Parks and recreation april andy relationship test

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parks and recreation april andy relationship test

Parks and Recreation is a delightful comedy following Leslie Knope, Andy and April are a loved up yet totally immature couple, and their. This shouldn't be hilarious except I have been in the military years and worked for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs for So this typifies too many too accurately. This is literally the most important quiz in the history of quizzes. You got: Andy Dwyer You're a big teddy You got: April Ludgate You are.

parks and recreation april andy relationship test

Domestic life doesn't have to be dull Being spontaneous never hurt! Andy and April are the best as being spontaneous, from refusing to buy grown up stuff at the store and buying marshmallow guns to constantly role playing as an FBI agent and a criminal mastermind with a terrible British accent. They never let their relationship get boring, and we would like to be them, please.

22 Pieces Of Relationship Advice From Parks And Recreation

Be encouraging of each other's dreams Bonus points if you give them a Game of Thrones related nickname. Reason we will love Ben Wyatt to the ends of the earth. Jerry and his wife Gayle prove that love is blind, much to the confusion of the rest of the office. We love that Gerry has a happy home life, especially as when he's in the office everyone is ruthlessly mean to poor old Gary. Teamwork is important Be in tune with each other and just like that you can have new dinnerware! Don't stress over the little things Even if your engagement ring is an already-eaten ring pop.

Relationships are all about taking the rough with the smooth and compromising.

parks and recreation april andy relationship test

So what if Andy ate the sweets part of her ring? She got to keep that ring. And that, ladies and gents, is what compromise looks like! Complement each other, even if you look a little silly.

Andy Dwyer

Who are we kidding? Leslie and Ben's manta "I love you and I like you" is even cuter than Westley and Buttercup's "as you wish". The joke was that this character was always mistreated by Andy but he still kept coming back for more abuse. This guy was probably even more of a punching bag than Jerry - yeah, even Jerry! So what was the name of Andy's unfortunate customer?

parks and recreation april andy relationship test

In one classic Andy scene, he starts talking about what his favourite foods are before working out that they all have something in common, which must make that his ultimate favourite food. Do you remember what that particular foodstuff is?

parks and recreation april andy relationship test

Eagles Colts Titans Andy is established early on in the show as being a big football fan, who idolises a few of his favourite team's players. He even wore the team's shirt to his wedding. At one point, Andy achieves his life's dream of playing with his football heroes as part of a group bachelor party. But can you remember which of the following football teams Andy supports?

The Absolute Total Best Of Andy Dwyer - Season 4

Chris Ron Jerry For his and April's surprise wedding, Andy asks one of his co-workers to be his best man By the time the ceremony begins, Andy has a whole gang of best men, which makes the guy he asked first feel annoyed and underappreciated.

But which of the following characters did Andy NOT ask to be one of his many best men? He works really hard at it and, when he finally applies, he comes really close - but in the end his childlike personality is just not a good fit for this profession and he doesn't get accepted. But what was this job that Andy didn't manage to get? It was a dark, dark day when he passed away but Andy was able to sooth the town's sadness with a super-catchy rock ballad.

It became the most iconic Mouse Rat song and is pretty much the anthem of the whole show. But what was the song called?

Rescued from the local pound, the pooch only has three legs but generally seems to be a very lively dog who receives a lot of love from his owners and their friends. I hope your mind is now blown. But do you know the name of the Ludgate-Dwyer's dog? Pick the right answer from the options below. Andy Radical Johnny Karate Bert Macklin Beginning in season six, Andy starts performing as a children's entertainer - and proves to be incredibly successful at it. It makes sense - he is an overgrown kid himself.

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When in character at these kids' parties, he adopts a fake name, which was at first given to him by co-worker Craig. But can you remember which of the following was that name? London New York Indianapolis Also in season six, Andy got a huge promotion when he was chosen to run his own non-profit organisation The only downside is it meant he had to stay in another city for three months.

In real life, Andy's temporary absence from the show happened so that Chris Pratt could go make Guardians of the Galaxy. But where was Andy in this time? This comes to a head when he shows that he will literally do anything for her when she sets him a thankless task to do but he still does it. What does Andy have to do to win April back?

It means a cushy life for him, as he gets to do nothing else but play his guitar and watch TV. Also in the entire first season, Andy walks with crutches but the movement of his legs are not shown. Season 2 Edit Andy moved into a tent pitched in the pit and watches Ann, claiming to be protecting her. He made many failed attempts to reconcile with Ann.

He does not like Mark because he is dating Ann, but pretends to whenever Ann is around. Andy is injured in the pit a second time when Leslie arranges to have it filled with dirt, unaware Andy is inside at the time. Andy considers suing the town with the hopes of getting money and winning Ann back, but Leslie convinces him to settle out of court exchange for the pit being filled in.

Leslie gives Andy a job as the shoe-shiner at the Pawnee City Hall as part of his settlement. He is often seen being rude to one of his best customers, Kyle.

April Ludgatethe Parks Department intern, has developed a crush on Andy, but he is so far unaware of her feelings toward him.

parks and recreation april andy relationship test

Toward the end of the season, Andy begins to reciprocate April's feelings, but their age difference causes a wedge between them. In the season finale, Andy admits to April that he likes her and asks her out, but she turns him down due to what she perceives as his residual feelings for Ann.

When Andy is hospitalized, April finally agrees to go out with him and then kisses him. Unfortunately, Ann kissed Andy earlier and when Andy tells her this, she storms off. Season 3 Edit In the first episode, Andy is coaching a youth basketball team. He prefers a hands-off approach and mostly lets the boys run wild.

Tom Haverford gives him preferential treatment out of jealousy that Ron Swanson is still dating Tom's ex-wife, Wendy Haverford. April Ludgatestill angry with Andy for having kissed Ann, returns from a vacation with her new boyfriend Eduardo. A disappointed Andy vows to win her back. In " Flu Season ", he fills in as Ron's assistant at work. Despite his attempts not to get involved in other people's personal affairs, Ron confides in Andy that April is in the hospital and encourages him to visit her.

Andy gets help from Chris in " Time Capsule " in winning back April, which makes Ann worry that Andy will once again interfere in her relationship. Part 2 ", April fills in as Chris Traeger 's assistant and, impressed with her, he asks April to work with him in Indianapolis, much to the chagrin of Ann and Andy. Throughout " Media Blitz ", he struggles to do everything April hates with the hopes of stopping her from moving to Indianapolis.

After Ron encourages April to stop stringing Andy along, she finally forgives Andy and kisses him. In " April and Andy's Fancy Party ", Andy and April invite all their friends and family to a dinner party, which turns out to be their secret wedding.

Fearing they are moving too fast, Leslie tries to stop it, but Ron assures her that Andy and April need to make their own decisions. Tom is thrilled to be named best man, but is discouraged when he learns Andy has several "best men". Ben gets tired of living in a hotel and moves in with April and Andy, only to discover their place is filthy and they do not know how to take care of themselves.

He resolves to teach them how to be adults, which April initially resists because she does not want to lose her individuality. The game causes a big fight when April reveals she likes another band more than Andy's, and April reluctantly seeks advice from Ann about how to make amends with him. April ends the fight and proves her appreciation for Andy by performing one of his songs in city hall. Ron and Ann give Andy and April the unusual wedding present of fixing everything that's broken in their house, including what Andy refers to as "shock wire".

In " End of the World ", April helps Andy complete his "bucket list" before the world ends. One of them is to 'become an action star'.