Heero and duo relationship problems

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heero and duo relationship problems

Their relationship would be interesting to boot, but I think they would make a Duo can bring out Heero, Heero can keep Duo out of trouble. been 10 days since Duo woke from his coma. Heero continued to spend a better part of each day rebuilding their relationship. "Heero?" Quatre questioned. "Why? Duo seems to be coming along just fine." "He will need someone to help care for him "No problem, Heero." Duo replied. "Take your time." "Since I have. DVD covers show the pilots in the order Heero, Duo then the others. He seems to have no emotional problem targeting the civilian shuttle at the beginning.

Treize's traditional views on combat and honor led to his opposition of the Romefeller Foundation, which was beginning to develop the automated mobile dolls weapons. He opposed this because he was a firm believer in tradition and honor, and felt that mobile dolls would make humans unnecessary in battle and therefore making warfare meaningless. His departure from the Foundation caused a similarly minded part of OZ to split into what was known as the Treize Faction.

Though placed under house arrest, Treize was eventually freed by loyalists and took over the leadership of the World Nation. He met his end in battle against Chang Wufei, apparently of his own volition. It was mentioned in the series that she got the second-highest grade in the history of Lake Victoria Academy Zechs received the highest grade, although he claims it was only because Noin intentionally sought second place, in order to make him look better.

She tended to take a motherly attitude towards her charges, and was predictably crushed when one of her graduating classes was killed in a nighttime ambush on the base by Chang Wufei. After being defeated and humiliated by Wufei, she left the Academy and followed Zechs in his mission of defeating the Gundams.

Noin was one of the few who knew that Zechs' true identity was Milliardo Peacecraft, and obeyed his wishes in discreetly looking after his little sister, Relena. Noin ended up leaving OZ to act as Relena's royal guard, secretly founding a defense team for the Sanc Kingdom; from here until the end of the series including Endless Waltzshe piloted a white OZSMS Taurus suit as opposed to the standard black Taurus. After the Kingdom fell, Noin went to space with the Gundam pilots, and participated in the final battles with White Fang.

She then joined the Preventer organization with the codename "Fire". After the end of the Mariemaia Rebellion, she went to Mars with Zechs to help with the terraforming project. Noin has been deeply in love with Zechs for many years. Under his orders, she assassinated Vice Foreign Minister Darlian for knowing the truth about OZ, and ordered the assassination of his daughter Relena when Relena witnessed the murder. Her methods are brutal and ruthless, but effective; during a battle with the Gundams, she forced their surrender by threatening to destroy a colony with the Alliance's missile satellites if they did not hand over their Gundams; Heero, in response, self-detonated his Gundam, which bought the others time to escape.

Afterward, Treize encouraged her to be more graceful. This apparently created a mental conflict in Une, causing her to develop an entirely new personality for her more gentle, beatific attitude. While recovering from her wound, Une resolved her mental conflict, becoming a well-rounded, kind and resolute woman. Shortly after the end of the war, Une was picked to become the leader of the new Earth government's peace watch group, the Preventers; her code name is "Gold". Her timely intervention saved the lives of both Relena and Mariemaia, revealing that Dekim's actions were not in line with Treize's philosophy.

Once the rebellion ended, Une decided to take care of Mariemaia, but also kept her position as head of the Preventer organization. First, he tried to force Heero to test the Wing Zero behind Tsubarov's back, but this backfired when the System overwhelmed Heero's mind, and only Quatre was able to stop Heero from going out of control.

Later, after locating Duo, Trant forced the Gundam pilot to use the Wing Zero, so he could continue to gauge its abilities. In the manga adaptation of Gundam Wing, he was childhood friends with Hilde Schbeiker. Along with Muller, he was hunting down former Alliance members and attacking them in the name of Treize Khushrenada. He was killed by Zechs after violating the terms of surrender during an attack on the Mogadishu Fortress.

Alex was generally quieter than his partner Muller. Along with Alex, he was hunting down former Alliance members and attacking them in the name of Treize Khushrenada. Muller was significantly more hot-headed than his partner Alex. Also listed as Mueller in some sources. He believed in the existence of the mobile doll plant Vulkanus, since his unit was assigned to bring resource-laden asteroids to the plant just before the war's end.

Broden held beliefs similar to Treize, but looked outwards instead of inwards; he wanted to use Vulkanus to inspire humanity to explore deep space. His sense of honor and ambition lead to his becoming good friends with Chang Wufei. Broden was killed by the traitorous Klementz during the battle for Vulkanus, which lead Wufei to join the Mariemaia Army to help achieve Broden's dream of bringing progress to humanity. At one point, they were apparently candidates for Gundam pilots specifically implied to be for the Wing Gundamthey lost out and were left behind.

Some time after, the sisters were found and taken in by OZ's Valder Farkill, who made them his personal guard and gave Luna the Mercurius Shuivan suit. Luna was the main part of a plan to capture MO-V's Adin Barnett and his Gundam Griepe, but began sympathizing with the young man because of their similar pasts. She was killed by Grandshario's Grand Nova cannon, fired by Valder because he deemed the defeated girl useless. Luna Armonia is voiced by Saeko Shimazu.

She was taken in by Valder as a bodyguard, but seems to have developed an attraction to her commander. Soris had much more conviction than Luna when it came to combat, at one point questioning whether Adin had the conviction to be the colonies' protector like the five Operation Meteor Gundams.

She was killed along with her sister by the Grand Nova cannon. Her personal mobile suit was the Vayeate Shuivan. Soris Armonia is voiced by Yumi Touma. Like Rosshe, Broom possessed a strong sense of honor, at the same time colored for his great distaste for Treize and especially Lady Une.

He was killed by Valder Farkill during the early stages of the coup that brought Farkill to power as Prize's leader. He piloted the Leo-N. During the rebellion against the Alliance, he scored more kills than the rest of his team combined, earning him the nickname "Dark General of Destruction".

heero and duo relationship problems

Some time later, Romafeller's Doctor Berg invited the famously ruthless Farkill to seize control of Prize and bring a decisive end to the conflict at MO-V. Cold and calculating, Valder thought of war in much the same terms as a game of chess. His biggest downfall was his arrogance; he believed that the only person worthy of his skill was Treize, whom he hoped to defeat in combat before taking over leadership of OZ. During the final battle, Valder was stunned by the news of Treize's death and was easily killed by Adin Barnett.

Valder Farkill is voiced by Juurouta Kosugi. Rosshe is a man possessed of a strong sense of honor and fair-play, though sometimes given to fits of near-madness in battle a facet of his personality which disappears in later chapters. He considers the Gundams to be the ultimate prey, but is livid when his Leo-S isn't enough to defeat Adin Barnett's Geminass He briefly piloted the Aesculapius, but Doctor Berg had him replaced when he was unable to bring out the Gundam's full potential.

Rosshe was backstabbed literally as well as figuratively by his teammate Kratz Shelby during Valder Farkill's coup, and was rescued by Adin. Rosshe Natono is voiced by Ryo Horikawa. Lieutenant Nichol, hiding this from Une, ordered Sernan to investigate MO-V and find out what was so important about it. As he neared the colony, he was attacked by Broom Brooks, but was fortunately saved by the Barnett brothers. After explaining his situation, Sernan was welcomed to join MO-V's staff as a mobile suit mechanic.

As the assault on MO-V dragged on, his patience with Rosshe's actions began to wear thin. When Valder Farkill appeared to take over Prize, Kratz wholeheartedly supported him to the point of backstabbing Rosshe.

However, Kratz's skills were still inferior to Rosshe's, and after his repeated defeats at the hands of MO-V's G-Units, he decided that he needed a Gundam to defeat them. Booster, an extended battle with Odell allowed the System to take its toll, destroying both his mind and his Gundam. Many times, she attempted to convince Rosshe to let her handle the operation at MO-V, but he insisted on taking care of things personally.

When Rosshe was apparently killed, Aretha was contacted by Silver Crown with a plan. She is in love with Rosshe, who seems to have realized this all along, but didn't really acknowledge her feelings until after they met on MO-V. Some time after this, Trinoi met Tiel Nonbleu and was convinced to aid in her plan to find her brother.

After training her and her friend Krung in mobile suit piloting, he led the infiltration of Romafeller's hidden Gundam plant and stole a Gundam Dellinger Arms.

When the trio finally reached the Graveyard of Soldiers, they ran into Romafeller's pursuit force, and Trinoi was able to destroy both enemy Gundams, though at the cost of his own life.

Eventually he encountered his younger sister Tiel, who had led an elaborate chase to find him. Noembreux was beyond aid at this point, and when his sister refused to help carry out his mad plan, he attacked, and the two siblings ended up dying as they fell into Earth's atmosphere.

Though she said she admired Relena, Dorothy held many opposite beliefs, such as her belief that war is an essential part of humanity and will never go away.

As Romefeller attacked the Kingdom, Dorothy revealed her true mission to spy on the nation for Romefellerand offered Relena the chance to stop the attack by becoming Romefeller's public face. Relena agreed, and as she was declared Queen of the World Nation, Dorothy stayed with her to observe her actions. When Treize deposed Relena, Relena went to space to try and stop her brother Milliardo from destroying the Earth; Dorothy, who accompanied Relena, chose to join White Fang, and often acted as Zechs' second-in-command much to Treize's ire.

As the battle came to a head, she confronted Quatre inside Libra and forced him into a fencing match, which ended with him being stabbed through the side. As they fought, the truth about Dorothy came out: After being gently confronted by Trowa, she escaped Libra and later visited Milliardo's grave to pay her respects to the man, who she thought was dead Milliardo actually resurfaced the following year. In the next year, Dorothy was sought out as the last heir of Romefeller, and the only one with a clue to the location of the mobile doll plant Vulkanus.

Though her attempts to set Heero and Relena up romantically failed, she gave the pair her grandfather's notes and allowed them the use of her computer database, which allowed them to crack the code and locate Vulkanus.

During Mariemaia's rebellion, Dorothy appeared again, first taunting the civilians of Brussels into action, then helping them when they finally decided to heed Relena's words and reach for peace with their own hands. His primary goal was to encourage more war and line the organization's pockets with more money by developing new weapons.

Dermail mainly appeared as a background figure in the early part of the series, but as Romefeller began pursuing mobile dolls, they took a more active role as the antagonist group of the series. Dermail hated the Sanc Kingdom for preventing Romefeller's complete domination of the world, but tacitly listened to Dorothy's suggestion of making Relena the chief representative of Romefeller, to appeal to the masses. For Dermail, the plan backfired, and Relena became more powerful than him, encouraging the Foundation to disarm and seek peace with the colonies.

When White Fang rose up to oppose the World Nation, Dermail went to space to oversee the battle from Barge, but was killed by White Fang's mobile dolls en route. Ironically, his granddaughter Dorothy referred to his death as that of "a brave soldier" when in fact Dermail had turned and cowered from the blasts that ended his life. He hated mobile suits and any suits that could surpass his mobile dolls, but this caused him to underestimate the Gundams and their power.

Believing that his automated weapons would be the next stage of warfare, he talked Duke Dermail into pursuing their development over that of traditional mobile suits. He was also apparently the mind behind Vulkanus, the mobile doll plant that was sought by all sides in the summer of AC Tsubarov failed to kill the Gundam Pilots numerous times.

Though he was captured by the rebels during their takeover, Tsubarov managed to escape to a room where he was able to activate the mobile dolls guarding the base. As the mobile dolls clashed with both the White Fang forces and Chang Wufei's Altron Gundam inside the base, Tsubarov was driven insane with fear. He ranted that he and his precious mobile dolls would rule the world which turns out to be a dream he had but his dream shattered and both were invincible—while the room he was in was shaking and crumbling around him, and then exploded, killing him and destroying the controls for his mobile dolls.

His death was the beginning of the fall of the Romefeller Foundation. On the subtitles on the DVDs, his name is incorrectly spelled as "Tubarov". However, the colony's chairman Roga Herman chose to develop space travel instead of mobile suits. Enraged, Berg sabotaged the shuttle, killing Mark Barnett and his wife and convincing Herman to allow him to build his mobile suits.

The fruits of his labors were the G-Units, mobile suits with the ability to rapidly change their equipment and the powerful but dangerous PX System. Berg revealed his treachery shortly after their arrival, and continued building new G-Units on Grandshario. Wanting to develop the ultimate weapon, Berg built the Gundam Griepe and handed it to Adin Barnett to test. When Odell Barnett attacked Grandshario, Berg used his intimate knowledge of Aesculapius' abilities and Odell's skills to stop him.

However, he made the mistake of taunting Odell with the fact that Berg was the one who killed the pilot's parents. Enraged, Odell activated PX Overdrive and crashed into Grandshario, killing Berg just after he activated his failsafe that would drive Grandshario to decimate humanity.

Dobert was assigned to the Sandleon and sent to kill the thieves, but was defeated twice in combat by Tiel Nonbleu and her friends, dying in the second battle. Even though her machine was upgraded with parts from the wreckage of the Hydra Gundam, Semis was killed in combat with Trinoi Levinsky's Gundam Dellinger Arms at the Graveyard of Soldiers.

When the mobile suit force attempting to gas the colony was wiped out, Sally declared the operation a success and pulled back; as a result of her actions, she was sent to work in an Alliance hospital in Japan.

Several days after Operation Meteor began, Relena Darlian took Heero Yuy to this hospital, where Sally learned of the young man's unusually strong body and took an interest in him.

During OZ's internal takeover of the Alliance, Sally and her forces avoid being captured. She then became an active member of the small rebellions against OZ and one of the Gundam pilots' strongest allies, helping them in tight spots and recovering both the Wing Gundam and the Gundam Heavyarms at different points in the conflict.

After the war's end, Sally signed on with the Preventers, using the codename "Water", and invited Wufei to join their ranks after the Mariemaia Rebellion ended. In the prologue to the novel Frozen Teardrop we meet her daughter Kathy Po. Through the machinations of Treize and OZ, Septem is one of the few remaining high-ranking officials of the Alliance to survive the Gundam attack on the New Edwards Base.

After formally declaring war on the colonies immediately after Noventa's death, Lady Une throws him from a plane after he outlives his usefulness, and shoots him in the head as he falls to ensure his death. Learning that the Alliance actually OZ was behind the assassination, Quinze and his compatriot Dekim Barton began formulating plans for revenge.

While Dekim had more elaborate plans, Quinze began leading a series of small-scale rebellions against the Alliance. Eventually, his ambitions would give rise to the group known as White Fang. Seeking powerful allies, he attempted to recruit the Gundam pilots to the White Fang's cause.

In the end, the only one who accepted was Milliardo Peacecraft as he became the public face of the rebel group. He began feeling that this was a mistake as he gradually disagreed more and more with Milliardo's goals.

During the final battle, Quinze attempted to kill the Gundam scientists on Peacemillion but was unable to prevent them from setting off a chain reaction in the battleship's engines, moving Peacemillion and Libra away from the Earth and presumably killing all six men in the process. To reach this goal, Sogran manipulated several White Fang members into trying to start a new rebellion, instructing them to try and buy the Gundam pilots' services or at least buy their Gundams. When this failed, Sogran had his men try to kill the pilots and seize the Gundams by force.

Eventually, he was confronted by Heero, Trowa and Ralph Kurt. Arrogantly believing he had victory in his hands, Sogran revealed the truth of his plan to the trio, only to have Heero reveal that the public address system was on. With that, the trio left Sogran to the mercies of the people he had just betrayed.

He managed to escape with his childhood friend, Chris Marley. Later in life, Ralph was at one time a member of the mercenary group that included the future Gundam pilot Trowa Barton. Ironically, the two admired one another for opposite reasons: Several years later, Ralph joined White Fang, only to end up losing in the Eve Wars; the next year, he came back into Trowa's life, attempting to buy Heavyarms for the new war that White Fang's remnants planned to start.

Trowa refused, and Ralph was brought into direct conflict with his former ally. The Gundam pilots managed to capture Ralph, and Trowa revealed to Ralph that Sogran was simply using Ralph and his men. Along with Heero and Trowa, Ralph confronted Sogran, who revealed his deceit secretly broadcast by Heero over the public address system. Later, saying goodbye to Trowa, Ralph warned his old friend that as long as he kept the name Trowa Barton, "those" people would be looking for him.

She would have died herself, but she was saved by her friend Ralph Kurt. Growing up, she deeply resented the Alliance and, by extension, Earth for what they did, and joined White Fang. After the war, she agreed to participate in a new plan for revenge by starting a new war with the assassination of important figures in the Earth government.

For her part, Chris became Vice Foreign Minister Relena Darlian's personal assistant, secretly letting White Fang hit squads know where the young diplomat was going to be at all times. After being saved by Heero Yuy from one assassination attempt, Relena and Chris accompanied him to the ruins of Chris' old home colony. Eventually, Heero revealed that he knew about Chris' spying all along, and showed her that the Gundams weren't on the colony.

She finally learned the truth behind the new rebellion, and gave up on her revenge after a heartfelt talk with Relena. Chris would go on to live a peaceful life with Ralph, the two having finally realized their true feelings for one another.

For him, they ran afoul of Kratz Shelby and his new Gundam Burnlapius and were quickly killed, with their Virgo IIs serving to strengthen Prize's arsenal.

Most Awkward Scene in Gundam Wing (2017)

Adin is a year-old test pilot who lost his parents in a shuttle accident, but was raised by the colony's chief representative and feels like everyone on the colony is his family. Adin tends to be brash and impulsive, which limits his combat performance. Despite this, his brother Odell is assured that someday Adin will surpass his skill. At first Adin is incapable of using the PX System, but following his brother's apparent death he begins training to use the dangerous system, and uses it to good effect to drive back Rosshe Natono when he appears with the new Gundam Aesculapius.

Soon after, though, Adin would be challenged by Prize's Silver Crown, whom he never once suspected of being his brother despite the obvious signs. When Valder Farkill took over Prize, Adin saved Rosshe's life, figuring that it was the right thing to do. Later on, Adin received the Gundam Griepe and learned of his brother's true fate, using the Griepe to drive Farkill off. When Luna Armonia came to the colony, Adin fell for her, an attraction which continued even though she took him to Farkill at gunpoint.

Luna's death deeply affected him, and Adin became driven to end the conflict before any more lives were lost. He challenged Farkill to a final battle, where his increasing skill and Farkill's arrogance gave him the victory. When Doctor Berg's doomsday plan sent Grandshario on a rampage to destroy the colonies and Earth, Adin was the one to pilot the combined G-Unit and destroy the battleship, bringing an end to the conflict for good.

Adin Barnett is voiced by Hiro Yuuki.

What are the emotional relationships within the Gundam Wing Series?

However, when OZ Prize attacked, a reckless Adin was nearly killed. Using the System, Odell managed to get his brother to safety, but ended up losing his Gundam and apparently his life as well. Prize's new leader Valder Farkill realized what was happening and attacked Odell as he attempted to send the Gundam Griepe to Adin. Piloting Aesculapius, he participated in the final battle, helping to defeat Kratz and personally finishing Berg.

Several months later, he married Tricia and settled down to help develop space travel as his father wished. Odell Barnett is voiced by Kyousei Tsukui. He developed a new type of engine that would go on to be used in the Gundam Griepe. He and his wife were killed in a shuttle explosion that was thought to be an accident, but had actually been planned by his rival Doctor Berg, who was jealous that his mobile suits had been passed up for Mark's spaceships.

Her main job was to oversee data collection during the testing phase of the project.

heero and duo relationship problems

However, her brash attitude often conflicted with Adin's, adding to the pseudo-romantic tension between the two. Eventually, Lucie realized her feelings for him, but despite a tender moment just before the final battle, the two of them were back to their usual antics soon enough. She was engaged to Odell, a fact which made his apparent death even harder for everyone to take. I'll tell you at my place. They are at Heero's place and Duo sits down on the couch. What gave you that idea?

heero and duo relationship problems

So you're not interested in my girlfriend? I'm not interested in your girlfriend or anyone else's girlfriend! They break apart and Duo just stares at Heero.

Duo holds up his hand for Heero to stop. Duo asks, "What will Relena think? Trowa is surprised to see him, and approaches him. I wanted to see you. Duo feels bad, because he told Trowa earlier that he wasn't homosexual, and that he probably would never be. And after last night's excursion with Heero, he feels like he is lying. Please just give me a chance! Come over to the workshop, and if I change my mind… Trowa is shocked and nods his head.

Duo was sure that he wasn't going to change his mind, so he felt it safe.

heero and duo relationship problems

Plus there would be extra help working on repairing his Gundam. You're gonna help me with my Gundam right? I will help you. Heero, Duo, how's it goin'? They work on the Gundam for many hours. Duo is getting nervous, because Trowa isn't leaving. They finally decide to take a break and eat dinner. They sat down at the round table and began to eat. Duo is alarmed when he feels a foot nudging against his leg playfully. God… Who did that? He looks at both of them, one after another… he gets nervous when they both grin.

Who is doing that!? I am so not interested!


Both Heero and Trowa put on of their hands, which are underneath the table, on Duo's thighs. Duo stands up suddenly. He gasps for air. I gotta go um somewhere… He runs out the door really fast. Heero and Trowa have wide eyes. Then they both stand up suddenly.

They both look at each other with sweatdrops and wider eyes. You're in to this kind of fetish? Don't speak of this to anyone! They glance at each other with one eye. Then suddenly they rush to each other and start making out.

heero and duo relationship problems

Trowa starts kissing Heero down his chest. Are you interested in Duo? Well to tell you the truth, I was interested in you first. So you will end your relationship with Duo? Of course Love… Relena is dressed for cold weather. She sits on a bench and grips her purse tightly. Are you ready to go? Can we go to J. It starts to snow. Look at that scarf! Would you buy it for me? Uh huh, on one condition. Relena nods Please kiss me. She stops, looks at Quatre and starts laughing playfully. Relena stops and looks at him We've been friends for a while.

I want to take our relationship further.