Howl and sophie relationship

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howl and sophie relationship

It's quite an innocent story, with Howl and Sophie's relationship developing quite quickly but, most of all, the focus of the book is on how Sophie. It is during one of his outings to find a young woman that he first meets Sophie. Howl first meets Sophie on May Day in Market Chipping before the Witch of The. Sophie's relationship to her 'destiny' is a really interesting one. She also thoroughly disapproves of Howl's endless attempts to 'slither out' of.

He responds, "Sorry, I've had enough of running away, Sophie.

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Now I've got something to protect. The castle curmbles, and Sophie places him back in the ruined grate. Despite Sophie's curse being lifted, her hair remains silver, much unlike the book, where Sophie's hair turns red. She gives Calcifer her hair, and he grows strong enough to move the castle to find Howl and tell him that they are safe. Meanwhile, the Witch of the Waste realizes that Calcifer holds Howl's heart, and she plucks him from the hearth. She begins to burn, and Sophie throws a bucket of water on her.

Calcifer goes out, causing the castle to fall apart. Sophie falls over a cliff, along with Heen.

howl and sophie relationship

The ring that Howl gave her glows blue, and leads to the portal from the castle. She opens it up, and enters the black void that only Howl has been in. She ends up in the past, and witnesses Howl as a child. Stars are falling from the sky, and she runs out to stop him from making a pact with Calcifer. However, Howl swallows the star before Sophie can reach him, and Calcifer is born, with Howl's small heart beating within. Sophie calls out to him, telling him to find her in the future.

She is then thrust back through the door, where Howl is waiting for her. He is unresponsive, but he brings her to the remains of the castle. Sophie just before she puts Howl's heart back and frees Calcifer She pleads with the Witch to give her Calcifer, and when she does, Sophie pushes him into Howl's chest. Calcifer flies out, once more a star, and flies away. The remains of the castle break apart once Calcifer leaves, and they shot down a hill towards a cliff, but are saved by Turnip Head, who loses his pole in the process.

Sophie kisses Turnip Head, who turns into the missing prince. At that moment, Howl awakes, complaining about a weight on his chest.

Sophie then replies, "A heart's a heavy burden. Sophie, now full of confidence, tackles him and agrees. You should go home anyway and tell your king to stop this dumb war. After the prince leaves, Calcifer returns, deciding to stay with the curse-free Sophie and Howl. The movie ends with the castle flying through the sky. Markl and Heen are seen playing in a small garden with the Witch and Calcifer watching over them.

Sophie is last seen with Howl on a balcony, and the two share a kiss as the castle slowly floats away. When she is around eight months pregnant, Howl happens to be working on a divination spell for the King of Ingary when he discovers that a djinn plans to steal the Castle for itself.

Howl sends Michael and the new apprentice away, but Sophie refuses to leave with them. She and Howl are arguing about that when the djinn comes, and Howl turns Sophie into a cat, and all of a sudden Sophie finds herself alone in the mountains north of Kingsbury.

Sophie gives birth to Morgan while she's still a cat approximately a week after the castle is stolen so he is born a kitten. While the soldier takes a liking to Sophie as a cat and names her Midnight, Abdullah hates her and is scared of her strange powers. Once Abdullah reaches Ingary in his quest to find Flower-in-the-Night, he learns who Sophie really is. Sophie finds Morgan, who has been looked after by the princesses. With the help of the other princesses, Abdullah, Sophie, Flower-in-the-Night, and the moody Genie, they manage to trick the robbers with the powers of the genie, Sophie's talking powers and Morgan's crying, and take back the castle.

Sophie and Morgan are both reunited with Howl who was the Genie and Calcifer who was the magic carpet.

howl and sophie relationship

So while they asked for Sophie instead, Howl chose to come along as well in the disguise of an adorable young boy named "Twinkle", claiming to be Sophie's nephew. Sophie's Curse Some people argue that the power of love was what broke the curse however that theory does not explain why Sophie's age changes frequently throughout the movie.

howl and sophie relationship

One theory is that the curse is heavily affected by Sophie's own confidence and emotions. In the beginning, she sounds like a year-old grandmother as her mother put it and she acts as if she gave up on her own life. But as she finds some purpose cleaning the castle, she becomes slightly younger. But does she live up to her reputation? Does the character shape her own destiny? Does she actively try to change her situation and if not, why not?

The Witch of the Waste puts a curse on her that gives her the body of a ninety-year-old woman — not exactly something that an eighteen-year-old girl would wish for. From this point onwards, most of her arc through the story is the result of her own actions.

This continues as the story progresses. This creates a really interesting situation: Did she come up with them on her own? She does find a sense of satisfaction in making her hats, but she works in a hat shop — she has to make the hats or the shop would close down.

Her goals and beliefs are a lot more clearly defined, especially after she gets cursed.

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She spends much of the book trying to break the spell, and goes to some lengths in order to do so. Do her personality or skills change as the plot demands? Another theme that is dealt with sensitively is sibling rivalry. The language is in turns witty and lyrical and the plotting clever and intricate.

howl and sophie relationship

Although there is a great deal going on, everything is connected logically, and satisfying explanations for even the most hair-raising events are given.

The minor characters are described carefully as to give each a personality of their own.

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Calcifer, the fire demon, is utterly lovable. I read this book twenty years ago for the fun, exciting plot and romance…now I read it for its wisdom and intricacies. It is a book that I can highly recommend for both teenagers and adults.