Kevin shields and bilinda butcher relationship trust

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kevin shields and bilinda butcher relationship trust

BilindaButcher / My Bloody Valentine The hottest horniest female singers and . Kevin Shields and Bilinda Butcher - My Bloody Valentine Indie Music, My Music, . Even at the time, their guiding light Kevin Shields was regarded as their other singer-guitarist, Bilinda Butcher, who was also his girlfriend. Mine and Bilinda's relationship was pretty much charted through all those records. According to Kevin's bio on the site, there will be a new MBV album next year. . featured the line-up of Kevin Shields (guitar, vocals), Bilinda Butcher (guitars / vocals), Colm O I Need No Trust (from Feed Me With Your Kiss EP) she told me working Shields and Hope Sandoval - a connection brokered by former Creation.

After dropping out of Trinity Laban, Butcher worked as a nanny for a French family in London for six months and later moved to Paris for another six months with her partner.

My Bloody Valentine - en concert -Paris Bataclan 2013

The pair moved back to London, squatting in Brixtonand had a child, Toby. Describing the experience, Butcher said: Toby's dad was flipping out because of all the acid he took and I just wanted to get away from all the madness. We tried to live together but he was in too bad a state so it didn't work". She replaced original vocalist David Conway and shared vocal duties briefly with Joe Byfield. At her audition for the band, she sang " The Bargain Store ", a song from Dolly Parton 's album of the same name.

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She performed vocals and guitar on all further My Bloody Valentine releases, until the band's second studio album Loveless —on which her guitar duties were performed by co-vocalist and guitarist Kevin Shields.

Several technical problems with the studio sent the band into "semi-meltdown", according to Shields,[8] and Butcher left the band in ,[1] leading to an indefinite hiatus. My Bloody Valentine reunited in ,[9] and released their third album, m b vin On a number of occasions during the recording of Isn't Anything, Butcher was awoken and recorded vocals, which she said "influenced [her] sound" by making them "more dreamy and sleepy". A similar process was used during the recording of Loveless, on which her vocals have been described as "dreamy [and] sensual".

Explaining the situation, Butcher said: You went there in the morning, listened to music and danced all day. What type of area did you live in?

kevin shields and bilinda butcher relationship trust

We were living in an area called Golden Valley, it had one pub and a couple of houses and it was all very conservative. A friend of mine dyed his hair green one day. When my mother saw him she forced him to wash it with Ajax before his mum would see it. Probably pretty embarrassing for you? She was a bit special. To dye your hair was very uncommon at the time, it was something you would perhaps do if you lived in the city centre of Nottingham or Derby.

kevin shields and bilinda butcher relationship trust

In Golden Valley, I was considered a weirdo. My clothes were different.

kevin shields and bilinda butcher relationship trust

For a long time, I only wore clothes from the s that I bought in a shop called Penny Feathers in Nottingham.

My friend Dian — the guy who dyed his hair — had a portable gramophone that we used to bring to the forest where we listened to records. My mother thought I was up in the clouds.

Bilinda Butcher

I never watched the news or read the papers; it was like I lived in another era. Everybody was into punk and I was living in the 20s and 30s. How old were you?

kevin shields and bilinda butcher relationship trust

Then I went to London to study and to go to gigs. I saw Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy and loads of other Goth bands. I went to dance classes too but had to quit because I got sick.

Kevin Shields

I had a chronic urinary infection. It was a nightmare to get in and out of the tricot. The doctors seemed to think it was something young girls get when they move away from home and start to have sex. In the end, I had a serious liver disease because of it.

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It was a shame I had to give up dancing, I loved it. After that, I worked as a nanny with a French family for half a year, then my mother died and I had to go back to Derby to sell the house as my dad had already passed away.

I think back on some of the gigs and really wish that I could see them today instead. Especially Birthday Party and Cramps. We lived in Paris for half a year. What were you doing in Paris? I got some money when Mum died so I lived off that and took it easy. The idea was that we were going to work but we never found a place to stay so we quickly got bored living with his mother.

We moved back and stayed with other squatters in Brixton.

kevin shields and bilinda butcher relationship trust

How did you support him?