Leo man and pisces woman in relationship

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leo man and pisces woman in relationship

A Leo man is never going to be found alone, he will always be She has to subdue his vanity in order to get along in their relationship with love, care and When it comes to compatibility of Leo men and Pisces women, the. There lies quite a conflict when it comes to understanding the relationship compatibility between a Leo man and a Pisces woman. Both are. I also have a Leo man guide and Pisces woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your own.

In March, a month or so after she broke up with her boyfriend, she messaged me and we began talking again. She is a Pisces, so I don't always know how she feels. It drives me crazy, I know I love her, and I constantly try to show her so, but I don't know how she fee ls about me.

I would like to think that since she keeps coming back, that she really does care but I just don't know. When we get along it is the most amazing feeling in the world, but her moods seem to change for no reason and I am compulsed to find out, which seems to make things worse. We have had plenty of fights, but we keep making up. I want this to work, and reading other's posts does help. How we communicate is the key and is what I am working on, and I think it is improving.

Any advice from Pisces woman would be great, thank you. I'm a Pisces woman who was dating a Leo man. We were dating for a few months then I told him I had to let him go for a bit because his mother was getting in between us and that school had to be number one for a bit. He thought I was lying about all of it.

It's been a few months now and I'm still trying to get him back. I don't know what to do. He keeps telling me he doesn't care and that I should just give up.

leo man and pisces woman in relationship

But, he keeps replying to me so I can't give up. He keeps telling me I'm worthless but I don't believe him. What could I do to get him back?

What words to say? I'm willing to bend everyway for him. It seems to me that there are a couple different views on the Leo man with a Pisces woman.

I am a Pisces gal and I am currently "dating" a Leo. He wanted to make it official, but I've been hurt worst choice: Gemini so I said it was too soon. I am now regretting it because I do want to be exclusive. Anyway from what I know Leos are gentlemen. He's willing to spend money on you and he acts like he's all that, but does actually need a lot of compliments and needs to be reassured that he's amazing.

He also takes amazing care of his family and is very loving. We'll see where this takes us. The only thing I'm worried about is that as a Pisces I need a lot of love and attention and I wonder if he'll have enough time for me considering he spends a lot of it with his little sister.

He's very protective of her and has the need to make sure she's always okay. I'm a Pisces woman who for a brief time 2 months dated a gorgeous Leo. He captivated me from the first time I saw him, and everything unfolded very naturally between us. We are different in many senses, but we found a way to conceal my playful-dreamy side with his logic side view of life.

We both enjoyed it a lot, and he seemed very intrigued by this romantic Pisces. But now, after a series of unfortunate events in bed, it was shown he is not over his ex. So I decided to walk away from him, for I can't be with someone not willing to open sexually nor emotionally to me.

He said once he would "fix" this matter and flip the page, he would come and look for me, for he would never forget me. Any previous experiences girls? Should I really expect him to return, even if in a distant future? I have always considered rather believed in that the best match for a fish is a scorpion.

I am a fem fish who had a rough time with two sturdy scorpions. I love them still, and will do till I die because each of them evoked some good traits in me to be a better person. Fishes with Leo well, I am surprised but its more than satisfactory. Its really hard for me to believe that how these fiery lions makes us feel. I think just like a woman engulfed with his manly antics and love. I would suggest all the fishes and Leons to go for it, its a risk worth taking.

I am a Pisces woman dating a Leo man and for the most part I feel like I'm walking on egg shells. It started on year ago around his birthday and we never really went on any dates and he never really courted me I just invited him over to hang and watch movies and stuff and he would come.

I'm a home body and this worked for me in the beginning and then I started noticing things about the way he treated me that felt strange. The first thing is he never kissed me on my lips. He would kiss my neck and passionately kiss me anywhere else on my body but never on my lips. Secondly he never talked about much with me. Very shallow brief conversations with no depth or meaning. I didn't have sex with him the first 6 months because he wouldn't kiss me.

And he started coming over less frequently I noticed because I think he got fed up with me not giving in Then finally around my birthday in March decided that I really wanted to have sex I turned the big 30 and I had spent the last 3 years of my twenties waiting for Mr.

Right and he never came. I started feeling like maybe I should just get in the game and having sex would help me to feel sexy and date more. So I invited the Leo over and seduced him with elaborate costume, music and dance.

Months went by of great sex but I started to feel cheap. With him not kissing me and us not doing anything but have sex I decided I just didn't want to do it anymore so I retracted my original contract that had no strings and asked for a renegotiation. I told him that I wanted him to value me for something other then sex and I wanted us to go places and do things together and talk about different things. We had our first kind of argument that ended in a make up withing 15 minutes of a so called break up and that night he invited me to his place for the first time and we had sex again without kissing but this time I had the guts to ask him about it I was pleasantly surprised and although it was just a peck.

Now it sounds crazy when I think of it, speak it or right it to be soo happy about getting a kiss on the lips from someone you've been intimate with for 2 months and seeing for 8 months but it was a big deal. We got a lot closer a lot faster and we started communicating almost daily and he was coming buy more regularly for about 2 weeks until I got laid off. I LOVED my job and at one point it was the center of my world but the only thing I could think about sitting in the office getting handed my resignation papers was my Leo.

Relationship Compatibility Between a Leo Man and a Pisces Woman

Something in my heart just told me that our relationship couldn't progress with this layoff. On one hand I had always been a really independent woman, I own my house, my car and did all these things really young and most men find me intimidating and to independent.

I thought wow maybe this will give me a chance to be a vulnerable woman and let a man be me rock for a change. Well when I texted the Leo he was surprised and he said he was sorry.

I asked him if I could come by that night because I didn't want to be alone and he said he already had something to do. Three days went by and I was very sad and rejected and he never called to check on me. On the fourth day I texted him and asked him if I could see him and he said yes but something about the tone of his texts didn't seem right.

I went to his house hoping to have someone to talk to and someone to reassure me. I just wanted him to tell me how smart and pretty I was and how I was going to make it and 30 minutes in he said quote "Your very sweet" "I don't want to hurt you" "I can't give you a relationship and I can tell that's what your looking for" "I don't think we should have sex anymore" then he asked me to leave. I left and because that week I had to give my phone back to my company and change my number I just never called him again.

In my heart ego I couldn't bring myself to call or text a man my knew contact information that had just broken up with me. Two months passed and I had moved on for the most part and given up on my Leo. I erased his number so I couldn't call him and he didn't have my number so he couldn't call me.

The part of the story that may be the missing link is that 1 week before he broke up with me I introduced him to my male friend that has been staying with me for a couple weeks. This friend is really like a brother and he's suffering from an alcohol problem and he just had a death in his family.

One day my guy roommate and I are getting out of my car and my Leo pulls up. We talked briefly and he told me to check my email and then left. When I checked my email there was a long email about how much he missed me, how much I meant in his life and how he wanted to make sure I was ok.

leo man and pisces woman in relationship

He said that he really valued my "friendship" and I was one of his closest dearest "friends. I told him that he turned his back on me when I needed him most of all as a friend.

I told him he was selfish, self centered and egotistical and he turned a moment of my weakness and anxiety into a conversation about him and what he was afraid of doing. He responded right away angry but sweet in still reassuring me that he cares for me deeply and he really does consider me to be a friend even if I didn't.

So I called him the next day and invited him over just to hang. He came we hung and we didn't have sex!!! He talked to me about life, his childhood, his dreams, his goals and even some of his insecurities. He was affectionate with me and he even gave me a peck on the lips Then I invited him over for his birthday and I made him dinner and took him fore a romantic walk etc But when we came back home and it was the moment that we could be intimate he admitted to me that he didn't feel comfortable with my guy roommate being there with us even though he has his own bedroom.

And in my heart of hearts I thought about the nature of the Leo needing to be the center of attention and I wondered if even the break up and his insecurities were caused by this male presence in my life. My roommate is not my type at all physically, mentally or emotionally and he suffers from severe alcoholism and he's broke. I never considered that would be a threat to my handsome, sexy, confident well dressed high played Leo.

Last night although we didn't sleep together it was the first night we slept next to each other and we cuddled and He kissed me passionately on the lips for the first time. When he was leaving I told him to come back later for dinner and he said ok but then he never called and never showed. I feel like he will disappear again for like a week or two and I don't know what to make of it. Does he really care for me? Is he upset that I have a man living with me?

Am I too sweet and am I chasing him away? Is this just the nature of the beast and I will have to get used to giving him his space? I really care for him in a way I haven't felt for any man in years and if the problem is my roommate its not a permanent situation I don't plan on helping this guy out forever. I walk on eggshells in the sense that after being broken up with when we weren't even in an official relationship and we weren't even talking about relationships when he broke up with me, I'm just soo scared now to show my feelings.

I don't call him, and when I email its like once every 9 days and its killing me. I want to speak to him and see him. Whets a little fish in love with a lion to do?

As hurt and devastated I was, I told him very simply that I cannot play second fiddle and stick around for him to decide who he wants. Do Leo Men play mind games? How do you know if he really likes you? How long will a Leo keep you around before committing? I have a Leo guy I've been dating and I'm convinced that we really aren't a good match.

On the surface there is a lot of playfulness and fun.

leo man and pisces woman in relationship

We enjoy each others company but if you look a little deeper we have really poor communication. He doesn't really understand me or my feelings. He doesn't really experience our intimacy at the level I experience it. He always says thank you when I do something nice for him but he doesn't often do anything above and beyond for me and most of what I like about him are just the things that exist in his personality and not anything that he does for me specifically.

I am emotionally attached but I wish I had someone that I had a genuine connection with to be attached to. I think there is some truth to what the article said about him steam rolling over my say so fairly effortlessly. I honestly don't even think he does it on purpose. It is his nature to be aggressive and demand what he wants and I just don't have the strength to argue The relationship is tender at times, fun, and respectful of our space.

We are both very friendly people, so when we are a part of social get together we can enjoy everyone but find each other by the end of the night.

I enjoy this aspect of independence. I wonder though if he might eventually feel insecure about this Maybe I need to give him more attention throughout the night? It doesn't confuse me though because I can understand these two faces and adhere to it. I dated another Leo man and it ended horribly but for some reason this new man doesn't seem the same kind of a Leo, still hott headed but more logical.

I respect reason, something that the previous Leo lacked. He would base everything off of how he felt in the moment. I love this new 'relationship'. I wonder though if this will not last and that this initial charm will wear off. Any advice on how I can keep it steamy fun and tender? Thanks I'm a Pisces woman dating a Leo man. I'm not entirely sure why people say that it's almost impossible for a Leo and Pisces to work.

I knew people said this before we actually started dating. Sure, in the beginning before we had started dating, he could have been a little cocky and hard to work with. But now, he's possibly the sweetest guy I have ever met. He buys me anything without me telling him to. He plans ahead, wears the things I buy him. He's always, always telling me he loves me. He's never annoyed at me. There was one time, but I explained myself, and in the end, he blamed it on himself even when we knew it was my fault.

We get a little annoyed, but we see each other in person and it's like nothing else mattered. We plan for a great future as we love each other so much. I hope all you Leo and Pisces couples work out. It's just so amazing for us: I am a Pisces woman who has been in love with a Leo Man for many moons now Unfortunate circumstances separated us by miles for 7 years, and during that time we both had meaningful relationships with others.

Three years ago, after returning to our hometown, we once again reunited I felt the sparks the first night we seen each other again. At first we did this random, not exclusive, dating thing.

We moved in with each other, both of us with a tremendous amount of baggage in tow, emotionally and offspring wise. We fight like crazy at times, but love so intensely and are able to communicate so freely that it is so worth the work! My Grandmother told me once that good relationships are not easy! She also told me if we got along ALL the time, then someone is not necessary! Those three bits of wisdom, which have been shared with my Leo man, have kept us strong and loving.

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I want to get a tattoo designed featuring a lion and a fish I'm a Pisces woman dating a Leo man. I posted here above several months ago about my "sexually aggressive" Leo. I reposted a few wks later, stressing how communication is VERY important. I see many of you lady fish wondering if their Leo man would return after a breakup.

In my case, YES! No reason, no fight, nothing. Just stopped emailing, calling and texting. First I was confused, then hurt. A few months ago yes, I deleted him from my phone, email, etc he emailed me After a few weeks we decided to see each other and it's been ON ever since. He's been absolutely wonderful, and tho he's tried to explain what happened before fearI refuse to discuss it. It's history and can't be changed.

Tho he has assured me he would never do that to me again, I remain at a distance, keeping my guard up and not letting m yself get too emotionally involved. I continue to have casual relationships with other men, but he's my sunshine. Yes lady fish, they do come back. Question is, can it ever be the same? Only time will tell.

I am a Leo man and I have the sweetest Pisces girl everrrr!. I think we r a match made in heaven really. Leo man here and my Pisces of almost 6 years just left me because she said I was laid off and sleeping all day which is true lol however we quickly found out it was for another guy who is younger than her they were talking for 2 days before she left me and they were talking about getting a place together and everything, will she come back?

This is different than all other attractions I've had with other girls. It honestly doesn't make any sense to me, but here goes.

We've known each other literally all of our lives, almost since we've been born. Our families used to get together, my parents and hers were good friends, and I'd play with their kids, one of whom is the Pisces in question. One day, they moved several states away, and a few years ago they moved back, but to a different part of the state.

She and I had reconnected some time ago, with what seemed like openness and enthusiasm on her part, but as of late it's been rather empty and I would think being friends for two decades should count for something, even if there's no attraction on her end.

Fast forward to the future and, strangely, I find her much less attractive these days. Don't get me wrong, she's grown into a very pretty girl and everyone considers her royal knockoutbut I still cannot get her out of my mind. I'd guess it's more of a spiritual connection to her that I feel and less physical, almost like it's up to me to make her happy.

Like she's almost a part of me. Strange, you'd think I'M the Pisces here. Hopefully, we'll grow closer again. Im a 21 year old Pisces and I really like this Leo man he's very charming and he seems to be understanding but something is telling me to stay away that im going to get hurt I'm a Pisces and my man is a leo.

I love his smile and he act so funny when something he get his way. He is a lot to me more than anything in my life. I cry so much he cry so much too. The sexual attraction is unbearable and something im not use to in a man.

Something about him just makes me wanna lay on the bed let him ravage me completely while I moan his name I want to do everything to please him, yet he doesn't seem to want to please me as much I want eternal dedication I think this Leo is to boring I want to meet a scorpio I'm a Pisces woman married to a Leo man for over 18 years now.

He is the kindest,most loyal and most sincere person I have ever met. I am a Pisces women and totally in love with a leo. Its been one hell of a ride. We were together for one year and then broke up and now we are together again Neither of us could forget each other in that one year.

leo man and pisces woman in relationship

Nowinspite of quarellingwe know that we are worse without each other and our love is so pure and unique I keep reading this combination pisces- leo won't workbut that is not true I love youcan save a relationship. He is my prince charmingmy knight in shining armourhe is my everything I sound like a poetlolz.

Nothing in this world can be compared to what I feel when I am wrapped in his armshe makes me feel nothing less than a Goddess I'm a Leo man with a pieces woman. She's 20 and I'm But we're currently broken up right now. I love her so much, I feel like no one deserves to have her because no one will care for her and love her as much as I will.

She isn't the smartest girl in the world which makes her decision making a huge issue for us. We must have broken up about ten Times.

We're an on an off relationship. This time it was her who broke it off. She says she wants to be single for now.

Leo Man and Pisces Woman

But I really don't want her to leave because I can't stand the thought of some guy taking advantage of my princess. I mean for some reason she can't let go of the bad moments we've had and just remeber how good times are when we're both happy.

It was always great at first but as time went by arguments became more frequent. This drove us apart and I guess it was really both of our faults. When I ask her if she's sure she wants to break up she says she doesn't know. So I don't know what to do. Scared to lo ose my Pisces princess. I always been attracted to Pisces for some reason. I don't know why, so it's kind of obvious I'm destined to be with one. But I just wish my Pisces thought more with her heart.

I'm also a little worried about this talk about so many leos not being able of letting go or returning after months or years. I don't want this girl to haunt me forever.

leo man and pisces woman in relationship

I just hope I can make this workout. Or at least find my fish in the sea. I definitly know Pisces is my first and only choice. Pisces girl here, there is one man recently chasing over me pisces do swimming not running zzz hahahaha a Leo man. I want a man that can lift me from the pit and that was exactly what he did even without being asked. This is a rollercoaster ride that I love to hate.

We met when we were 12 years old. He had a crush on me and swears that he went home on the 2nd day of 7th grade and told his mom that he met the girl he would marry someday. I would cry to him about the boys that broke my heart and he would listen. Little did I know that he was in love with me. We lost contact after graduation from high school in Feb of he sent me an email on Facebook. I was very happy to hear from him because almost 10 years had passed.

We kept in contact online. I went to church for the first time in a while on Mother's day of last year, guess who was there sitting right across the way I was shocked and happy. From that moment on we kept in contact through email and I gave him my number however we he didn't call until July! We hit it off instantly. Peas and carrots again just like we were kids. Instead of him being young and geeky he was now tall dark and handsome.

He was a bit rough around the edges but it didn't matter. He shortly after confessed his love to me saying that he has always loved me and I was the girl of his dreams. I was swept away. We talked everyday all day, even when I was at work we were on the phone.

I told him he would be the talker of our family and he told me that he would marry me someday. Well it's been almost 15 months; these are the pros of our relationship: He's very verbal and has a easy time expressing himself 2.

He buys me flowers and other little things just to show that he cares 3. He tells me I'm the most beautiful girl in the world even when I don't feel that I am 4. He loves God and Kids 5. He is strong and very masculine 6. He isn't afraid to show his emotions he will cry when he talks about how much he loves me 7. He will drop anything to be at my side if I need him most times 8. He is a protector not the best provider yet 9. He tells everyone about me calls me his wife When he gets mad he lectures me He says sarcastic insensitive things all the time that really hurt my feelings even when I ask him not to.

He doesn't realize that he is insensitive and says I'm just a softy and he's just joking. He can be overbearing and wants to monopolize ALL of my time. I need space and he doesn't understand that.

He has fussed at me in front of my friends, my parents and a few friends do not like him at all. I think he can be lazy at times when it comes to bettering himself financially; he said all we need is love 7. He continually says I'm too depressed and unhappy and he's always happy and thinks he is always right. He says I bring him down from his good mood.

He is very talkative and when I don't talk that much he gets mad. He says I never talk which is NOT true. He has high expectations and when I don't reach them I have to hear a sermon about it He's a big guy so he seems mean at times, it's like he has 2 sides, the roaring lion and the little kitten.

So that's my roller coaster. I love this man, he's my best friend, my supporter and my biggest cheer leader but he stressed me out so bad. I cry a lot but then we make up and it's bliss again.

I wish I could be as happy and arrogant as him but I'm just me. I can't be him. He doesn't get that. He thinks that the world revolves around him and because I don't blow up his ego he feels slighted and then here comes the roar.

He has a lot of qualities that I want in a husband but the other parts make me want to cut him. Some days the roller coaster is fun but I lot of times I just want to get off. I am a Pisces woman with a Leo man.

Have been for 4 years. We have a wonderful life and a beautiful little girl. Things have gotten rough but every relationship has it's hard times. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am a Pisces women and he is a leo. I am a Pisces girl and I'm am getting to know this Leo boy. I'm 17 he's 17, im black he's white and we both like each other very much. He's really funny, always has me laughing and smiling. He's always complimenting me every minute of the day lol.

He's just the sweetest thing. I love his confidence also. He makes me feel loved and wanted and that's exactly what I want from a significant other. We both share similar issues dealing with our family and stuff and probably that's what makes us so close: I have a lot of love for him but I'm not in love with him yet ; We are not in a relationship yet either, but I would love for him to be mine.

He has told me that he loved me before but I think it was in a playful way because he really does have a lot of love for me -- so the feeling is mutual.

D I am a Pisces women and my man is a Leo in every sense of the term We broke up and even after 1 and a half years we never really got over each other. We are back together again and though its not been easyI would want nothing else than to be by his side at the end of the day. He is my everything. We are holding on to each other because we know we are worse without each other He is the most charmingcaringloving person and he is simply adorable.

He will always be the king of my jungle My little kitty cat I am a Pisces girl and he's a Leo guy. I love him, he loves me. I have my insecure moments but he's always there to make things better. I think leos and Pisces can be compatible. I really love him. Its just the best relationship. The way he makes me feel when I'm around him. I feel like I'm not really on earth but somewhere else when with him.

I missed him too there was never a day I didn't think about him but I just didn't want to give in. To tell you the truth there was no one perfect for me out there but him. We want to get married: I am a Pisces woman. I have not had an official relationship with a Leo man, but I have had one. So here is my experience. I feel like he gives me the attention that I love so much but I feel like it's a trophy wife type attention.

He often called me "wifey" to his friends behind my back although we were suppose to only have had a sexual relationship. He is twice my age which to me was the reason I did not want to pursue the official relationship. He was an attention hog, for a man he tend to be overly sensitive for attention. He did buy me things and try to make me happy which is why I tolerated him for so long and I think if we were within age it may have worked but, overall I feel like the Leo can be a bit too aggressive for me, a Pisces is very emotional and sensitive and I don't like arguments.

He has a hot temper and that is a no no for me. Pisces woman, and Leo man. His attitude's so unpredictable, unhappy w so many things and asking for too much.

Too aggressive and possessive. I did my part, and tried my very best. I tried to solve the problem, but his persisting attitude ruined everything. I am a Pisces female in a realtionship with a Leo for 6 years not really into signs but I can say without god on my side in prayer this is the man of my dreams. I truly thank god for him everyday. I'm a 20 year old Pisces who seems to attract Leos left and right. As friends, I absolutely adore them; they're fun to goof around with when you need a friend to just kick back, lay back, act like a kid with and keep things light.

Plus, they always have such a silly sense of humour and a contagious ball of energy that can keep you snared and entertained. Moreover, I love that they love to look good and they enjoy dressing up - they're such fun shopping partners, to be honest. As lovers, though, I don't really like them In my eyes, that makes you very selfish and arrogant, even though I know they're not like that at all Oh it starts off that way; with them showering you with attention and you returning the same ardour of attention, but the minute they know you're absolutely loyal to the, they just stop bothering with these little things that really matter to me at least in a friendship.

Is there a reason for Leo men to find Pisces women attractive? I always make it clear that I'm not interested in a relationship. I never ever flirt with them or give them any reason for them to think I'm interested in them romantically. I guess I shouldn't really be sacrificial and all motherly and doting when they're going through a rough patch and need some help, because maybe the misinterpret my kindness as something else?

I'm not quite sure, but I'm always alert and careful with what signals and cues I'm giving off P It's just a very confusing scenario to be in, to be honest. I don't want to hurt their feelings, because each time I reject them as kindly as I can it really hurts them and then they get so pissed off and angry at me He's a Lion and I'm the Fish.

Never in my life have I been this happy. I was married to a Libra for a very short time horrible and then entered into a 13 year journey into the mouth of hell with a Pisces male. My Leo has demolished the pain and baggage that I harbored from that dysfunctional mind screw that I allowed myself to be subjected to courtesy of Mr. Pisces in a matter of months. He is sincerely the most beautiful person that I know. He has helped me become a more beautiful person. We fishes know that all we want is to belong to someone and be loved and appreciated Based on some of the posts here it seems this pairing can be a hit or miss.

I can say in my case it is pure perfection. He listens intently and considers everything I say. The man kept a journal of our courtship including all of the romantic text messages we sent to each other. I let him rule and he worships me. I'd rather be a Goddess than a Queen any day.

I have always found Leo men to be very sexy but out of control. My childhood sweetheart was a Leo and for years that is all I attracted. They all have the same thing in common, they love to have the spot light.

Well I am a Pisces and I like to be admired just like my Leo man. I'm a piscean female and married a leonine three months back,after dating him for eight months. He demands continous attrntion from me,likes looking around pretty faces yet loyal to me,does not want me to go out of shape,spends lavishly for me But let me remind all the readers that We're not perfect!

It could be complementary. Do read the zodiac signs. It gives a fairly authentic decription of a leonine male I have been dating a Leo for more than five months and it has been amazing: My only complaint is that he loves the attention of other women and always checks other girls out!

It really hurts specially for an easily hurt and even sometimes insecure Pisces. Do I have a reason to fear infidelity with him?

Please advise if you have experienced similar situation. I'm a Pisces woman dating if you wanna call it that a Leo man. I wish I had a happy story to tell about how beautiful our relationship is and how much attention he gives me etc. The reality is and you fishes know we hate reality we just don't connect. I think this is partly because he always has his gaurd up. We've been dating for 18 months on and off and we spend 2 months on and 2 months off.

We start off distant, get closer and closer until we are inseperable for one week and then he breaks up with me for 2 months. We do this over and over again. Atleast 3 times so far in the last 18 months. We take two steps forward and two steps back. In the end we end up NO Where fast. But I'm hopelessly devoted to him with every hair, fingernail, bone, flesh and molecule of my body.

The time I spend without him I feel like I can't breath. Love obsession obsession love I don't know what you call this thing that surrounds me. Most times I feel like I'm just in it by myself. Its an even deeper loneliness to be alone while your with someone else. I can't count on him for anything.

Pisces Woman – Leo Man | Simply Sun Signs

If I'm down I can't call him. He broke up with me last on New Years Eve and we recently started talking again and my birthday came and I was soo afraid he was going to do it again on my birthday I stressed myself out.

Its become almost like an emotional terrorism. He said he feels like I back him into a corner with my demands and needs. I can tell he feels something for me, maybe as deep as what I feel although he expresses it differently then I do. I wonder sometimes why god allowed us to fall soo deeply in love with each other if we just don't get along with each other.

I wonder why people always become addicted to the worse thing for them. Like i've never been addicted to vegetables and superfoods.

Just the leo, just the consistently inconsistent pain and suffering of life, love and the pursuit for happiness. In my life, I have no idea why am I so fated to meet Leo guys that I will like alot. As a result, both can create their own world of fantasy. The uniqueness of their relationship though could sometimes be misunderstood by others. Although the Leo man is more likely a natural leader and the Pisces woman belongs to the submissive sign, they both have a much more equal relationship than others have thought it would be.

Sexual Compatibility The combination of both is more likely a water and fire sign mix. Apparently, this will beget steam in the process, so both should have a heady and steamy partnership in bed. Nevertheless, they are very particular about their intimacy as they are very private. Being a sociable being that a Leo man is, he tends to like showing off the lovely partner that she is.

Nevertheless, the hectic social life that his man wants should be a struggle for the Pisces woman as she prefers to spend time in private. Therefore, their compatibility can be such that they will be able to find compromise.

Savvy and Smart Relationship As the Pisces woman wants to trust her Leo man, she tends to overlook at the arrogant streak that her man can become with the deeply faithful and loyal person underneath.

At the same time, the Leo man trusts her woman as well. So both of them take their partnership seriously.