Miharu and yoite relationship memes

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miharu and yoite relationship memes

Nabari No Ou Kiss | Tobari's relationship with Hanabusa was so, so sweet. Also, and I don The source of Anime quotes & Manga quotes — FB. Sarah Maire . Nabari no Ou ~ Cute picture of Miharu Rokujou and Yoite. Jessi Gallant. OMG this is one of the cutest pairings ever!!! I need to watch this anime again >.yoite X Miharu. And so, after scrolling through the comm I didn't find a meme like this done for at least There's such a sweetness to a lot of the relationships in this series that I really enjoy. . I think when they are older Miharu will totally seme all over Yoite.

What's a poor Canadian to do? T now, M later. Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: Matt and Mello do some sight-seeing for their last holiday together. As events unfold along the way, they come to realize that their love for eachother runs deeper than they could have ever thought. Death Note - Rated: In the aftermath of a rape, Suzaku does what he can to help Lelouch out. Code Geass - Rated: It's his job to take care of and protect the one he loves at a time like this.

Rated for language, rape, slash, yaoi, and possibly lemon later. Shinji has moved out of Misato's flat and is trying to cope with the guilt which he harbors. Contains Spoilers and Ch1 contains mature content Evangelion - Rated: Hope you like it! Fluffy humor, established relationship, Shizaya, one-shot.

A continuation of Shizuo and Shimeji. He hurt one girl too much. Now the blonde artist, Deidara, and Konan wants revenge. And what is better than letting the puppeter taste some of his own medicine? It's always nice to have an old friend on your side, but after almost 5 years, it's bound to be an odd reunion. Don't like, don't read. T - English - Tragedy - Chapters: Demons in a Vicious Love by rikaraxXxseiten reviews Assuring each other of their love, Ciel and Sebastian, will they be able to survive the over towering shadow of the demon's twin?

Mpreg on the last chapter A sequel is up! What's the new purple-haired goth girl doing hanging all over Jagger? Third installment to the VK: Vampire Kisses - Rated: But our favorite Satellite feels like he doesn't belong, is he right? YuseixJack Warning contains Yaoi. Lake Trip by GoesKaboom reviews Pein decides he's sick of his organization moping around the lair, so he decides it's time for a mandatory vacation. Of course, nothing ever goes as planned.

Don't read if you do not like Yaoi or incest!

Nabari No Ou- Yoite Kisses Miharu

LuluRolo If someone would like to be my Beta or something I will very much appreciate it! M - English - Romance - Chapters: Family Fun by procrastinatornow reviews Raven's cousin has to come stay with the Madison family. She's not goth or a prep but she's certainly not the kind of person Raven want's to be assosciated with. It's not always easy to get along with your family Vampire Kisses - Rated: T - English - Chapters: Will Matt admit his deepest, darkest, secret to Mello?

Will Rodger ever stop eavesdropping? Rated "T" for blood, courpses, and possible Yaoi, although it will be only fluff, no lemon. Summer is here so I'll get more out quicker this time. Gary and Ash will save the world how with love and some help thats right love as in yaoi. Yes there is gonna be smut. But someone else wants Yusei for himself.

M - English - Chapters: True and False by sandal onions reviews Sebastian had no idea how to deal with his jealousy when the young master is going to get married to Elizabeth.

miharu and yoite relationship memes

Heck, he didn't even understand why he was jealous. When Grell comes along, things go even more crazy. What's a demon butler to do? Parody rated T just for the language used. Mello knew there were. He could hear them, the distant groans and inhuman shrieks in the night. AU; Matt and Mello in the zombie apocalypse genre. Williams reviews L doesn't know quite why Roger has kicked a young Beyond Birthday, Mello, Matt, and Near out of Wammy's, but that's the least of his concerns right now.

Fact of the matter is, now they have to stay with him T - English - Humor - Chapters: What if that particular bass player really didn't mind? This kiss might just have some strings attatched. BTW i had no idea what catagory to put this in sry! Tv Shows - Rated: You can choose and find your happy end.

I sure did find mine! When Kaworu joins him it turns out to be just the distraction he needs. How will Matt, Mello, and Near save her before she falls down into the pit of despair where she won't be able to escape? But a prophecy carries with her and the Clans' coldness may threaten to put out her light, and destroy all four clan's final hope. For the last dawn is upon them. Trapped in a world where they can do anything but leave.

Together, they'll have to use what little control they do have to find a way home. AU, splitting off after Kevin Party. Updates Bi-weekly Steven Universe - Rated: But will it be for better or for worse? When Greg discusses the feeling of loss and moving on to Blue Diamond, an idea hits her.

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Instead of capturing Greg to place him in Pink Diamond's Zoo, Blue Diamond decides to make Greg her personal confidant in hopes of overcoming her grief. Greg will have to learn the customs of the gems, as well as hope that he will be a good confidant. The seven did not defeat her. All demigods are scattered, in hiding, or taken captive at the Half-Blooded Jail. Percy vows to find all of his friends, especially Annabeth, free the Gods, and the world from Gaea's clutches.

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But how can he succeed when everyone thinks he's dead? T - English - Chapters: For as long as the Crystal Gems had known Connie, she had worn a fragment of a stone around her neck. They all assumed it was a natural forming rock that she had found one day and kept as a memento. The shard was too small for Garnet and Pearl to recognize it, and Amethyst hadn't emerged yet so she wouldn't be able to tell at all. Can Peridot find all of the beads to her necklace and make it back home before it's too late or will her new human friend make her stay?

But has the days turn into nights and the nights turn into days and there's no rescue, Stevonnie has to firmly keep in mind the motto they keep reminding themselves of: The Stolen Dagger by Moon's Son. Reborn reviews When Artemis's luck runs out she gets convicted for a crime.

For this crime, she is turned into a demigod. How will she cope with being Alteration of Trials of Apollo. Part one of a six book series. Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: This is probably going to be outdated soon lol Steven Universe - Rated: The champion of online tournaments and the proud owner of hundreds of perfect pixellated monsters.

But his expertise stops short at one thing - real life Pokemon. And when he embarks on his first real journey he quickly learns the 'perfect' Pokemon is not simply obtained by the push of a few buttons. T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Keys reviews It's Peridot's first mission, things take a darker turn when she gets kidnapped by a Homeworld ship. Alone in a ship with only enemy gems as company, it becomes apparent that saving the day isn't as easy as the Crystal Gems seem to make it out to be.

Can Peridot make it out with her gem intact, or will an even darker past catch up to both her and the rest of the Crystal Gems? But, as each day passes by she begins to get closer and closer to each Diamond.

And soon, she will have to make a choice. I know I was there at the time of his death, but I am not the killer. T- blood, language, and character death. Yes I know all of the facts aren't straight but it works better this way. All was quiet in beach city and yet you could feel the tension throughout the - now - ghost town. People had started disappearing about a month ago.

It started off as one or two but eventually became entire families. But Lars and his newfound friends don't have time to stand around, for the powers-that-be of Homeworld have only just begun in their endeavor to shatter every Off Color alive He has created something called a "gun" that has greatly strengthened his Clan.

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And he has changed everything far from how it used to be simply with his presence. What is the reason for his successful domination? Certainly not the fact that he was once a Twoleg. No, it's got to be something else This ship needs a little love. K - English - Romance - Chapters: This is what happens when he's not paying attention. Follows canon events, witha a good deal of headcanons mixed in. Years later he was trained on Homeworld as a loyal quartz soldier to his diamond.

He doesn't remember anything about his past, his family nor the Crystal Gems. Until one day he was sent to Earth.

miharu and yoite relationship memes

What will he find on Earth? What if he meets the Crystal Gems? Can the Gems get their long-lost Steven back? She had a loving family, and freedom from the Capitol, something she craved as a child. What happens when she finds her happiness to be just a dream?

Hunger Games - Rated: