Gretchen and jeff relationship tips

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gretchen and jeff relationship tips

Nov 16, Gretchen, whose fiancé, Jeff Beitzel, died in of leukemia, has a While everyone expected the Gretchen/Slade relationship to go over. Dec 17, Gretchen Rossi's dream of becoming a mother is finally coming true. The couple, who began dating almost a decade ago, first pursued in vitro fertilization ( IVF) in It came to . At 41, the 30 Rock star gave birth to her and hubby Jeff Richmond's second daughter, Penelope Athena. Got a News Tip?. May 30, If there's anything Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi knows, it's how to have a good time. Obviously, I went through a pretty horrible time when Jeff passed, and I Maybe I just need to forever be in a boyfriend- girlfriend relationship. .. Inspiring Quotes on Love and Marriage.

After talking to Alexis, she convinced me to once again give her the benefit of the doubt that Tamra had turned that new leaf. I decided that if Tamra came up to me and apologized for all the false accusations and for all the crap that she had said, I would forgive and move on.

I think she was just hoping it was so long ago that I would forget all about it and just be over it. Now remember, a lot of my reactions to situations this year are due to the fact that I never really realized how vulnerable and fragile I had become during the time Jeff was sick.

This past year I have been able to really explore my emotions through grievance counseling for the devastating loss I suffered. I finally realized that the way I was treated by some of the women on this show was beyond devastating to me and not right.

I knew I was stronger emotionally and mentally this year, and I was not going to take any crap from anyone. I think this is why you see me so direct in this first episode. Back then I just wanted to fit in and be liked by the group, so I allowed the women to be hard on me probably more than I should have. I was already losing so much in my life watching Jeff disintegrate right in front of me, and through grievance counseling I realized that I was holding onto anything in my life at the time, including friendships, even if it was poisonous for me.

Real Housewives of Orange County's Gretchen Rossi on Proposing and Baby Plans

Once I realized that some of the women really had no value in my life, and that the way they treated me during the toughest time in my life was just so vile and ugly, I realized I had no reason to continue to try and be the nice guy.

The hardest part for me these past few years watching myself on TV is seeing how fragile I had become.

gretchen and jeff relationship tips

I have always been a strong woman, but when Jeff got sick it changed me. I think when you watch someone lose their life right before your eyes you become numb to a lot of things.

I have a lot of healing to still do, and I continue to grow everyday and explore new emotions, but the emotions you see with Tamra and I in the first episode have been a long time coming. I state it very clearly in my interview when I say, "Tamra said some pretty harsh and horrible things about who I was as a person, and I think I am owed an apology.

True Friends

She never met Jeff and never knew who Jeff and I were to each other. She just automatically assumed I was a gold-digger and said that Jeff was paying me to take care of him, which was not true. Now to the evil eye comment I was just finally giving the women a taste of their own medicine.

Obviously these women can dish it out for two years but can't take it when I finally fire something back. Unfortunately, Tamra has been an evil spirit in my life. She made me believe she was a friend all the while talking tons of crap behind my back and saying some pretty detrimental things about my character.

It's not just something you get over or move past.

gretchen and jeff relationship tips

It has affected my life a lot, more than most people, especially Tamra, will ever know. I continue to deal with the aftermath of those accusations every single day still. I went into that party knowing that I wasn't going to take crap and that I was going to stand up for myself.

I was going to wear my heart on my sleeve and just be honest about the way I still felt. I said it in the car, "I was tired of killing people with kindness, and I think I just wanted to be a bitch this time.

When Tamra came out and asked me If I was calling her an evil bitch inside, I didn't want to just sweep it under the carpet one more time and try and make nice. He is trying to get Gretchen to go on this trip with him. Gretchen and Chris filed for divorce in July ? Even attending the sex and the city party in a Limo with Photoglou in early June with no ring on.

They where at one point with all the other Housewives and their husbands. This should be interesting to see how they edit all of this to make sense with the facts that are public record.

gretchen and jeff relationship tips

Whether it shows on air or not I do not know. Also he has removed the picture described in this article from his MySpace page. Pretty sure the relationship between Gretchen and Jake is strained. This is how it should have read…. December 1, 1: She is also responsible for additional anonymous posts here.

She has multiple screen names and posts multiple times. An unhealthy, sick cry for attention. December 1, 2: It explains why Tamra has such hatred for Gretchen. After all she is younger and prettier and not so splotchy!

Did Gretchen Rossi cheat on dying fiance Jeff Beitzel?

December 1, 6: If he was so smart, why was he married 5 times and why did he let this horrible gold digger get his money? December 1, 7: They used each other! Sounds again like a bunch of white trash…everyone involved! They all used and screwed each other! How long did you two date?

Did Gretchen Rossi cheat on dying fiance Jeff Beitzel? -

Even on Date My Ex, he was always with you… A. We were together for five years. Here is the funny thing, some insider information: I was still trying to work things out. It was never really over for Slade and I. I know that Lauri dated Slade for a little bit before she was married.

Chronologically, when did this happen? Slade and I were on a break, and he started dating Lauri. And then we tried to get back together…Lauri and I had a conversation about it on camera, and then here we go again with Gretchen… Q.

On the show, Gretchen said that she called you to let you know about her and Slade, even though he had said not to. She called me because I found out from her ex-boyfriend Jay that Slade and Gretchen were hooking up.

So the whole reason she called me was because it was already out. She actually called me when Slade was in jail and she was asking for help. We were ALL friends, you know, no matter how close we were, I just wish they would have come to me first, without me having to find out the way that I did. I just have to move forward, and not have a confrontation on camera.