Pandora hearts oz and alice relationship counseling

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pandora hearts oz and alice relationship counseling

Vanitas · I'm not really a huge fan of Alice In wonderland, but I really . Vos plus belles images de Pandora Hearts - Page 17 Plus Pandora hearts gil and oz. Render Pandora Hearts - Renders Pandora hearts Oz Vessalius Bezarius Garçon Gilbert Nightray, Pandora Hearts, Xerxes Break, Leo, Fanart, Fan Art. A description of tropes appearing in Pandora Hearts. Now a part of Pandora, Oz works to find illegal contractors, recover Alice's lost memories, find out why the .

Oz fell into slumber until he was awoken by Alice when she bit his ear. Through his time spent with Alice, Oz developed positive feelings despite her aggressive behavior with him, having a sense of happiness spread through him when he saw her smile.

pandora hearts oz and alice relationship counseling

Oz's sense of self-awareness finally formed after Alice gave him his name by abbreviating Oswald's own name however Levi had to change Os to Oz for herwith this he produced feelings of happiness through the fact that his existence finally meant something. When the Intention of the Abyss approached Oz with a fragment of Lacie to deliver to Jack, Oz felt that he had to return the favor for Lacie, who had given him life.

Oz absorbed Lacie's tainted thoughts and feelings of Jack even though it meant one of his bodies would be destroyed.

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As the Tragedy of Sablier started, Oz wondered if delivering Lacie's thoughts and feelings to Jack was a mistake as he noticed Jack's odd behavior. The two formed a contract, which soon lead Oz to great pain and despair as Jack had him slaughter anyone who got in his way, something which Oz had never wanted.

He then got to the point where he was calling out for Alice through his tears, begging her to save him. Oz's own pain worsened after Alice committed suicide to stop Jack from hurting him again, as a great sadness swept over Oz for not being able to protect her as he had promised.

Oz's charm Since adopting the existence of Oz Vessalius, Oz's personality has become more and more human, potentially as a form of mimicry of those he's surrounded himself with. Such as having become bright, optimistic and mischievous through his time as Oz Vessalius.

On a darker note, Oz devoted his life to impressing Xai in his early years as Oz Vessalius. Constantly working to gain the praise and recognition from the man whom Oz believed was his father.

Showing that Oz has an undeniable need for affection and acceptance. Unfortunately though, because Xai has a vendetta against Oz and Jack because he's aware of Oz's true origins, Oz never received the love he craved and often ended up feeling wounded and helpless. Due to this, he'd always cover up his true feelings under a facade of contentment. As a note, whenever he attempts to charm a girl he's interested in, he tends to go a bit overboard with his compliments and gestures.

Although Oz has evolved both mentally and physically, his love for Alice has prolonged until the very end - as he considers nothing to be more important than Alice's safety.

Throughout his existence however, he's grown attached to numerous others and devotes his care to them almost equally. The lengths that he's willing to go to in order to ensure the safety of those he cares for is far more than enough to prove his need to protect - likely stemming from his failure to protect Alice during the Tragedy.

Even so, just like during the Tragedy, Oz has no desire to kill anyone despite being one of the most powerful forces of the Abyss.


Ultimately, having his powers and body stolen and returned to him has helped him in a way, as it has allowed him to fully experience both the tragedy and beauty of the world to its full extent.

This may have prompted Oz to opt for oblivion rather than change the past in order to maintain the sense of harmony that he believes trumps the perfect world Oswald seems to believe in.

His power appears to be rooted within his scythe, as it is what makes the Chains visible, by slamming the base of its handle into the ground, and what he uses to sever them. Arguably this makes Oz one of the most powerful forces from the Abyss. Additionally, Oz has the power to destroy any object by concentrating his power into his weapon and reducing whatever it come into contact with into nothing more than sand.

The results of this power mirror Mad Hatter's own ability to destroy any Abyss born being, only Oz's aren't restricted to the powers of the Abyss. In battle, Oz can also summon and control seemingly endless lengths of bladed chains, an ability which is identical to Lacie's Chain's own. Mastery of the scythe and rather remedial skill with a sword.

After gaining his memories and real body back he has the ability to return to his true form. Though it's unknown how, Oz seems to be capable of stunning an individual on a whim by whispering something obscure into their ear, thus leaving them in a withered state.

pandora hearts oz and alice relationship counseling

Having done so to both a member of the Reveil Gang and Reim Lunettes. In Gil's flashback, Oz also proficient on a horseback.

pandora hearts oz and alice relationship counseling

Oz holds Jack Vessalius' pocket watch Equipment Oz had Jack Vessalius' pocket watch as his main equipment which always carrying whenever along the series.

Oz frequently teases Gil, more so Oz defends Gil of the fallen vase at their first encounter Oz and Gil as a child Oz and Gil as a child 1 of 3 Add photo than most other characters.

Gil puts his master before himself every time, and sees Oz's life as more important than his own. However, as of A Noteit seems as though this aspect of their relationship will be jeopardized greatly. Gil makes it clear that, whatever his own feelings, Oz will always come first.

He once said to Sharon that if Oz had to keep his feelings hidden away, then so would he. I can't cry yet. Jury ordered Gil to kill anyone who threatened to bring harm to his master, and because of this, Gil is forced to be overly protective and paranoid about his master's safety. After regaining all his memories from years ago, Gilbert's feelings towards Oz changed severely.

Gil had remembered that Jack had attacked him with his sword and threatened to kill him, also Jack had used his Chain, Oz the B-Rabbit to slaughter several Baskervilles and injure Gilbert's true master, Oswald, the Glen Baskerville at the time. After an explosion of light blinds many throughout Reveil, Gilbert runs out of the chamber of the Sealing Stone to Oz.

At first Gilbert stepped in front of Oz to protect him, also asking if Oz was injured. However, Leo had woken up and was now possessed by Oswald, as Jack had done with Oz mere minutes beforehand. Oswald tells Gilbert to shoot Oz, and without questioning it, Gilbert points his gun at Oz and shoots him in the chest, although after Oz's body falls to the ground, Gilbert does show some regret over what he had done.

Later, Gilbert severs his left arm so that he will not be obligated to obey Oswald, thus preventing himself from harming Oz any further.

He ultimately chooses to serve Oz rather than Oswald, and attempts to help Oz escape from the Baskervilles. Despite his obligation toward his master's safety, Gil's feelings towards his master are genuine, and run deep. Gil deeply cares about Oz, is fiercely loyal to him, and always strives to be there when Oz needs him. They have had a close relationship since their early childhood, and have a unique bond.

Sharon Rainsworth Although their relationship has yet to be explored in depth, Sharon and Gil appear to have a good understanding of one another and are shown to be quite close friends.

Although the two of them often argue with other characters Break and Alice they do not seem to be inclined to argue with one another, making Gilbert one of the few main characters who hasn't been attacked by Sharon and her harisen.

However, Gilbert is shown to have the same fear of her that all characters display when they encounter the Rainsworths. Gil protecting Sharon from Dodo Gil is shown to care for Sharon, protecting her and ensuring her safety in the appropriate situations.

For example, Gil concentrated Raven's power and stepped in front of Sharon when Rufus Barma was attacking her with Dodo, putting a stop to the attack as Raven's power is far stronger than Dodo's. Gil was also reluctant to allow Sharon to accompany himself, Oz, Alice and Gruner to the mansion of the mage named Rytasalso being the first to see if Sharon was all right when she tripped and fell in the forests of Carillon.

He is also very gentlemanly towards Sharon, and seems to trust her a great deal - at least enough to let his vulnerabilities show when he is with her. Sharon often displays a softer, more nurturing side of herself when they are together, and he has gone to her for comfort and advice in the past. When he returned from Reveil after fighting William West and Grim, she stayed with him by the fire and dried the rain from his hair, whilst advising him to tell Oz the truth about his brother.

After the events at Isla Yura's mansion, she calls him to her so they can talk about how he is coping. She admits she knows he hasn't been sleeping, and tells him that crying when he should will help him overcome his grief and prevent him from breaking.

He eventually breaks down and explains that he "can't cry yet", because Oz hasn't shed a tear and he has to be strong for his master - something he couldn't admit to anyone else, not even Oz himself.