Junsu and hani relationship problems

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junsu and hani relationship problems

One Junsu fan I used to follow on Twitter now pretty much hates him .. The problem is when they date other idols, because it turns the crazy. Idol couple JYJ's Junsu And Exid's Hani revealed to have drifted away due to busy schedules. Lets take a look back on their relationship. Hani and Junsu confirmed their relationship publicly at the end of Rumors of their breakup began earlier today, and one insider denied the reports, saying.

When I first got into kpop I identified as asexual because I was confused about my orientation and thought that I wasn't attracted to either gender because I had the same feelings about both.

junsu and hani relationship problems

What I didn't realise was that I was attracted to both genders but just not equally which is what lead to my confusion surrounding my sexual orientation. I realised that this couldn't be the case when I first became a cassiopeia and Junsu became my ub.

Junsu, Hani break up after a year of dating

I knew there was no way that someone could make me feel the way he does if I was asexual. He makes me smile just by his face appearing on a screen.

[Pann][NB] Hani's past interview on dating

I could be watching a group performance on stage and it could pan to the crowd and I would fangirl more over a split second glimpse of his face than the actual group performing. He makes me smile unconsciously just by speaking and his laugh makes me laugh hysterically, and when I see him cry I break down. Because of this I knew I wasn't asexual because I was attracted to him romantically but also physically, I had to be. This did nothing but make me even more confused so I just stopped trying to identify myself.

When I got into the group she straight away became my bias. I fell in love with her pretty much the same way I had with Junsu. I laughed when she laughed anything she did threw me into fits of giggles, I thought she was gorgeous but also adorable. She quickly became my ub alongside Junsu.

JYJ Junsu & EXID Hani revealed to have broken up

At this point I realised that I had to in fact be bi because I was attracted to Hani in the same way I was attracted to Junsu, romantically and physically. However I couldn't accept it because I kept telling myself that's not right because you are more physically attracted to Junsu than hani.

But I was romantically attracted to them equally. I couldn't comprehend that I could be bisexual even if I was more attracted to males than females. Over time I gradually became able to accept this fact, and hani really helped me understand that I am actually Bi no matter if I like men over women, because I am still attracted to both.

She also helped me realise that I have always looked up to and aspired to be like female celebrities. Specifically Yoona because I wanted to be like her. Now I understand that not only did I like her because I wanted to be like her but I was also attracted too her. And we're talking to the public so I design warning delivery a little differently in Hawaii. And you know we should have counseled Hawaii to consider doing that anyway just based on all the public chit-chat about all these nuclear bombs that could be flying back and forth and Hawaii's history with getting attacked in World War Two so on and so forth.

junsu and hani relationship problems

So I think a little more broadly than just the message that went out -- the official message. Well first I'd tell emergency managers to put everything out of their mind and all the myths that they may have succumbed to like the public panics if you issue a warning or emergency responders will turn yellow belly and not show up for work.

These things aren't true. The cry wolf syndrome is also a myth. Now if you issued multiple false alarms for the same population, let's say, Hawaii every other week for a month and a half then you'd have a false alarm problem. But just because somebody went through one event, they're probably going to be more vigilant and probably more likely to respond well to a subsequent event having gone through that false alarm.

If the second warning takes that into account. So we can actually take advantage of false alarms. Of course, have we trained the warning providers with that knowledge, no? Which was a bit confusing for the people who heard them both.

I don't recommend that people distinguish between mandatory or voluntary evacuation.

junsu and hani relationship problems

I know law enforcement and emergency managers enjoy those distinctions, but it's really splitting hairs. Are you recommending that the public evacuate or not, and if you're not recommending that they evacuate, don't recommend it. And if you are recommending that they evacuate, recommend it. So I come down on the side of public safety and that would mean if I were recommending an evacuation I would make it mandatory.

Let me just give you an example.

Fans are angry at the Hani and Junsu couple for showing too much | allkpop

I just saw quite off-the-record, but let me share it with you, and whatever YouTube channels this is going over, the mud flow inundation map for Santa Barbara. Those emergency managers are facing what I called the Godzilla monster, and it's like a PhD exam in emergency management, and you can see all the mud flow tubes and how all these other non-mudded parts of the community will turn into islands and people won't be able to get out for seven to fourteen days, so they need to evacuate, too.

So would I recommend ever issuing a voluntary evacuation there. No, I'd recommend issuing a mandatory evacuation, and I'd hit them with every warning dissemination channel I've got. I'd call me up and say write the message for us and it would be non-stop news and the police cruisers would be going up and down the whole thing.

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That's how I'd handle it and then it may be that nothing happens, and then I get on the tube and say, Wow, were we lucky? I'm so happy we erred on the side of caution. Which by the way is what Sheriff Coney did in Butte County who recommended immediate evacuation under the Oroville damn.