Mentee and mentor relationship expectations

Top 10 Tips For Being a Good Mentee

mentee and mentor relationship expectations

Mentors can't do it all -- and you shouldn't expect them to. the mentee, you must pursue the relationship and set expectations and goals of the. Have realistic expectations that are shared and agreed with the mentor mentee what they are looking for in a mentor relationship, look at the available mentor. Mentor-Mentee Relationship. Edward W. Hook III (mentee). Successful mentoring relationships typically focus on Be Clear On Expectations-Ask Questions.

An effective mentoring relationship is a model of collaboration- it provides a collaborative and learning experience of new ways of thinking and acting to build a career. You can read and obtain copies of the full series of articles on mentoring and career development by going to Mentoring Pathways on the SMPS website: The Art of Mentoring.

Lead, follow and get out of the way.

Mentoring Pathways—The Mentoring Relationship: You have to want it! (Part 3) |

Making the Most of Being Mentored. How to grow from a mentoring partnership.

mentee and mentor relationship expectations

Stoddard, David and Robert J. The Heart of Mentoring. Ten proven principles for developing people to their fullest potential. She is the founder and president of Golden Square, a national firm that works with clients to create and maximize their marketing and communications to deliver results.

Mentorship: An Invaluable Relationship for Your Career and Life

She can be reached at deborahh goldensquare. She can be contacted at sloan aol. I saw myself at the base of the mountain, with no clear path forward and upward.

mentee and mentor relationship expectations

At the top of the mountain, I saw successful clinicians, researchers, and medical educators who had clearly found the path, or a path, to the top. However, several years out of my residency program, a distinguished pediatrician, Dr. Susan Aronson, took interest in me, reached out to me with a lifeline, and helped me begin to find my own path to scale the mountain.

And after that, I was able to reach out more confidently to other mentors. It can involve career advice, role modeling, and emotional support. Although mentorship in medicine tends to focus on career guidance, a successful relationship involves you and your mentor as whole people and considers your career in the context of your life, including family, friendships, and personal wellness activities. A successful mentoring relationship involves the same principles as all healthy relationships, including mutual respect, openness, responsibility, trust, appreciation, and mutual benefit.

A good mentor does not dictate the specific career path that you must follow, but instead listens to you regarding your goals and interests; offers feedback, perspective and helpful ideas for you to consider; and provides encouragement and support as you discover and navigate your own career and life path.

Establishing and Fostering Successful Mentorship.

How the mentor and mentee relationship is a two-way learning street

Finding the right mentor can be challenging at times. Like any great relationship, there needs to be the right balance of shared interests, common goals, and mutual understanding. How to Find the Right Mentor Be honest about your goals, concerns, and areas of need. A good mentor is constantly aware and improving his or her skills, so the mentee must learn how to a better mentee. If the two cogs fit symbiotically, it can blossom into a valuable relationship.

This person is taking time out of their life to help you develop skills that they are profoundly more equipped for than you are. He or she has the potential to equip you with a knowledge they possess, but only if you are willing to take responsibility and absorb all the knowledge you can.

Mentee and Mentor Expectations

Put faith into a mentor, their only goal is to improve the mentee. Trust can open up a crystal clear channel of communication, only enhancing the relationship.

mentee and mentor relationship expectations

If you need to reschedule something, make sure to give at least 24 hours in advance. They are taking time out of their schedule to help teach the mentee. Set Realistic Expectations with Your Mentor The mentor is a guide, not a miracle worker; keep that in mind.