Museveni and mbabazi relationship quotes

Timing: what Mbabazi has said about Museveni

museveni and mbabazi relationship quotes

Museveni quotes Bible verses, confuses MPs one on the NRM primaries where Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi is accused of having. Now, Sulaiman Kakaire looks at Mbabazi's memorable quotes on When asked about his relationship with President Museveni and the first. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is a driven man who is running for a "My parents were illiterate and so did not know the date," it quotes him as . leader Kizza Besigye · Profile: Independent candidate Amama Mbabazi.

If the next day he makes me ambassador, I will take it up unreservedly.

Museveni Finally Meets Mbabazi in Kanungu

Remember, I have selflessly served this country for more than 30 years. But before, I was involved in the armed struggle against President Idi Amin. I was not working with Museveni.

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Ours was clandestine work; we had our leaders like Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, who used to get in touch with Museveni and then report to us in the background. I was at Makerere and our leader was Dr [Ruhakana] Rugunda. He would tell us what he got from Museveni. We would discuss and transmit our ideas back.

He did not lead us well. There was discontentment among members of Fronasa. In one meeting where I was not, it was decided that we stop fighting. When he [Museveni] started teaching, he looked for other people like Godfrey Kazungu, a classmate at Law school. Kazungu called me on phone; we discussed what had happened and saw our problems. We pledged not to repeat those mistakes. We decided on how to handle the situation. He [Museveni] went out but I stayed in Uganda mobilising for guns.

In this year journey, let people leave these issues for me and Museveni to handle. If I believe that something is correct, I pursue it to its logical conclusion. Sign, and he would have ruled himself out of the race. Refuse to sign and he would be confirming rumours of his ambitions.

museveni and mbabazi relationship quotes

Indeed, Mbabazi can now claim to have signed the resolution under duress, especially from the youthful MP Evelyn Anite, who is now a state minister for Youth and Children Affairs. Nevertheless, although he signed as numberMbabazi went on to describe President Museveni as one of the best leaders in Africa: Mbabazi denied being involved in the said activities although he admitted that his wife was mobilising for him to retain his SG seat.

She embarked on that process because she felt that I was unfairly treated at Kyankwanzi. She, on her own, decided to mobilize against the resolutions Let anyone who knows any person that I have ever met… or even among you [MPs]; if I have ever approached you and asked you to support me, come forward. Predictably, he spent much of the time answering questions about his differences with President Museveni and the Kyankwanzi resolution that endorsed a sole candidacy for the president.

PICTURES: Museveni Attends ‘Kuhingira’ of Amama Mbabazi’s Daughter

He talked about a meeting he had held with Museveni: My wife explained what has been going on and all these things about me standing for the president. Museveni said he had not heard anything [concrete] but rumours. Others have been standing.

I will remain in the movement. People should not be worried. In the movement, everyone who wants to stand is at liberty. The caucus wrote to me on the sole candidate idea, I forwarded it to CEC. CEC said it took note of the idea of the parliamentary caucus.

museveni and mbabazi relationship quotes

The president did not say he accepted what he was asked. Recently when I was in a meeting [in Kyankwanzi], I saw young people showing me how to behave towards Museveni. I sat and listened but wondered. Perhaps most significant, the political trend-lines, as a result of the President's apparent determination to press for a third term, point downward.

In the non-party " Movement system " so called "the movement" instituted by Museveni inparties continued to exist, but candidates were required to stand for election as individuals rather than representative of any political grouping.

This measure was ostensibly designed to reduce ethnic divisions, although many observers have subsequently claimed that the system had become nothing more than a restriction on opposition activity. Before the vote, the FDC spokesperson stated, "Key sectors of the economy are headed by people from the president's home area We have got the most sectarian regime in the history of the country in spite the fact that there are no parties.

museveni and mbabazi relationship quotes

Garang had been Sudan's vice-president for only three weeks before his death. In a statement, Museveni claimed that the speculation was a threat to national security. Any newspaper that plays around with regional security, I will not tolerate it — I will close it.

Radio presenter Andrew Mwenda was eventually arrested for sedition in connection with comments made on his KFM talk show.

Ugandan general election, On 17 NovemberMuseveni was chosen as NRMs presidential candidate for the February elections. His candidacy for a further third term sparked criticism, as he had promised in that he was contesting for the last time. The arrest of the main opposition leader Kizza Besigye on 14 November — charged with treason, concealment of treason, and rape — sparked demonstrations and riots in Kampala and other towns.

Museveni Finally Meets Mbabazi in Kanungu | ChimpReports

Although Museveni did worse than in the previous election, he was elected for another five-year tenure, having won 59 percent of the vote against Besigye's 37 percent. Besigye alleged fraud and rejected the result. The Supreme Court of Uganda later ruled that the election was marred by intimidation, violence, voter disenfranchisementand other irregularities; however, the Court voted 4—3 to uphold the results of the election.

Museveni: I have nothing to fear from Mbabazi revealing secrets

Also in this term Museveni held meetings with investors that included Wisdek, to promote Uganda's call centre and outsourcing industry and create employment to the country. Riots occurred and over 40 people were killed while others remain imprisoned to this date.

Furthermore, nine more people were killed during the April "Walk to Work" demonstrations. According to the Human Rights Watch World Report on Uganda, the government has failed to investigate the killings associated with both of these events.

Ugandan general election, Museveni was re-elected on 20 February with a 68 percent majority with 59 percent of registered voters having voted.

museveni and mbabazi relationship quotes

The election results were disputed by both the European Union and the opposition. On 28 AprilBesigye was arrested because Museveni said Besigye had attacked first, a charge he denied. The government's response to the riots has been condemned by donor nations. According to Human Rights Watch, "Between January and June [], a media watchdog organization registered 50 attacks on journalists, despite multiple pledges to respect media freedom.

In an interview with CNNMuseveni called homosexuals "disgusting" and said that homosexuality was a learned trait. Western leaders, including United States President Obamacondemned the law. Ugandan general election, The presidential candidates included incumbent Yoweri Museveni, in power sinceand Kizza Besigyewho complained of rigging and violence at polling stations. Voting was extended in several locations after reports of people not being allowed to cast their votes.

According to the Electoral Commission, Museveni was re-elected 18 February with 61 percent of the vote to Besigye's 35 percent. Some of these sentences include life imprisonment sometimes according to government officials. This bill would allow President Yoweri Museveni who has already held power for five terms to rule until The bill takes out a measure in the constitution which prevents anyone younger than 35 or older than 75 from holding the presidency.