Hercules and xena relationship

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hercules and xena relationship

Xena was supposed to appear in three episodes of Hercules and die at 16 Writers were required to keep Xena and Gabrielle's relationship. Of all the storylines on Xena: Warrior Princess, with the exception of the series as the relationship between the Warrior Princess and Ares, the God of War. . than Kevin Smith's numerous engagements on Hercules and Young Hercules. The beating heart of cult series Xena: Warrior Princess was the relationship between Xena (Lucy Lawless) and her faithful sidekick Gabrielle.

When Iole asked for Hercules' help, Nessus used the opportunity to convince Deianeira that he would leave her and persuaded her to give him a cursed cloak, that threw Hercules into the Underworld she was told it would make him stay in love with her.

hercules and xena relationship

Because of the despair she felt for having supposedly killed her husband, Deianeira threw herself off of a cliff. She was restored to mortal life when Hercules convinced Hades that her death was unnatural. He would "talk" to her while walking near his old home [56]his love for her, years later, broke the jealousy spell given to him by Cupid [15] and her name brought back his memories after he suffered from temporary memory loss. However, she attended his wedding to Serena in spirit with the children.

When he first met her, in mortal form, she claimed to be a healer and follower of Ares. He persuaded her to heal Iolaus, who was sick after being hit with a hind's blood arrow. He fell in love with Serena, even after he discovered she was a Golden Hind. They married with Iolaus in attendance. This second tragedy in Hercules' life also took its toll on him.

He was mad at Zeus for not reversing the death himself [69] and both Dahak and Sin would use her image to torture Hercules in later situations. Getting some closure, Hercules left her alone with her new family along with her being unfamiliar with him.

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He first met Hercules after he enrolled as a common cadet at Cheiron's Academy. It was on Jason's legendary trip to find the Golden Fleece that Hercules first gained a measure of fame.

hercules and xena relationship

They both participated in the Corinthian Games. Parallel to each other, they both lost their families due to the machinations of Hera, except Jason dove into alcoholism while Hercules became more of a hero. Please note most of these men date from before Xena's reformation. She seems less inclined to have casual affairs now.

Some have speculated that this is because her relationship with Gabrielle is of the romantic variety. He, of course, got what he wanted, and once he had that, he abandoned her. He later realized what he had lost and was full of regret for his past actions. Xena was bitter and mistrustful of Petracles, but he managed to redeem himself by saving Gabrielle, but, of course, he wound up dead at the end of the episode. Certainly he was one of her first relationships, and because it went sour, she may have resolved not to get emotionally entangled again.

Whether M'Lila was more than a friend is unknown. Certainly, Xena had grown to respect her and wondered why M'Lila would lay down her life to save her. There was no love, just barbaric animal passion got to love those barbarians though.

However, Borias was to betray Xena not once, but twice!

hercules and xena relationship

The first time, it was to Ming Tzu, who hunted Xena down. Xena was not a great student, however. She failed to fully grasp Lao Ma's teachings.

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Xena was dressed in silks, but was, nonetheless, still a Barbarian at heart. They waged war, looted, pillaged, and did the Barbarian thing. It was not a desired baby, but perhaps Xena thought having a son would bind Borias to her.

Whatever the reason, Xena had the child. The Ixion stone represented that power.


It was then that Borias betrayed Xena again! He turned to good and hid the stone. Borias was, of course, killed, not by Xena, but by one of her men. Xena's army was unable to defeat the Centaurs or she decided not to press the attack depending on which episode you watch: Solan would only find out much later, when he was dead, that Xena was his mother!

Thus far, that's unclear. Eventually, however, Xena appeared and seduced Iolaus. She got some of her lovers killed in the process.

hercules and xena relationship

Theodorus died in an attempt to kill Hercules, and Xena killed Estragon with her chakram when he surrendered to Hercules. All three men were just pawns to be used as she felt.

hercules and xena relationship