Link and saria relationship counseling

Bizarre things about Zelda and Link's relationship

link and saria relationship counseling

You might not have noticed them at first but once you start, you'll never stop seeing the truly bizarre things about Link's relationship to Princess Zelda. There's a lot more going on in Link and Zelda's relationship that Nintendo fans realize. Zelda, Princess of Hyrule, best known simply as Princess Zelda (ゼルダ姫 However she requires advice from Link to improve her relationship with her horse as.

She is also forgiving towards former enemies even when they have harmed her in someway. She is however, extremely loyal towards the ones she cares for such as Link and does not tolerate them getting harmed.

Certain incarnations, like the Zelda of Skyloft and Tetra, are shown to have a slightly playful personality and more casual attitude. However, this is likely due to the fact that neither was raised to be royalty from birth unlike most incarnations of Princess Zelda. The Zelda of Skyloft was indeed born a commoner and Tetra is the child of a pirate. Additionally, at least two incarnations are known to have tomboyish qualities, such as Tetra and the Zelda from Ocarina of Time.

Physical appearance Zelda is portrayed as a young girl or beautiful young woman, usually with blonde hair. Brawlas well as Super Smash Bros. She also has light brown hair in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past though she is depicted as being blonde in artworkand auburn hair in The Adventure of Link. She often wears jewelry such as ornate earrings which in some games feature a Triforce designas well as a royal gown of white, pink, lavender, or another pale color red in The Adventure of Linkusually bearing the Royal Family's crest.

Zelda has also been depicted in casual attire, such as in Skyward Sword, or in a blue shirt with Hylian embroideries as the Champions commander in Breath of the Wild. Abilities Associated with the Goddess Nayru and the Triforce of Wisdom, Zelda possesses keen insight and good judgment—although this does not always avail her in eschewing capture.

Most of Zelda's incarnations are additionally gifted with innate psychic or magical potencies, such as telepathy and precognition.

Albeit her gamut of abilities has yet to be revealed, Zelda has demonstrated the ability to cast spells, engender or annul barriers and seals, and shoot a bow. The source of most of these natural mystical powers could be explained by the presence of the Light Force, a power that is passed down through the Royal Family of Hyrule for generations.

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However Breath of the Wild implies the various incarnations of the Princess are descended from Hylia presumably through the Spirit Maiden from Skyward Sword indicating some of her powers may be divine in nature specifically her sealing powers and ability to communicate with spirits though these latent abilities must be awoken through ritual and devotion to Hylia according to legend though the Zelda of Breath of the Wild struggles despite years of dedicated training and only awakens them through selflessly trying to protect Link.

Her ability to wield it proves that Tetra despite being a pirate possesses a heart untainted by evil, as it has often been stated that evil beings are incapable of touching and or wielding it. However as she wields it only briefly before returning it to Link, it is unknown if Tetra could wield it as effectively as the various incarnations of the Hero. Being a pirate, Tetra is implied to possess some sword fighting skills and carries a short dagger-like blade, which she is shown wielding in promotional artwork.

In the spin-off Hyrule Warriors series, she wields cutlasses along with magically infused pistols and is even capable of performing the Spin Attack. In Twilight Princess, Zelda wields a rapier-like swordthough it is unknown if she authentically possesses any fencing skills as she is never shown actually attacking with it Possessed Zelda does wield the sword, however since she was Ganondorf's puppet body, it was likely his fencing skills and not Zelda's. The Hyrule Warriors incarnation of Princess Zelda is shown to be a capable and graceful fencer who wields magical lightweight Rapiers that she can transform into a Bow of Light.

Zelda's alter egos appear to have specialized abilities of their own. In Skyward Sword, it is implied that Zelda and her subsequent incarnations' abilities may be due to her connection to the Goddess Hylia and are potentially divine in nature.

In Breath of the Wild, both Kass and Impa refer to the Princess of Hyrule as possessing the blood of the Goddess in their retelling of the legend of Calamity Ganon 's defeat ten thousands years ago. Unlike other incarnations, the Breath of the Wild incarnation of Zelda initially has trouble awakening her powers, and as a result develops an interest in science and ancient technology. In Link's memories she is shown using the Sheikah Slate which Link uses years later.

She is familiar with Gerudo Town law and uses it to her advantage to allude Link's protection detail as Link a man could not accompany Zelda into Gerudo Town a fact Zelda used to her advantage. However her privileged upbringing means she apparently lacks Link's level of physical fitness and was easily cornered by three Yiga Clan Footsoldiers despite running as fast as she could. Zelda is well read and capable researcher though as shown in one of Link's memories when she fails to realize a Hot-Footed Frog has to be cooked into a Hasty Elixir enhance the consumer's physical abilities due to her excitement over catching one and enthusiasm to study its effects using Link as a test subject due to his high level of physical fitness causing her to try and humorously force Link to consume the uncooked frog despite his visible disgust.

Beginning any form of counselling is daunting, but in my experience people find it harder to start couple counselling than individual therapy. Instead of exposing your inner-most hopes and fears to a supportive stranger, your partner will be in the seat opposite ready to disagree, and possibly to rubbish your opinions.

He or she already knows so much about you from your day-to-day life together that laying bare your soul or secrets can leave you feeling particularly naked. There is the added fear that the truth will upset or hurt your partner and make a bad situation even worse. When I finish counselling and ask couples to look back over their therapy, most admit that, although they knew I was trained to be impartial, they feared I would side with their partner.

This is because couple counselling awakens long dormant sibling rivalry issues: In many cases, couples get an immediate short-term boost. This is partly down to a sense of relief that something is finally being done, but mainly because our partner agreeing to this ordeal is concrete proof that she or he cares.

Next, it soon becomes clear that a couple counsellor's responsibility is to the relationship and both of you will get equal time, attention and understanding.

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On a deeper level, couple work avoids the victim or "poor me" attitude that can be a by-product of individual therapy, which encourages people to dig deeper into their own world view. If couples have been able to cooperate enough to set up a home together and raise a family, they soon begin to support each other through the necessary changes to their relationship.

For this reason, couple counselling often needs fewer sessions than one-to-one work. There are different types of therapy available: At the very least, he's going to be tagging along on Link and Zelda's dates with an army of Octoroks and Moblins, so they might as well get used to him being there.

Does this mean they should form a polyamorous triad with Ganon? He is, after all, a pretty terrible person in most of his incarnations, what with all the kidnapping of princesses, destruction of kingdoms, and a litany of other crimes that include transforming into a ten-story razorback.

Still, given that every single game in the entire franchise is built around an unbalance in the Triforce, we imagine that an awful lot bad things could've been avoided if they just invited him over for dinner once in a while. The real Triforce is nepotism Forgive us for stating the obvious here, but Princess Zelda is, well, a princess. At the very least, she's a member of the ruling family of an entire kingdom, complete with its own army. Taking all that into consideration, you have to wonder why she keeps putting the fate of the world in the hands of a single sword-wielding tween.

link and saria relationship counseling

Call it destiny, the Triforce, or the nature of being a hero reincarnated across thousands of years if you want, but we have a word for it when someone gives an incredible amount of power and responsibility to someone who is far less qualified than others just because they have a connection that's not related to their jobs.

That's called favoritism, and just because someone can shoot laser beams out of a magic shard of metal, that doesn't make it fair. Throw in the possibility of a romantic relationship, and the Hylian royal family's HR department is going to be working overtime trying to cover up this one.

Opposites attract As the name implies, the Triforce is a split into three parts: Courage, Wisdom, and the vague and necessarily ominous Power.

link and saria relationship counseling

Ganon has the latter, of course, and Link, whose bravery often leads him to do things like jump off cliffs while holding onto a chicken, is forever bonded to Courage. That leaves Zelda as the mortal incarnation of Wisdom, which makes sense. She's often depicted as the wisest member of the cast by far, whose maturity and stoicism allows her to undergo even the worst that Ganon has to offer with a poise and grace beyond her years.

And then there's Link, who mostly communicates through grunts and screaming, and spends the majority of his time smashing up cookware and running face-first into trees. With his country-boy origins and large collection of swords, he's basically the high-fantasy equivalent of a redneck who lives in the woods and — unless you count swimming under various Octorok-infested waterfalls while fully clothed — has never once been canonically depicted as taking a shower.

And yet, there's no denying that there's a spark between them that goes well beyond friendship or a knight's fealty to his lady. It persists despite the fact that they have even less in common than a blue-collar plumber and a princess who is also somehow a mushroom.

The silent treatment A good relationship is built on communication. For Link and Zelda, though, that's not really the case, as their relationship is more about one character never, ever speaking to the other, while the other fills the silence by carrying on the entire conversation with herself.

Just look at Breath of the Wild, the game that puts more of a focus on the development of Zelda and Link's romance than any other entry in the franchise. In the actual canon of that game, Link isn't just quiet, he literally does not speak to Zelda at all for months, even though they're traveling around a massive kingdom together. The only reason they even start talking at all — a development that the players themselves never actually get to see — comes when Zelda makes the effort to open up after Link saves her from being assassinated by the members of an evil ninja clan.

There's nothing wrong with being there for your partner during the hard times, and it's possible that Link's particular love language is less "words of affirmation" or, you know, words at all and more "stabbing monsters until they die in order to prove his devotion. Telepathic snooping Aside from the fact that their shipping name is just "Linda," the weirdest quirk of Link and Zelda's romance is that we very rarely actually see them together.

Zelda is almost always the object of an extended series of quests that involve gathering up three of this, seven of that, and enough explosives to level the entire kingdom. As a result, they spend a lot of time apart, which really makes it difficult to develop a relationship.