Hamlet father and son relationship

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hamlet father and son relationship

FATHER AND SON RELATIONSHIP IN HAMLET. Shakespeare loves to explore the pernicious effects that parents have upon their children. triplexxx.info ✅. In the play, "Hamlet," by William Shakespeare you are exposed to various father and son relationships. These allow you to learn how. Claudius' willingness to disregard all moral law and act decisively to fulfill his want for power contrasts greatly with Hamlet's concern for.

Hamlet then decides to turn the tables.

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Claudius immediately calls for an end to the performance while the death scene is being acted out. This response by Claudius, tells Hamlet that it is his obligation to kill Claudius.

hamlet father and son relationship

This rightfully creates fear inside of Claudius; he will be Hamlets next victim and ships him off to England to be killed. Hamlet was wise in his next decision to deceive Claudius by rewriting the original letter to kill him, saving his own life at the expense of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

hamlet father and son relationship

Claudius, whose crime originally placed him there, is in a state of healthy and robust spiritual life. He is placed in a position where he is murdering multiple people, but is rightfully doing it for the death of his father. Hamlet has been stabbed with a poisoned sword by Laertes, under the command of Claudius. This is followed by Hamlet forcing Claudius to drink a cup of poison, ending his life.

The relationship that Hamlet holds with his biological father King Hamlet is visibly stronger than the one with Claudius. Throughout the play you never physically see Hamlet and his father together, but through the dialogue of various characters you are able to see the strong connection between them. During the thought process of having to murder another human being Hamlet creates a cloud of confusion in his own mind, causing some delay in the murder.

His first real attempt in his vengeance leads to the killing of Polonius by mistake. Shortly after he is placed in a position, where he has the perfect opportunity to kill Claudius. He believes Claudius does not deserve mercy for his sin and turns down the chance because Claudius was praying for forgiveness. In his attempts to make right what went wrong, Hamlet sadly loses his own life.

hamlet father and son relationship

In his last moments, he is able to kill Claudius to prevent dying in vain. Fortinbras has a similarity to Hamlet, since he knows that he must avenge the death of his father King Fortinbras. Now, Fortinbras is set forth in gaining the land that was lost. He is soon interrupted by the suspicion of King Claudius. Though this is what he states his new plan is, he never loses sight of his original plan.

Eventually, he leads himself and his men to invade Denmark. The strength of character that Fortinbras shows, compared to the hesitation of Hamlet, further proves his willpower to successfully reach his goal. A final strong father and son relationship in Hamlet is seen through Polonius and his son Laertes. Polonius bends his own trust and advice when Laertes, with consent of his father, is sent back to France for schooling. Hamlet approaches his uncle who is kneeling, draws his sword but stops as he thinks his uncle is at prayer.

Hamlet does not want him to be sent to heaven as his father never had the chance to confess before his sudden death and so suffers in purgatory. Although he does, in the end, avenge the murder of his father by killing Claudius, he too is wounded by the same poisoned sword which results in his unforeseen death. As Hamlet was unable to perform the task of murdering Claudius in a timely manner the final result was not what he had intended.

hamlet father and son relationship

Most obviously unlike Hamlet, in his impulsiveness and gullible nature, Laertes is too struck with the need to avenge his father after his sudden death. Before Laertes goes abroad to France, his father Polonius, gives him vain advice that deals mostly with outward appearances and the reflection of his acts on the family. Although this advice is not new information Laertes still gives his father the respect of listening attentively as he is a loyal son.

When he returns from France, Laertes discovers that Hamlet has killed his father. Vows to the blackest devil! Claudius presents an underhanded plan by having Laertes change Hamlet to a friendly duel.

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Instead the plan involves having Laertes use a poison-tipped sword. Laertes does, in fact, get his revenge by killing Hamlet the way they he and Claudius had planned but the swords were switched after being dropped and Laertes too was stabbed by his own poisoned sword. Laertes realizes that he has been a fool to be killed by the plan he set for Hamlet just as the woodcock is a foolish bird that is easily caught in a trap.

Although Laertes gets his revenge, his quick acceptance of a poorly planned scheme inadvertently causes his own death along with Hamlet. Fortinbras is yet another character who experiences the loss of his father. Through the loyalty to him he felt the need to avenge his death.