Haji mastan and dawood ibrahim relationship poems

Dongri To Dubai : Six Decades of The Mumbai Mafia by S. Hussain Zaidi

haji mastan and dawood ibrahim relationship poems

It is the story of notorious gangsters like Haji Mastan, Karim Lala, .. S. Hussain Zaidi is master in detailing the life of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. I finished. India accuses Dawood Ibrahim of masterminding the bombings in Stories of the larger than life Haji Mastan who had a knack for striking Anyone inclined to link Ibrahim's initiation into crime with his father's Using rhetoric to demonise Ibrahim and somewhat going overboard with poetic license. in its early stages to its connection with international terrorism in recent times. be based on the lives of real-life gangsters Haji Mastan and Dawood Ibrahim.

Or should it be a critical venture where, by exposing the murky machine This was my first read about mafia - and while I was deeply interested in how Mumbai gave the mafia a chance to flourish, I also noticed asking myself a crucial question more frequently during the latter half of my read.

haji mastan and dawood ibrahim relationship poems

Or should it be a critical venture where, by exposing the murky machinery of the underworld, the effects of criminal activities on society should also be commented upon, along with an enquiry into the aspects which drew people to crime? Reflecting on the exciting, information-laden, action-packed narrative I have just read, I find myself rooting for the latter. A crime nonfiction, especially one of this scale, ought not to be solely about chronology; rather, it should be a social inquiry into the nature of crime and criminals, along with the socio-economic and political machinations that allow crime to thrive.

haji mastan and dawood ibrahim relationship poems

My experience with this book has been a heady one — for one, I had only a vague idea about the six decades of mafia in Mumbai, mostly through popular consensus, some current affairs and a spate of unreliable Bollywood references on various forgotten gangsters. I took up this book to see if I could link these all into a coherent view of the history of mafia.

Some of the most commonly known and feared gangsters, such as Haji Mastan, Varadarajan, Dawood, Abu Salem, Chhota Rajan, Chhota Shakeel and Manya Surve — some of them have become legendary names, while some of them have had their three-hours of fame in celluloid. Most of them have been entirely forgotten. The account is extremely interesting — it explores how economic policies and political scenarios unwittingly opened up avenues for gangs to flourish. Although it comprehensively covers all major gangsters, it is more Dawood-centric, and it mostly follows a chronological account of only that gang which Dawood was to first join and then take over later.

Late smuggler Haji Mastan's 'foster son' threatens superstar Rajinikanth

Since the cover explicitly depicts only Dawood, it is to be expected that all roads lead to D Company. For beginners who have no idea about the details of the six decades of mafia, it is a lovely book — chronicling the rise of mafia, their operations, the involvement of police at various stages, apart from the usual politician-lobbying.

The latter part of the book concentrates more on Dawood and his changing fortunes — and the fortunes of the people around him — Chhota Rajan, Chhota Shakeel, Abu Salem — as also the state of Bollywood when it got unwillingly embroiled with D Company. In spite of his meager earnings, the boy never fails to help the poor and needy, which soon gains their respect and admiration.

Dongri To Dubai : Six Decades of The Mumbai Mafia

Mirza is given the nickname of "Sultan. Through his influence, Mirza peacefully divides the city among four gangsters, thus thwarting police efforts to curb illegal activities. Despite being a criminal, Sultan Mirza is portrayed as a man of principle with a heart of gold and a godfather-like figure to the people.

He even refrains from smuggling contrabandas it is against his Muslim faith. Mirza has a crush on Bollywood actress Rehana Kangana Ranaut and eventually the two begin dating. Sultan invests black money in her upcoming films. Later, Sultan and Rehana frame Wilson to make it look as if Wilson is accepting a bribe, which damages his credibility.

Meanwhile, Shoaib is even in childhood a very ambitious person with a dark and daring character.

haji mastan and dawood ibrahim relationship poems

He is frequently involved in petty theft. His father, Hussain Khan Asif Basrawho is a sub-inspector with the Bombay Policetries in vain to guide and control his son, his anger against Shoaib began years ago when Shoaib and his best friend Javed were stealing money and got caught red handed by a man, by teaching his son a lesson, Khan slaps him 5 times.

haji mastan and dawood ibrahim relationship poems

Khan locks Shoaib in jail but Shoaib angers him as both Shoaib and Wilson make a deal saying that Shoaib wants to follow another path. Worried, the father turns to Sultan for help.

Bollywood falters as Sanjay Dutt's arrest lifts the lid off the muck beneath the tinsel

Sultan agrees and helps the young man set up an electronics shop. But Shoaib is unsatisfied, as his only real ambition is to become rich and powerful, like Sultan Mirza who is his idol.

Shoaib's beautiful girlfriend, Mumtaz Prachi Desaiworks in a local jewellery shop, which Shoaib visits often, to the aggravation of the girl's boss. Shoaib gives her a beautiful necklace, which, unbeknownst to Mumtaz, Shoaib had stolen from a lady during a home robbery. Later, that lady comes to the shop with her husband to buy more jewellery. The lady soon recognises her own necklace being worn by Mumtaz; she then admits to the outraged customer that her boyfriend had given the item to her.

haji mastan and dawood ibrahim relationship poems

The lady and her husband demand she take them to her boyfriend's shop, where they confront him. This enrages Shoaib, who beats up the husband and destroys his own shop.