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marley and ryder relationship help

Unique confronts Ryder about him kissing Marley and trying to create trouble for Jake and Marley's relationship. During The Bitch Is Back/Dress You Up, Unique. We never quite decided if we'd rather see Marley (Melissa Benoist) end up with Jake (Jacob Artist) or Ryder (Blake Jenner) on Glee. Although. Did the writers just decide to pretend like the whole relationship never . and Unique put in an appearance to help Coach Beiste through his transition.) Marley, Jake, and Ryder may not have been Glee's most compelling.

When he finally hangs up, the ringing stops. Eventually, the all clear is given. Ryder later sings " Everybody Hurts ", and tells the glee club that he was molested by his babysitter when he was eleven years old. Two of the guys in the club, Sam and Artiefail to understand why this was a traumatic thing, but Kitty does, and later tells Ryder that she herself had been molested.

Kitty later asks Ryder out for an impromptu snack, but he is in the middle of a conversation with Katie, and asks her if they could try some other time.

She is hurt by his refusal, and declines. His withdrawal would deprive the club of the twelfth member it needs to compete.

marley and ryder relationship help

In a tense moment, Marley confesses to being Katie, but it later turns out that she was covering for Unique, who finally admits to Ryder that she had initially posed as Katie because she liked him, but knew he would not accept her given the way she actually looks; she balked at revealing herself because she did not want to lose the relationship they had.

Ryder tells her that he will never speak to her again, and announces in glee club that although he will compete at Regionals, afterward he would be quitting immediately; New Directions goes on to win Regionals. After Regionals, Ryder is still participating in the glee club. Over time, it is evident that Ryder still has feelings for Marley, especially in the episode " Movin' Out ": He confronts them and says that ' Katie ' has been getting him to send her pictures of him. He asks Marley if it was her, thinking that she still liked him.

Marley denies it, and he angrily moves on to questioning Jake. He then, thinking it was revenge from the two of them, thinks that Marley did it because he was too persistent, saying "I get it, you didn't like me back" and also thinks that it was Jake because he kissed Marley and was out of line.

However, they insist that it wasn't them. Marley then asks him if he wants to talk about it, and he says that he doesn't want anything from anybody, especially not either of them, before storming off. After the gun shots, when everyone was in the choir room, Ryder crawls across the room to sit next to Marley.

Marley is also seen leaning comfortably on his shoulder during Ryder's solo. Sweet Dreams They are in the first scene in the choir room together.

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After Ryder's confession of his past, he was molested by his babysitter, Marley stands up for him when Sam and Artie treat his secret badly. They are seen standing beside each other at the end of Longest Time. Lights Out Marley and Ryder are first seen sitting together when Mr. Schue continues giving hints about this weeks assignment, which causes Ryder to get very excited.

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During the performance of Superstition Ryder and Marley can been shown bumping butts together. Wonder-ful Marley and Ryder are first seen in the choir room when Mr. Schue begins his speech. They are later seen sitting beside each other in a circle. Ryder, frustrated, stands up in front of everyone and demands for the real Katie to confess.

As no one begins to speak, you can see Marley upset as Ryder gets angrier. Marley stands up and reveals that she is Katie. Ryder is confused and hurt as to why Marley had swore to him it wasn't her. Jake stands up and tells Ryder that it was all just a joke that got out of hand. Ryder, angry and frustrated, walks out of the choir room. Later we see Marley waiting for Ryder in the halls asking him if they can talk. Ryder tells her "Why don't you just text me. Ryder quickly turns around as demands Marley to tell him the reason why she did it.

He wanted to understand why she would mess with his head. It is hinted that Marley and Ryder still have feelings for each other. Marley walks away, upset, as Unique and Ryder talk.

During Regionals, Ryder walks in backstage and says that Marley is right, he shouldn't let the team suffer since he was only upset with Unique. Ryder reveals that after Regionals he is leaving Glee Club, to which we see Marley upset by. They are later seen standing beside each other during Brittany 's goodbye speech to where Brittany refers to Ryder, Marley, Jake, and Kitty as the foster children of Glee Club.

When Kurt accepts the proposal they can be seen cheering with everyone else. Love, Love, Love They sing Sgt. They both suggest ideas for the performance, but Sam turns them down for not being edgy enough. Later, they perform Applause with the rest of the "Katys": Blaine, Artie, and Sam. After the performance, Ryder, along with the rest of the team, confronts her for wearing a Katy outfit. A Katy or A Gaga They are seen together in the choir room watching Blaine's twerking video, and later they both dance to Blurred Lines.

They both have singing lines in On Our Way. He then continues to tell her why she should date him, and she leaves him with a vague "I'll think about it. Ryder comes up to Marley at her locker the next day and urges her to check her Instagram. In response to the accusations, they both deny it and Marley asks him if he wants to talk about it. Ryder says no and storms off angrily.

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He receives a text from Katie, saying she's sorry for lying to him. She says she'll explain everything at 3: During the supposed school shooting, he starts to panic and calls Katie, but a phone in the choir room starts to ring. He eventually hangs up when there's no answer, discovering that Katie is someone of the Glee Club. Ryder asks Kitty if she's Katie, she says no and the two of them dating would be gross.

When she leaves, Jake says she's been cool lately so it couldn't have been her. Ryder answers saying he'll find out at 3: He stands outside the choir at the time, where only Sue Sylvester walks by. When he asks her why she isn't going to write him up her answer is she's fired so she can't.

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He texts Katie asking where she is with no response. He runs to the auditorium to sing Say with the rest of the New Directions.

marley and ryder relationship help

Shooting Star ' In the episode Lights Out, Ryder tells everyone that he was molested when he was younger. He wants to tell them first before Katie tells them, due to the fact that he doesn't know her identity. When he and Kitty grow closer, Kitty attempts to ask him out again, but he's still searching for Katie and he types to her on the computer, which makes Kitty upset. Lights Out Ryder prepares to find out who Katie is and threatens not to perform at Regionals. They continue to text, but now he's getting infuriated.

During an attempt to practice for Regionals, Ryder confronts the Glee Club in a violent manner, causing Marley to cover for the catfish to preserve peace within the club.

But despite the cover-up, Unique later comes forward as the real cat fish.