation had reached its nadir. Today Scacchi is happily settled with her husband - who is also her first cousin and oldest friend - Carlo Mantegazza. Just the fun things. But the relationship is still a struggle: He turned up during holidays with amazing presents of parmesan and prosciutto, food that was unavailable in England at that time.