Parents and children relationship in india

parents and children relationship in india

Sep 23, In addition, disease rates or inflammation among those children when they become adults have been linked strongly to abuse, mistreatment or. Apr 7, The parent-child bond in the twenty-first century. In recent years, the relationship between parents and children has profoundly changed. Jun 2, The Parent Child Relationship Scale (PCRS) by Lt. Nalini Rao was used Keywords: Parent Child Relationship, Indian Students, Suggestive.

parents and children relationship in india

The extended family might be out but certainly not down. They are great to have as support system but their negative effect cannot be ruled out.

5 Things To Know About Parent Child Relationship in an Indian Family - Shilalekh

Especially if your parents are expert at using them effectively!! Parents Feel Peer Pressure Peer pressure is another important factor affecting the parent child relationship.

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Mind you, I am talking about peers of the parents not the child!! It feels worse than one would feel on being compared to anyone. As a result of these and many more such factors, many children enter their youth battered, unsure of themselves and their abilities, fearful of taking life changing decisions.

parents and children relationship in india

But interestingly, you would not find too many children bearing any grudge against their parents. It is a combination of behaviours, feelings and expectations which are unique to a particular parent and child. Both the parent and the child contribute equally to this association.

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The characteristics of the parents will play a crucial role in this alliance. For example parents who have already experienced this through younger siblings or career paths are often times better able to cope with parenthood.

parents and children relationship in india

The age of the parents is also important. Older mothers tend to be more responsible to their infants than younger mothers.

The relationship of parents with their grown-up children

Furthermore the stability of the parents marriage affects the parent child association in many styles. Characteristics that may affect the parent child relationship will keep varying as the child grows. It is strengthened by mutual interaction.

parents and children relationship in india

Hence it is very much essential that the parents spend adequate time with their babies. Working parents must note this point and always put their child in front before their work.

Emerging Trend Of Parent-Child Relationship In India

They remembered lineages, stories, skills, trails, etc. This made them central to society even after their physical working capacity diminished or even disappeared.

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This is not the case with societies that have extensive writing or technical means of storage of information. This is also not the case with industrial societies. Agricultural societies are basically circular; the seasons are repeated and hence the past remains valuable. Industrial societies are basically cumulative: The old in India, and in other places, are suffering under the impact of these changes.

parents and children relationship in india

Drawbacks for adult children If this creates the chance of grievous neglect of parents, it also leads to drawbacks for their adult children. Old parents in places like India still associate themselves with wisdom and knowledge, and hence can expect to exercise an excessive degree of authority over their children. This, however, is a problematic assumption in a world that is changing faster and faster.

Parents either have to keep catching up, which is difficult after a certain age, or relinquish much of their hold on their grown-up children, which not all of them are willing to do. Even parents who are willing to do so in the professional and material realm can suffer from a degree of legitimate insecurity: Finally, the lack of adequate social welfare structures in India makes the problems of aged parents and the responsibilities of grown-up children far more complicated, especially with joint and extended families dying out due to economic reasons.