Pr and media relationship

Public Relations is Not Just Media Relations (Yes, Again!) Spin Sucks

pr and media relationship

If you work in PR, chances are that you know enough about storytelling to be dangerous. Maybe you studied journalism or marketing. But even. Here at SHIFT Communications, we are often asked what the differences are between public relations and media relations. Read more for our. Media and Public Relations Practitioners are very similar in many ways.

A company may need only one person to work with the media or choose to hire a team depending on the amount of information that has to be controlled. This can be accomplished internally or an external agency can get the job done.

Public Relations vs. Media Relations

Media relation specialists usually connect with the media world on a daily basis. These professionals work to develop and design media plans that can become a blueprint for what the company hopes to accomplish at the local, national or international level. Business strategies are designed to manage and create positive perceptions of the company. As an effective media relations specialist it is essential to work with and not against the media.

Developing a strong relationship with journalists, bloggers and content writers who may be eager to hear what you have to say, can provide your client with invaluable access to the public. While an invisible line is drawn between public relations and media relations, professionals in both fields have to be experts in mass communication to be successful.

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Trending information has to be anticipated and understood well in advance. And it has to be quickly accessed. Everything has to be carried out in a way that places your company in a positive light. PR practitioners are a good, reliable place for the media to go to for newsworthy events.

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They often provide newsworthy or public service data, which can save the media the time required to complete their own research and sourcing. Trust is a critical component between the media and PR practitioners and it must be present for their to be a successful working relationship.

pr and media relationship

It has been said that part of the problem between journalists and PR Practitioners is the perception that PR Specialists have not been good at providing journalists with newsworthy material. Journalists should express their thoughts and concerns to these PR Specialists to allow for better communication and improvement of the type and quality of news data.

As with any relationship, both parties must be committed to working together to achieve success.

The Relationship Between Public Relations Practitioners & the Media

It is now more important than ever for Public Relations Practitioners to provide honest, truthful, and accurate information to the media. It is equally important that journalists themselves authenticate information that they have been given.

pr and media relationship

There is much pressure for a Public Relations Practitioner to embellish the truth for their client to make news appear better than it really is.

PR Practitioners could help the communication process by providing more detail about specific news. For example, if a client calls the recall of a product, the reason for the recall should be thoroughly explained. The pressure for a PR Practitioner can be great because of the need to work with multiple entities in order to produce their information.

Having a basis for their personal and professional ethics will go a long way in helping a PR Practitioner. This basis should include considering the interests of themselves, the media, and the entity they are representing.