Maura and jane relationship quizzes

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maura and jane relationship quizzes

co-stars as Detective Jane Rizzoli opposite Sasha Alexander's Dr. Maura Isles on the popular TNT drama. Harmon discussed the lesbian “Rizzoli & Isles” following on “Conan” in July, Last year, Alexander told The Advocate that the relationship General Knowledge Quiz: Can You Score Over 30?. Maura wants some more bonding time with Jane. own subtext into their situation: “This film [read: relationship] is a celebration of two badass chicks [read: Jane and Maura, Take notes, there'll be a quiz on this next week. Jane and Maura - Show: Rizzoli & IslesActors: Angie Harmon and Sasha AlexanderOff-screen relationship: Friends who finish each other's sentencesVote for.

You want Frost and I to earn over 3, points and lure this guy to us and then take 'em down? Just like Maura's favorite color has been sea foam green ever since she was a kid.

Frost, Korsak, and Cavanaugh all watched as Maura walked over to Jane's desk and sat gingerly on the edge of the desk. The three men exchanged looks and smiles and Jane quickly caught on. Not when only one of us is a detective and the other can't lie," Jane ordered. I think Lieutenant Cavanaugh must have a brain injury because that is the only way to explain why he thinks sending you and I to some random little town to lure a serial killer to us is a super idea.

You'd only be out a week—go film the show on a Monday, hang around the town for a few more days to do some digging and smell out anything fishy, and be home by Sunday dinner. I'll start learning everything about Frost and he and he and I can go on the show," Jane stated. Younger women marrying older men is not a new phenomenon," she added. Best of luck with the undercover," Maura said as she began to walk towards the elevators. I understand that even just pretending to be my wife would be uncomfortable.

You almost got pulled down an elevator shaft because I wasn't quick enough to piece clues together. I can't bring you into another potentially dangerous situation because I can't be the reason you get hurt again. Who saw Hoyt cutting my neck and found it in them to fight to save us both?

Who cut my leg open at the reservoir and ensured that I still have use of that leg today? Who led the charge into the apartment where I might have been thrown down an elevator shaft and whose arms did I find safety in before any others? Could you repeat your answer just a bit louder? Soon she and Maura were on the highway for their hour and a half drive to New Haven. They discussed theories on the case as well as reviewed their undercover stories before Jane began to fidget in her seat.

“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (7.05): How I Re-Met Your Mother

I just read them in case it's something I need to know right away," Jane quickly added. The hooker and the doctor," Jane laughed.

I thought that would be an easy character for you to get into," Jane teased. Maura's basket was filled with a wide variety of produce while Jane stuck to what she was familiar with: After paying for her peaches, Jane looked up to see Maura had moved to a booth several yards away selling kale.

She walked over to Maura and, moving her purchases to her other arm, wrapped an arm around Maura's waist. I just found a wonderful recipe for kale chips I would love to try and your selection is just perfect.

maura and jane relationship quizzes

They made idle chit-chat as they perused the aisles in surprising comfort, Jane reaching to pick out the items she knew Maura would normally choose and Maura making sure to choose items Jane would appreciate. The domesticity of their actions didn't go unnoticed by either of the women but they simply chose to enjoy the comfort they found with each other.

The relationship between Maura, Tommy and Jane.

You wanna try that? After stopping at the restaurant, Jane and Maura returned home and unloaded their groceries together before migrating to the couch with their take out containers and Jane's laptop to watch the videos of the show. They paused the videos regularly to quiz each other on what their answers would be if a particular question came up yet by 8 o'clock they had watched 5 episodes of the show, three of which were the ones their victims had won on.

When Maura returned from her shower, she noticed that the living room had been cleaned of their dinner but that the kitchen was far from clean. She tucked her legs up and turned to sit cross-legged in front of her best friend. Did you know your mother suggested couples counseling for us? She said the same thing to me. There should be a rule against divorced people promoting marriage counseling.

And anyway, I'm glad they did. But I was thinking more along the lines of, no matter how much a trust those two to watch my back and keep me safe on a daily basis I'm really the only one I trust to keep you safe. She caught Maura's warning glare and promptly put her feet on the ground. Instead she tugged Maura a little closer, with an arm around her shoulder.

It lists ten ways you can tell if you're dating someone. I think we should go through each one. Your friend changes their Facebook status to 'In a Relationship'. Things that were videotaped and photographed. And I know there are at least a few people just waiting to tag naked photos of me, which is why I will never have a Facebook page. You use phrases like, 'Hi, it's me,' when calling and your partner immediately knows who it is. Jane rolled her eyes. You casually recount your weekend activities to colleagues on Monday morning with, 'Oh, we ordered pizza and then we watched the game.

You no longer get sweaty palms in nervous anticipation of seeing that special someone. I really do like watching sporting events with you. Jane glanced at the screen again before looking into her friend's eyes.

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I thought you liked yoga," Maura protested. At least it had come in handy during that one case, though. You know you're in a relationship when your mate says, 'You wore that same outfit yesterday, right?

Besides, you hate all my clothes anyway, excuses are useless. Jane rolled her eyes and pointed to the computer for Maura to continue; wondering whether wearing each other's clothes had made the list. You wear his hockey jacket not because it's cutesy and romantic but because the AC is on over-drive and you're shivering. So you're not doing it to get into my pants, so that's a check for that one too. And who wears hockey jackets? It's jerseys if anything. And if I wanted to get into your pants wouldn't it make more sense for me to be wearing a pair of them instead of your shirt?

That makes much more sense," she added sarcastically. You realize there's whole milk in the fridge — yet you drink skim. I can't always wait for your fancy stuff. Besides I have that weird bee pollen yogurt in my fridge that you like, plus a selection of non-chalky Cabernets. He reminds you, 'Hey, isn't next week your Dad's birthday? Should we pick up a bottle of his favorite scotch?

But it's not like I had forgotten it, I had her gift and everything. I just couldn't remember what day it was because of the concussion. So, what's the final sign? He automatically stirs your coffee with his spoon. But you do spoon me when you sleep over, which is perhaps more telling. So what's our score?

I mean we've both been on dates with men, recently even. We can't be dating each other if we're dating them. Besides, if we were dating, I'd be kind of upset by the caliber of men you're choosing over me. You tried to have sex with a face licker. That's it, end of story, worst taste in men ever. I've been dating you after all.

maura and jane relationship quizzes