Jane seymour and joe lando relationship

Jane Seymour Revisits Joe Lando Romance In Hallmark Channel's 'Perfectly Prudence' - Chicago Parent

jane seymour and joe lando relationship

Jane Seymour has achieved much more than most women in her field ever Jane Seymour and Joe Lando in "Dr Quinn Medicine Woman". Joe's rugged yet tender looks have brought him fame, but getting he is now wasn' t easy, and like most actors he had to pay his dues - in Joe's case, this meant. Jane Seymour is a Hollywood icon who has no trouble poking a little fun at between your former “Dr. Quinn” co-star Joe Lando is still intense.

That would be fantastic! That's why we're drumming up as much interest as we can. It occurred to me that instead of writing something and putting a couple of stills up, that we're filmmakers around here, I have a son that's perfectly capable of pointing a camera at me, so I'm thinking of doing this and talking about other things in the future with other people because I just think it's cool. It's like I have my own Perfectly Prudence talk show.

jane seymour and joe lando relationship

You should, especially considering the positive response you had on your blog. If the fans like it I will, and they can come up with ideas of who they'd like me to talk to. In the meantime, you can continue to get Joe to let his guard down a little bit. I'm so thrilled by that. I've never understood why he gets nervous.

jane seymour and joe lando relationship

He's an amazing guy, he's fun and funny. But, if I'm the one who can loosen him up, then I'll do it. I invited your Facebook fans to ask you a question, and unanimously, they wanted to know what it was like to slap Joe.

Actually, Joe wanted me to slap him for real. I mean, there's a fake slap you can do in movies, but he actually wanted me to slap him. He's mister He-Man… I guess he likes to be slapped. Well that answered that! Since we made the movie in something like twelve days, we didn't do that many takes, so everything you see was done in one or two takes. It was done very quickly. Was this your first time working with James, Katie and Joe all at once? Katie wrote and starred in Quitters, so she wrote that for me, so she was in charge and I was just showing up.

I believe she's written a pilot now for a proper series based on Quitters. I'm looking forward to reading it. She's a fantastic writer, especially in comedy.

She was on Dr. Sean was a little four year old at the time, and he was in that. What I might do, if the fans are interested, is find some photographs and share them on the blog. I'll put those up. James and I have worked together consistently since we met. I'm not in his newest film, I'm just a producer for that, which I think is one of the best things he's ever done, but we've acted together in a number of things.

We were in Dr. I did not and he did not ask to be in Prudence. That was something that the diector decided.

I asked him why James, and he said, 'It's really hard to find actor's in his age group, who have the kind of character to pull off playing a mogul. Since James does all our business for us, I think he knows how to play that role rather well. He is the mogul.

His nickname is Mogey Bear. After working with different family members, is it difficult to separate yourselves when you have down time or is it a seamless balance? We just rehearse with one another, and then we play it, and when we play it, we're all in very professional mode, and the rest of the time we're just being family. We just flip the switch literally. How did you like filming in Michigan again? Grand Rapids was so beautiful! We had no idea.

When we heard that we were shooting there, we kind of went, 'Oh… is that Detriot? It was just a wonderful place. The weekend before we left, they had their art competition. We checked that out a bit when heading to the set. We loved it so much in fact that Joe on one day, on our day off, wanted to go and look at real estate. I think he just wanted to see what he could get there that he couldn't buy in California. I'd hear that you and the cast made a trip to Mackinaw Island as well. That must have been very nostalgic for you.

That was the other really fun thing that we did while we were there. Katie's boyfriend showed up to visit, and she'd always wanted to go to Mackinaw island, and she said 'Mom, we're in Michigan, why don't we just go viist Mackinaw island?

Then at the last minute I thought I'd splurge for a private plane and see how much it is anyway, and the rest of the cast really wanted to go, too since they'd never been.

So I called up the hotel and asked how do I go about doing it, and to my great surprise and thrill, Mr. Musser of the Grand Hotel sent his plane. There were so many of us, then sent two planes and we spent the day at the Grand Hotel and took millions of photographs and did everything we could possibly do in one day.

We did a signing for fans that happened to be there, and hundreds and hundreds of people showed up. Katie and her boyfriend loved it so much that they asked if they could come back to the 30 th Anniverary, which was the Somewhere in Time weekend that they do. And they came there, and were all dressed up and they pretended tobe me and Christopher Reeve.

We found a suit for Katie's boyfriend that was just like Chris', and he wore the real waistcoast that Chris had given me. We found things in my closet that fit the bill for Katie, and they had the best time. What can we expect form you in the coming year?

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What will you be working on? Well, I've got a lot of films in the can. The film that we produced, Waiting for Foreverthat is an incredible movie, it's a great, great movie and I'm so proud of it. My husband directed and his co-producer did Groundhog Day.

It stars Tom Sturridge, who just made a movie with the girl from Twilight, Kristen Stewart, and happens to also be best friends with Robbie Pattison.

Joe Lando: Bachelor at Large: Dr Quinn Times

They'd been living in the same apartment for I don't know how long. Sounds like the Twilighters will be intereted in that movie, then. I just talked to Mandy Moore a little! She played my daughter, Jim Brolin played my husband, and this is the second movie I've done with Jim Brolin. It's going to be a greatmovie. It's a romantic comedy.

jane seymour and joe lando relationship

I also did a movie with Adam Duritz called Freeloaders. It was shot in, again another place I'd never head of, called Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia, and it was just beautiful. After Prudence is out I'll start posting some stuff about that. It was just spectacular.

Jeff Fahey who was in Lost, he's in it, so it's a terrific movie, too. He moans out loud knowing what's coming next. The woman-dubbed a dirt wrangler-smears a greasy rag across his face and chest.

Lando just makes a face. Tomorrow I ward off an Indian war," Lando quips. Oh, he also has to romance Dr. Quinn and Sully's chaste kisses are starting to get a little deeper. Who knows what will happen next? You have to have a sense of humor to be the big hunk on the prairie. People Magazine voted him one of the Sexiest Men Alive, thanks to all that running around in buckskin. I think it's sort of hilarious he laughs. I'm a big hiker and mountain biker. Being dirty and sweaty isn't too sexy.

I just say, 'Guys, don't do it! When I get out of the shower in the morning, I throw my hair up in a baseball cap and go to work.

Jane Seymour Revisits Joe Lando Romance In Hallmark Channel's 'Perfectly Prudence'

Ever since he became a sex symbol, he's mobbed everywhere he goes. Lando was born and raised in Long Grove outside Chicagowhere his father owned a fish-tackle manufacturing business. That led to a job flipping pizzas in an Italian restaurant. After taking on a small acting role in the movie, he got hired to play private eye Jake Harrison on One Life to Live for two years.