Idris and goitse relationship test

BBA Hotshots: Idris Is Heartbroken |

idris and goitse relationship test

Idris expressed that the exes' presence was missed and their absence felt. for the sake of his place in the game, although he felt really tested. Last week, however, was a tough week for Sipe and Goitse's relationship. Goitse's rejection might have been heartless but Idris still seems to be It is however left to be seen if his decision stands the test of time and affects his Billy Bob-Thornton Talks About Crazy Marriage To Angelina Jolie. Big Brother Africa 'Hotshots' Housemate Goitse kgaswane had a after the show but I wasn't into putting the relationship out there.”.

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So we forgive the girl; she was still recovering from the onslaught. She admitted that although the rivalry and hostility wrecked her she forgives them because in the end they weren't so bad. In fact, they were a special bunch of people. Elikem especially had left his mark with her and the rest of the Hotshots. He was inspiring and able to bring out their positives.

  • BBA Hotshots: Idris Is Heartbroken
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Idris expressed that the exes' presence was missed and their absence felt. Last week, however, his busy love life took an eventful turn as he traipsed back and forth from Ellah to Goitse. Elllah was beside herself and head over heels in love with Idris, while Goitse revealed that Idris had informed her he and Ellah were just friends.

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Tayo was grateful for what felt like a second chance after his, Ellah and Sipe's fake eviction. They all confessed that it rocked their respective boats.

Tayo was proud of himself for not going back on his friendships for the sake of his place in the game, although he felt really tested.

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He also didn't expect to be so moved by M'am Bea's moment with her father during the freeze task. The presence of a parent and his words of encouragement moved him to tears way before it did M'am Bea.

idris and goitse relationship test

JJ was the one who had been the most suspicious of the exes coming in. Although his ideas had been confirmed, he was still blown away by the prank. The exes were able to rekindle his brotherly relationship with Tayo and bring all the tension to an end. Reports that Dr Mumba has entered a pact with some individuals to block Mr Banda from launching his purported come back campaigns are baseless and malicious.

idris and goitse relationship test

The information we received alleges that Mr Davies Mataka who is facing criminal charges committed during his reign as Deputy Managing Editor at the Zambia Daily Mail when he ran a propaganda machinery and other individuals who worked closed with Mr Banda in the presidential campaigns are involved in this lethal and vicious slander campaign against Dr Mumba.

They are now scandalizing Dr Mumba with the hope of alienating him from the general MMD membership and splitting the party. We know that they are now planning to extend this slander activity to close associates of Dr Mumba. The two could neither deny nor confirm their involvement. It is our firm belief that some people are desperate and do not mean well for the MMD.

They are out to serve their personal interests as they did in when they misled Mr Banda into losing the presidency. This process would involve undertaking a cost benefit analysis and agreeing whether it would be in the best interest of the Banda family to subject the old man to another presidential battle three years after losing a costly election.

As these people attack Dr Mumba and those close to him, we ask the general MMD membership to reflect and reject their selfish aspirations. We have information that Mr Banda is not even fully aware of some of these activities by these desperate people.

They are carrying out tasks that have no blessings from Mr Banda whatsoever.

idris and goitse relationship test