Pucca and garu relationship advice

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pucca and garu relationship advice

Pucca and garu are so adorable together it's funny cuz garu has pigtails .. I just, I like this couple, but I feel sorry for Pucca ;Who knows when Garu will mature. Pucca Y Garu, Steven Universe, Animes Wallpapers, Kawaii .. How To Improve Relationship, Strong Relationship, Relationship Advice, Relationships. points • 8 comments - Pucca and Garu best couple - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay.

She was being cradled in his arms. Before she could feel pleasure at the situation a loud boom attacked her ears and she screamed trying to cover them with her feeble bloody hands. She squinted to see a massive fire burning a building behind Garu's shoulders.

pucca and garu relationship advice

The building I was in, Pucca thought. Smoke was twirling high above the trees and she bet even Australia could see the black soot rise. Dark eyes met hers with an emotion she couldn't understand.

Her head hurt but it was dimming. In fact her whole body felt like it was going numb. Her hands that had flown to her ears to protect them fell limp by her sides, her eyes beginning to close and glaze. Was she finally dying? She thought it was cruel that her last beautiful sight would be her beloveds face cloud in worry as it stared down at her. She wanted to say goodbye.

Why couldn't she at least say her goodbyes? It would take moments but they were not granted. Pucca settled for her silent goodbye that she hoped to portray with her eyes. I will always love you Pucca died in the arms of her one love from childhood. Pucca had opened her beautiful big eyes but suddenly her heart gave one last weak shudder before lapsing into dormant silence.

Pucca was gone and Garu hadn't been able to protect her. His nightmare had come to bitter reality.

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She couldn't be gone. She had chased him to his sanitise end; she couldn't have side so easily and left him. Garu dropped her body to the floor gently and looked up at Ching's horrified face in help. Ching dropped to Pucca's side, quickly positioning her head so her wind pipe was clear and began to breathe into her friend's mouth.

Three breaths later she lightly trailed her hand up Pucca's bloody rips to rest over the place Ching was taught. She began to press hard and quick counting thirty before restarting the whole process. Garu stood staring down at the scene in front of him and for the first time he felt like a burden and inadequate.

Abyo was shoving him and harder by the second as Garu refused to move. He was transfixed with the scene of Ching calmly trying to restore Pucca's life. Another hard shove Garu finally heard what Abyo must have been shouting at him all this time.

Garu looked unseeingly at Abyo. He was beginning to realise that he must have been in quite a state if the instructions that were getting yelled at him were getting simpler. This time Garu nodded and ran off without another glance at the body. Of he saw her like that again he'd have to stay just to be with her.

He ran with all he had, ignoring the pains and complains of his body.

pucca and garu relationship advice

He ran; for the life of him he ran. Ring-ring sat in the waiting room anxiously. The police had been informed that not only was Garu gone so was Abyo and Ching. But she didn't care about Abyo or Ching. On Garu, where are you?

Why did you go after her? Wasn't I enough for you? Many men in this god forsaken village wanted her, she thought venomously, so why not you? She had come to the station as she was called in for her account on Her kidnapping and Garu and the other's disappearance. She knew it was Tobe who had taken Her. She ears the officers muttering about it. She deserved it for hogging everyone's attention so much, Ring-ring sneered.

Suddenly a recognisable shout echoed down the road to the station. Along with many of the officers, including Officer Bruce, Ring-ring rushed out of the door to see a running ninja. He was running, calling for an ambulance. God help her, he was bleeding! Ring-ring called out to him but if he heard he ignored her and kept dashing towards the hospital.

Ring-ring felt heat rise to her face at his ignorance of her calls. Three small colourful people with full smiles met him near the doors of the hospital.

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Because of their constant grins decorating the petite faces they were rightfully nicknamed 'Smiley men'. Breathless from the run and blood loss Garu gasped that he needed help.

pucca and garu relationship advice

The smiley men began to path him up and made him sit in the back of the ambulance even after his refusal. He gabbled saying that Pucca was the one who needed help and that she'd stopped breathing.

The smiley men, though smiles still stayed their expression, they acted immediately. Gather themselves so there were at least seven of them, they took off, Garu fidgeting in the front seat giving directions. Garu caught sight of blue haired girl but couldn't place a name with the over makeup-ed face.

All that mattered was to get help. Ching wanted so desperately to panic but that was a luxury that she couldn't afford. Panic made you miss things and she had to be fully awe to save her best friend. She had ordered Abyo to scan the area to make sure there were no stray ninja's still hanging about before running to the stream to collect some water. Ching wanted Pucca's wounds to be a least cleaned down so when the ambulance got here they could see the work to be done easier.

While she kept up the CPR she ordered Abyo to wipe off the blood and sweat that covered Pucca like a second skin containing the horror she had experienced. Abyo flushed slightly as he revealed areas of Pucca that only a lover should have seen and felt but he pushed past it to clean up the wounds.

Abyo, while cleaning the cuts on Pucca's legs, noticed some White liquid that he had came to accumulate with a certain activity that he and Ching had experienced.

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He ground his teeth realising that Pucca must have been touched inappropriately at some point during her capture. Abyo grimaced as he thought of telling him what he suspected had also happened to the poor girl he was cleaning. A siren in the distance reassured Ching as she breathed again into Pucca's dry mouth, watching down her chest to make sure it was rising and falling. She began to pump Pucca's chest again when the siren stopped and the sound of feet rushed towards them.

Ching was pushed away gently as the smiley men took over, one carrying on the CPR, another readying the shock machine. They attached wires to four precise places on Pucca's body, and then attached it to the box besides one of the smiley men. The one pressing on Pucca's chest, manually pumping her heart, nodded and let go just as his comrade flipped a switch and an electric shock shook Pucca's body.

Pucca and Garu's Relationship

Garu stood ridged as he watched unseeingly as they flipped the switch again and another gut wrenching shock attacked her body. She looked so small in between everyone's body. Her petite hands twitched in reaction to the shocks. Garu felt cold as he watched the body continue to be shocked in attempts to spark life. Garu could t believe that Pucca would give up on him. She told him to fight, why couldn't she do the same for him? Garu turned and stormed away from the mass of voices just so he was far enough so it was only a dim buzz in the back ground.

He had to think. She was gone and he couldn't save her, just like Tobe said. He was shocked at his own words. Why would she have to fight for him? He never wanted her before But he did now, he thought. He wanted her so much it left a ache in his chest. Come back to me, he prayed broken. Her death had broken him, unhinged his heart to realise his feelings just as she left him hanging when she died.

Garu had once been viewed as the ninja that was tough and wasn't emotionally attached as it wasn't his destiny. Garu clutched mud in his palms above his head. Santa awkwardly stares at him, and then skips onto asking what Garu's clone thinks of her. His line, "I'd take her out for a picnic. Ya know, watch the sunset, kiss, eat noodles all night. Santa announced Garu's clone to be the winner for Pucca's boyfriend.

When Pucca and the clone started kissing, Garu glared and scowled at the kiss and angrily walked off. But when Garu's clone opened his eyes while kissing Pucca, he saw Ching handing out some popcorn for everyone, then he automatically fell in love with Ching, and dumped Pucca for her.

pucca and garu relationship advice

Ching did not seem to interested in him, and Pucca only got angry at him for dumping her. The clone tried to make everything better by saying, "What? It's not like we're commited in a real relationship, right? Before the real Garu left, he noticed that his clone was thrown on the wall, and he looked back and smiled at Pucca. It is possible that Garu does like Pucca back, since he frequently spends time with her but it is no secret that he does enjoy his time alone since Pucca loves to be around him almost any chance she gets.

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In the original flash series, however, Garu is seen showing more affection towards Pucca and they are more explicitly displayed as a couple. Shorts In The Ring! Garu melts down his sword that means alot to him to make a ring for Pucca. Much to his horror, which she throws away. In Flower Delivery Garu with the help of his cat train and preform a mission to leave a flower on Pucca's windowsill.

Pucca In Slam, Bam Birthday Bash Garu helps everyone to decorate the Goh-Rong restaurant for Pucca's surprise party and is tasked with the job of distracting Pucca so the others can finish. He reluctantly blows Pucca a kiss in order to cheer her up and have her chase him back to the Noodle House and her surprise.

In Little Miss Sooga Garu admires her fighting skills and gives her a vote of 1, Garu after Tobe Insults Pucca In And the Band Played Rong at a music contest who Tobeduring his performance constantly speaks about how much garu makes him sick, calls Pucca his 'stupid girlfriend'.