Lestat and jesse relationship

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lestat and jesse relationship

Lestat de Lioncourt and Jesse Reeves (portrayed by Stuart Townsend and Marguerite Moreau) from the film "Queen of the Damned" | See more. Fanpop Poll Results: Do you like/love or dislike/hate the Lestat & Jesse pairing in the I think Jesse and Lestat's relationship can be summed up in a few words. The film focuses mainly on Lestat, which is a shame because the novel Queen One of the best of these subplots was the relationship between Armand and instead of being reunited with Louis, Lestat ends up with Jesse.

There is always something in the film to disprove a seeming "spark" or "chance". Barely even seemingly, to those who are actually paying attention to what they see and hear in the film all in all. I liked the look of them together and I enjoyed that Jesse came from this mysterious group, and she goes on adventure tracking him down.

I basically liked everything. I saw the film first and I loved it, then I was in the book shop and I picked up the book, read it and loved it. Yes, there are differences, it made me wonder but I honestly couldn't really care. I've never understood why there is a certain narrow minded group of fans out there that can't comprehend that fans can like different things. This QOTD film vs the book debate is a perfect example. I've had to deal with a few myself and they take it so seriously I wouldn't be surprised if they'd burst a blood vessel in their heads.

Queen of the Damned has very similar issues, there are also a number of key characters who were just ignored. To name a few; Louis de Pointe du Lac remember him from the first film? He turned down the role, which was instead given to Stuart Townsend. So instead of our blond haired, blue eyed Frenchman, we get; No you are not. We also have Marius.

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Marius is described in the book as being a tall Roman, with long blond hair. Remember the terrible depiction of Armand in Interview with the Vampire? Well, our red headed cherub now looks like this: The film focuses mainly on Lestat, which is a shame because the novel Queen of the Damned skipped around a lot, showing what different vampires were doing whilst Lestat was gearing up to his concert.

One of the best of these subplots was the relationship between Armand and Daniel, and I will forever be upset that this got no screen time. Just look at these cuties: Once Armand had dragged Daniel out of bed in New Orleans and shouted at him: I will do no such thing!

Back to the film now, where Lestat was just about to kill Jesse for what she had done; Jesse avoids the kill by making an assumption of Lestat's song "Redeemer" being about "the girl with the violin" of who she had read from his journal. Of course she was right and Lestat begins to wonder how the hell did she even know about that girl and begins to pressure her to tell him more about himself.

Does Lestat and Jesse fall in love?

Doing this by omenious tone and pushing her against the wall, and her thumb into broken glass or something, making her bleed and starts to suck her blood. Jesse in her desperate attempts to remain calm and thinking straight, happens to literally quote the last line from Lestat's journal - so making him realize she knows stuff about him because she's read his journal.

This of course doesn't please him at all. His next comment about Jesse is a clear insult and said from the bottom of his heart, which also tells us why he after all, wouldn't kill her there and then: Your kind never satisifies my thirst. To "show" her "what it's like". She didn't seem to comprehend that one can't just show what it's like and then unshow it.

There's no way back to mortality. Lestat doesn't want to and then takes her to a flying trip around the city. Thdat is so random! As if there wasn't many much more interesting persons to hang around with, like Marius, or his band. But at least this enables her almost getting killed by falling, and has him talk beautifully about mortality: So it's her humanity as it is, not her as a person, that stirs this only warm moment he shows towards her.

I never understood until I met you. You're beautiful to me because you're human. Your heart - even as you think it's breaking. All that - seems suddenly more precious than anything I've ever known.

lestat and jesse relationship

She tempts him by carving a bleeding wound on her breast, which also is rather shallow as if sexuality with him is all she thinks about. I'd be somewhat offended if someone dismissed my heartfelt and wise words like that. Lestat wouldn't turn her at that point but scared her to have a change of mind. Before she voices it out, he's so clearly going to grant her her wish, in very much annoyed and aggressive tone.

When she says "no", the tone in which he saya his words "No. Of course you don't. I just told you why being human is precious. That would explain why she wanted to become a vampire but doesn't change the fact in the film she didn't tell that to Lestat and so ended up offending him.

And even if she told him, this wouldn't yet make sense to why Lestat would want her in any way. He would understand and sympathize her but this would not make her any more appealing or attractive to him as a person to live with, as a companion. The two don't even talk too much to each others and when they do, it's clearly annoyed and disgusted reactions from Lestat's side.

Just look at his facial expressions, listen to his voice. And I already said why I saw he didn't want to kill her in the end. And yet - in the very end, they suddenly walk hand in hand, happily as if very much in love.

Everything that truly was about love and bond, in the story and I'm talking purely about the film's story nowis in the very final scene ignored and thrown to garbage box to have their own "lovers" end up together. In the film, Lestat was clearly fascinated by Akasha - in the first place when he meets her as a statue and a little even when he meets her in person - and he even more clearly could not live without Marius, his father ,obsessing to find him, to get him back.

Becoming suicidally depressed and being obviously deeply touched the moment Marius leaps on the stage to protect him from actually being killed.

And naturally, Marius does this because he loves Lestat so much that he would risk his own life to even try to save him. He DID - there was no way he could've with absolute certainty succeded and survived alive on the stage with all those vampires surrounding them. Not even though he was an ancient. Without Akasha's appearance - they would've both been killed right there. Unless of course if they flew away, which they were both capable of but I'm certain Lestat would not agree to do that even if it was Marius telling him.

Would Marius have forced him to? Probably yes - sure as hell he would not see the kid getting himself killed because of his stanima and recklessness, even if those are ones of the things in Lestat Marius strongly loves.

But the point was that Marius loved Lestat enough to risk his own life to try and rescue Lestat. And I think it originates from the Bible, the very true saying that there is no greater love than to die in the place of someone else. Which naturally of course equals efforts to save someone by risking your own life. Starting from calling for him many times even though he never got an answer, noticing and saving someone he doesn't even know, just to find out if they know marius, inteniting to kill them if they don't know Marius, looking like Heaven just opened up in front of his eyes when he first saw Marius in the reunion scene, well, I could go on but I think I've made my point.

But as for Jesse - his so-called sweetheart in the final scene, who he walks with, hand in hand, smiling Who wouldn't hate someone like that, seeing to how much Lestat loves Marius and had missed him for centuries. So he insults her with a "Your kind never satisfies my thirst. And I analysed earlier in this Official Version part, why she is not just impulsive but impulsive idiot.

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When he gets home he seems somewhat impressed that she had figured out he still had the violin and probably hated her a bit less because she had stated the journal had touched her. But then, he seems to have forgotten about her. She may have impressed him to a degree but still the basics - her undertakings and attitudes in the first impression, were downright horrible and hateable.

As later when Jesse makes her second appearance, he seems surprised and asks her in a sincere and slightly frustrated tone that why is she following him and what does she want - hence, HE doesn't want anything from her. And he says with disgusted expression and in annoyed and almost angered tone that he doesn't have time for her wishes, which wishes by the way were brainless.

She argues his decision with a bitchy tone and for some unexplainable reason, he chooses to take her to a flying trip - to hang around with her when there would've been Marius around to spend time with and who he had obsessed about to get back for years.

But oh yeah, what is that possibility worth after only such a short time as years of desperation and loneliness and yearning for the man. And even if we thought Lestat was mad enough at Marius not to want to spend a night with him, there were his band and his adoring fans who he naturally loved too. But why bother to spend time with them - he only said earlier that he had wanted the fans worship with all his black little heart.

So let us just have him spend his night with this brainless twat, who he has clearly expressed he hates and doesn't want around. And the way she speaks to him certainly shouldn't have stirred his interest to any new direction. After the flying trip Jesse almost gets killed by falling, which makes Lestat talk beaytifully about humanity and mortality, clearly saying he finds Jesse beautiful because she's human. He loves her humanity and thinks humanity is precious. He doesn't even imply in any ways that he'd love her.

Jesse dismisses all this, begging him to let her be with him even though he never said he wanted that. She's begging him to kill in her the only thing he finds beautiful and interesting about her. And she does this in such a shallow way as with drawing the wound on her breast.

lestat and jesse relationship

It's not exactly suggesting the right thing in her caring about his loneliness And for some unknown reason again, he almost does turn her into a vampire. However he stops just in time, violently pushes her as far from himself as he could, and becomes angry and offended.

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Gees, I wonder why!? So at this point she has only added to the horrible first impression by keeping up the brainless and disrespectve tactic in trying to get to Lestat.

Then in the concert, Jesse brainlessly screams out his name and wants his attention for no reason that I can think of, whatsoever, while Lestat doesn't seem to even remember she exists. And when Marius appears on the stage, Lestat clearly forgets about everything else but Marius and how much fun he's having kicking the vampire ass with Marius.

With Akasha he clearly forgot about everyone but Akasha herself until he saw what Akasha really was like and that he had slaughtered mortals with her.

So, when Akasha tells him to kill Jesse and he says "She's nothing to me. The only thing Jesse had on her side for Lestat's good books was "it touched me" about his journal and that she had understood one bit of it on some deeper level.

That really isn't much when looked at the entire picture of what she had said and done all along, which includes numerous major offensive attitudes and actions and total lack of respect towards him. Why would he pretend hate, when she's given and continued giving him numerous reasons to really, genuinely hate her!? If something Lestat in this film tries to hide, and fails to do sois his happiness about Marius's return. Or "maybe he hated her in the beginning and then began to love her"?

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Which she by the way, as pointed out, kept fireing up all along before the concert - during and after which, they don't even talk to each other or meet anymore before the end, so that anything could make him hate her less.

So, love, is just way too strong and big of a feeling to find a place in that kind of a lack of chemitry and a storyline like that. Plus, his precious Marius had returned and he and Lestat had in the concert made up and were all friends again - Lestat would not even feel a desire or need for a new companion anyway.

So why the hell is he with Jesse in that hand-in-hand tone in the end, instead of having killed her off from bothering him, feeling even remotely sad about Akasha's death and enjoying Marius's company with all his black little heart? And not only does he hang around with J and not do those other things but he hangs with Jesse who he had turned into a vampire, so killing in her the only thing he ever found beautiful about her and so there should be no valid reason for him to care about even her exsistance at all at the point.

I think the only valid reason for him to turn her into a vampire would be that he didn't want her to die just because of someone like Akasha, who he clearly didn't exactly love. But then again he obviosuly hated Jesse more than he didn't love Akasha, so But then again, I think he respected Maharet, who Jesse clearly was important to. So, after Akasha's death, he goes to Jesse and even looks up as if making a wish or something; that wish was most likely that he still has time to turn her into a vampire, so he wouldn't have yet another human life on his conscience because of his wayward behavour with Akasha.

Marius's values which he respected probably had to do with that as well. And as said, also Maharet's care for Jesse. NOT as if Lestat would love Jesse. So after that act, he would've realistically and logically left Jesse with Maharet and hope beyond hope that she leaves him alone - and been sad about Akasha and how he can no longer be a rockstar but must remain in shadows again, and sought and received comfort in Marius's company.

This film has one of the most self-mocking storylines I've ever had the dispelasure to witness. And the saddest thing is I'm not even sure if the film makers see it.