Hal jordan and carol ferris relationship help

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hal jordan and carol ferris relationship help

Carol Ferris is the boss and on-off love interest of Hal Jordan. Hal is able to fight off Parallax with the Spectre's help, and is reborn. . Carol angrily commented on her own relationship with Hal and said that she did not believe true love was. For Carol (Star Sapphire) Ferris, one of the main reasons was that she was supposed to And the boss doesn't date, much less marry the hired help. When did Hal Jordan become the Green Lantern in DC Universe? A single character can pursue any number of romantic partners and these relationships can be a good. Caroline "Carol" Ferris is a fictional character appearing in the DC Comics Universe. She is one Her Star Sapphire form didn't appear until Green Lantern vol. . He makes himself visible and tells Carol he is going to help her, but that she will not Rebirth #6, Hal and Carol finally come to terms with their relationship.

When the Zamarons discovered that she was in love with Green Lantern, a servant of their estranged friends, the Guardians of the Universe, they sent her to defeat Green Lantern in battle as Star Sapphire. Over the years, Star Sapphire and Green Lantern would duel again and again, but each time Jordan would defeat Ferris and revert her to normal. Jordan and Ferris separate when Carol is engaged to Jason Belmore; later she is confined to a wheelchair. Carol Ferris is first introduced in S.

Star Sapphire vs Hal Jordan

In her original appearance, Hal Jordan becomes employed at Ferris Aircraft and after asking her to dinner she makes it clear that she does not date employees. She first appears as the second Star Sapphire in Green Lantern vol. As Star Sapphire, she battles Green Lantern for many years, because the Zamarons want to prove men are inferior.

When she is first defeated by him they take away her memory of the event, but the persona keeps resurfacing. While seeking to inhabit the body that Jordan most desires, the Star Sapphire gem again possesses her for a brief period during the Mystery of the Star Sapphire storyline.

Her reunion with the Star Sapphire entity is short, however, as it soon learns that Jordan most desires Jillian Pearlman and as a result abandons Ferris. Though she no longer holds the singular position of Star Sapphire, in Green Lantern vol. Physically separated from Carol's body, the Predator repeatedly appeared as a mysterious figure, protecting Carol's beloved company Ferris Aircraft from the threats of Eclipsothe Demolition Team and Jason Bloch.

Finally, the Predator started to court Carol who did not know that the Predator was a part of herself and battled Hal Jordan for her love. Hal defeated the Predator and witnessed him merging with Carol into Star Sapphire. Later, the Predator reappeared and revealed that he was actually an ancient parasite from the planet Maltus.

hal jordan and carol ferris relationship help

With Jordan powerless, the Predator transformed Carol into a totally evil incarnation of Star Sapphire who eventually murdered Katma Tuiand he impregnated Star Sapphire with a demonic entity. Soon, both the Predator and Star Sapphire were completely separated from Carol, and Star Sapphire actually gave birth to the child. It was revealed that Carol Ferris and Star Sapphire are two separate beings, and Sapphire was not Carol transformed as had previously been believed, but some sort of energy-based being who inhabited Carol's body.

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Shortly afterwards, the parents Predator and Star Sapphire were killed by Neron, who departed with their baby in his arms. Hal as the Spectre decides to visit Carol. He makes himself visible and tells Carol he is going to help her, but that she won't remember his visit.

hal jordan and carol ferris relationship help

He reaches into Carol and pulls out the Star Sapphire gem, which causes Star Sapphire herself to re-emerge it appeared she was previously killed by Neron, but somehow a part of her survived in Carol. The Spectre detains Star Sapphire and puts her back into the gem.

He hands the gem to Carol and lets her smash the gem essentially finally killing the Star Sapphire persona that would take control of herand she starts feeling much better.

As Hal reaches a crossroads in his time as the Spectre, he further tries to help Carol. He uses his powers to repair the long abandoned Ferris Aircraft runway, abandoned since Coast City's destruction. However, at the same time, Hal learns that his actions as Parallax were caused by a demonic parasite of the same namewhich was the source of the old Yellow Impurity in the rings. Hal is able to fight off Parallax with the Spectre's help, and is reborn.

Afterwards, Carol Ferris asks Hal whether he remembers anything from when he was the Spectre. Hal says he remembers it as if he were watching it from the outside.

How Spectre thinks, and who he talked to beyond this life, Hal can't recall. Hal apologizes for everything Carol had to go through. Carol says she survived and that she's not going to sell the airbase. She says that if Hal can rebuild his life, so can she and that she's going to do so with her husband, Gil. Carol says that she can use a good pilot. Hal says that he appreciates the offer, but he has other plans.

hal jordan and carol ferris relationship help

Carol managed to learn some of the truth about the Zamarons, such as how the Star Sapphire is a conduit for the emotional energies of love. Carol is able to pry the Sapphire of Cowgirl's body, freeing her, while Hal tricks the Sapphire into latching onto one of the Zamarons. Hal tries to talk with Carol about what happened, but she quickly leaves to avoid an awkward scene.

Carol Ferris

The following day, Hal talked with his old friend Tom Kalmakuand learned that Carol recently got divorced. Following the announcement that Sinestro was going to be executed, Hal went to talk to Carol as she was flying a plane. As Hal explained what Sinestro had done and how close they had once been, Carol commented that he sounded like he needed justification, and gave it to him, reminding Hal that Sinestro was the one who put Parallax inside him. Uneasy, she took Hal's old plane for a flight.

While flying, a Star Sapphire Ring broke through the cockpit and attached itself to her.

hal jordan and carol ferris relationship help

Carol soon left for Zamaron to be inducted into the Star Sapphire Corps. Although she initially declined to become a member of the Star Sapphire Corps, she later accepted the ring when she was informed about the Blackest Night and that Hal was suppose to die. She was seen battling Sinestro, before joining forces with him, Hal, and Indigo They called themselves the New Guardians.

After they recharged their rings they went to Coast City fight Nekron and the black lanterns.