Renton and eureka relationship advice

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renton and eureka relationship advice

The rest of the series focuses on Renton and Eureka's growing relationship and involves general themes of love, acceptance, and the tolls of war. It also involves . First-timer, dub. Episode 3. Renton staring at Eureka's lips, and also getting relationship advice from a magazine, I love it. Aww, Renton saying. (Eureka gets out of Nirvash and Renton stares at her in silence) Eureka: Hey, this little one hasn't been feeling good. Can you .. I always thought that you two made a cute couple. Tell me I was a fool to come and ask you guys for advice .

She then uses the flamethrower on the remains of his room, which she accidentally destroyed in the crash, in order to give it a funeral, much to his dismay. She smiles upon seeing him having his shoes burned trying to put the fire out and then mourning them. On the Nirvash, the Compac Drive doesn't work so she tells him to take it off since she never needed it before and cannot believe in what she doesn't understand. She goes on to say that just believing in something doesn't mean something will necessarily come of it, sometimes belief leads to great misfortune and it can be hard to believe in anything at all.

Renton tries to argue against this but Axel interrupts by voicing his realizations that Eureka is one of Holland's friends. He then produces a strange device saying that he knows that "this is what Eureka is after.

Suddenly, she senses missiles flying towards them and pilots the Nirvash out of its restrains and away from the garage before its destroyed. She then engages the oncoming KLFs in combat. Holland and Matthieu try to join her in combat, but they are kept apart, and Eureka tries to lose the KLFs to no avail until the battle is interrupted by Renton's arrival on his ref board to deliver the Amita Drive.

She saves him from being killed and finds him clinging to her, and he confesses his love to her. She doesn't understand what love means and is confused over his confession.

He pulls out the Amita Drive, explains it to her, and then inserts it in. The result is that Nirvash deactivates and Eureka falls unconscious for a few moments. He is unable to pilot the Nirvash because it won't respond to him and she regains consciousness just enough to put her arms around him and tell him that he can believe in her. Suddenly the Amita Drive activates and the Seventh Swell effect is activated.

The KLFs are defeated and Renton falls unconscious. Holland comes to retrieve Eureka and Nirvash, and then he comments of the power of the Amita Drive.

Eureka tells him that the source of the power was Renton, and takes him back to the garage. Upon seeing Renton smile in his sleep, Eureka asks Axel why Renton is smiling and voices her opinion that he was being reckless.

Axel tells her that Renton may have been reckless but he will still complement Renton because he is "family". Eureka doesn't understand what he meant and Axel tells her that she will understand when she becomes a mother. Eureka starts to say something but is interrupted by Holland, and she witnesses an argument between them. After talking to him, Holland invites Renton to join him and Eureka on the Gekko.

Remembering his actions from earlier, Eureka asks Renton to come with them because she may need him, and he agrees. Holland notices Eureka holding hands with Renton and she says they need to get back on the ship. Holland objects and tells them that he will read the waves in case they need to make a forced exit, but she says she will do it. Holland curiously asks why because she wasn't feeling well earlier, and she says she feels a lot better, much to his surprise.

Eureka takes Renton and shows him how to feel the waves, and says that he reminds her of someone she knew well.

renton and eureka relationship advice

After saying goodbye to his grandfather, Renton leaves with Eureka and Holland. She comments to Renton that she has never felt the Nirvash as happy as it is now, and once aboard the Gekko, she introduces him to her adopted children. Initially, her time with Renton was a difficult transition, due to the fact that she didn't understand his feelings of love towards her, and as a result, she didn't reciprocate his feelings. However, his presence on the Gekkostate causes a tremendous development on her physical and mental state, to the point where she gradually began to understand human nature and emotions.

While she referred to Renton as a child and found him amusing, she tells him that she finds him interesting and truly enjoyed his companionship.

When he is assigned to co-pilot the Nirvash with her, they form a special link together, which they later learn is necessary to activate the Amita Drive, awaking the Nirvash, and accessing the full power of the Seven Swell Phenomenon.

In order to access the Amita Drive, Eureka and Renton must have an emotional agreement and an equal wish for something. If their feelings are disconnected, the Amita Drive cannot activate, even though there have been occasions where Eureka is present yet unconscious and Renton alone is able to awaken the Nirvash.

During a brief stop at Ciudades del Cielo, Eureka becomes worried when she sees Renton leave after being assaulted by Holland and goes searching for him. She is attacked by members of the Vodarac who called her a "monster" and a "murderer". She then confesses to Renton her role in the massacre and that the Gekkostate's mission is to atone for their sins and stop the military. She also tells him that she needs him to help her pilot Nirvash because she, remorseful of what she did, wants to atone for her sins and Renton is the only other person besides her who can fly Nirvash.

Pressured by Renton to confront her problem rather than hide them, she and him use the Nirvash to stop the military from bombing the city.

He tells her that she truly made an atonement and she is the same person she was before, but Eureka cries for the first time in her life and says she may have changed from the moment she met him. The more she spends time with Renton, the more she started to develop human emotions and started to smile and laugh more frequently, and unknowingly developed a need to have him by her side. However, this change in her slowly began to scare her to the point where she questioned if it was alright to change because she knows no other way of living or interacting with others.

She also wondered if the change was more or less benefiting or hurting her partnership with Nirvash as it began to respond more to Renton than her. Season 2 Edit The initial primary antagonist early in the series was Anemonewho first attacked them when the Gekkostate investigated an Ariel Coralian.

Eureka saves him from being killed, but suffers a physical and mental pain with Anemone. While trying to tend to her, Renton's wish to protect her activates the Nirvash and he is able to pilot it back to the Gekko. In the form of Nirvash, he defends Eureka from Anemone.

After coming into proximity of a mine filled with Scub Coral and archetypes, Eureka's mental state declines and she seemed to suffer from an unexplained depression, which causes her to distant herself from others and reject their efforts to help her.

Around this time, Eureka began to question her status as Nirvash's pilot, believing it has come to favor Renton more than her and was troubled that it no longer talked to her. This causes her to become jealous of Renton and she distances herself from him, even rejecting his attempts to understand what is bothering her. She eventually admits her helplessness and offers to let Renton be Nirvash's new pilot.

Already depressed due to feeling betrayed by everyone, Renton rejects her. This and other emotional problems unrelated to Renton eventually lead her to conclude that everyone hates her and she removes the Amita Drive from the Compac Drive, which causes her to be sent into the depth of the mine and nearly be absorbed by the Scub Coral, but Renton is able to save her by subconsciously activating a Seven Swell and she is left encased in scub.

A Vodarac priest is brought on the Gekko to heal Eureka, even though she loses most of her hair and receives scars from nearly being absorbed. While she recovers, Renton tries to make up with her and profess his love to her, but this scares her and she rejects him.

This incident, along with the apparent fact that none of the crew members are concerned about his troubles, Renton decides to leave the Gekko.

Once they discover him gone, everyone conspires to make sure Eureka doesn't find out, especially since she seems to have developed an interest in him evident when she immediately started asking questions about love and why Renton hasn't visited with her. She has a heart-to-heart talk with Gidget and admits that she is confused about her feelings for Renton but wants to tell him so many things she is afraid to say, which leads Gidget to tell her that she is in love with Renton.

Eureka becomes more interested in this and continues asking everyone where Renton is, but they lie to her about him being gone. However, the ruse doesn't last long, and upon finding out about his departure, Eureka is saddened and blames herself because she was mean to him, and discovers a desire to see Renton again. She then takes over the chores he had been assigned to do because "he isn't there" and wears his tracksuit in mourning.

The pain of being separated from Renton nearly overwhelms her to the point where she tries to pilot Nirvash and go look for him, and breaks down crying when it doesn't respond to her pleas.

Confronted with the fact that Nirvash needs both Eureka and Renton to function and seeing Eureka depressed as she missed Renton, Holland promises to bring him back for her sake. When he returns empty-handed and decides that their main priority is to change routes because of the anticipated attack from Charles and RayEureka is enraged and asks why he has not found Renton.

She correctly accuses him of hating Renton and deliberately leaving him behind. When he says she is more important than Renton, she rejects this and, no longer trusting Holland, leaves the ship to go look for him herself, just as he was returning to the Gekko to warn them about the Beams.

Instead, she finds herself in a dangerous situation against Charles and Ray, who try to kill her and attack the Gekko. Renton launches the Nirvash and rescues Eureka, and they finally open up to each other about their feelings. Eureka declares to Renton that he is truly her partner because she can't do anything without him and says she has wanted to talk to him for a long time, and he says the same thing. Since their previous way of fighting led to the deaths of people, Eureka and Renton decide to take a merciful method of combat by disarming the enemy units.

Nirvash responds to their feelings by releasing an energy wave that disabled every machine in their path. They then start to talk about how the time they spent apart from each other made them realize that being together is what is most important. Season 3 Edit As a result of leaving the ship and going into combat without permission, they were sent to the brig with the children, although it was Holland's way of protecting them.

They were given bulletproof vests and a gun by Moondoggie as the Beams attacked the ship. Talho comes to release them and take them to safety just as Ray holds her at gunpoint. Ray then became enraged when she heard the children call Eureka "mama" and tried to kill her; her hatred for Eureka stems from that Ray became sterile from the effects of the Seven Swell, and because Eureka was piloting Nirvash when it released the Seven Swell, she blames Eureka for her inability to have a child.

Renton, however, tries to reason with her and pleaded with her to stop. Charles dies from multiple gunshot wounds from Holland, and Ray detonated a bomb in his body. Ray escaped back to her ship, and while the Gekko waited for her to attack, Eureka tried to comfort Renton as he blamed himself for Charles' death and told him how she hasn't been the same since she stopped hearing Nirvash.

Renton told her the same thing, and Eureka is amazed of how much he is just like her. Ray then tried to destroy the Gekko again in a murder-suicide kamikaze attack before she dies herself. Confused over the events, Renton blames himself for the Beams' deaths and expresses his anger at everyone over how they treated him.

Now understanding the hardships Renton dealt with for her sake, Eureka comforts him, saying she believes in him, and they decide to learn more about each other.

renton and eureka relationship advice

Renton further demanded to know why Holland decided to kill them to protect him, and Eureka replied that due to her choosing Renton as her partner, Holland wants to protect them. They then decide to stay together after realizing they can't bear to be separated again. Although Eureka was happy with being with Renton, she understood that he still didn't want to rejoin the Gekkostate and his return was to reach a reconciliation with her.

She wanted him to stay on the ship so they can stay together and was worried about being separated from him again.

To repay the crew members for protecting them, Eureka and Renton cooked and cleaned the entire ship, but Talho ruined the moment by explaining the true nature of Eureka - she is a Coralian. Eureka admits to Renton that she didn't tell him sooner because she was afraid he would reject her, but he said he didn't care about it because she has been special to him since the day they first met.

After this, Renton decides to rejoin the Gekkostate, much to Eureka's joy and relief.

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Renton's continuing acceptance of everything about Eureka leads to a much stronger bond of trust, and Eureka comes to realize just how much Renton means to her, to the point where she acknowledges that she is falling in love with him and wants nothing more than to make him happy with her. During their brief visit to Tressor to have the Nirvash repaired and upgraded, Eureka and Renton watched a film about the origins of the Nirvash, and Renton learned how Eureka came to be Nirvash's pilot.

Eureka tells Renton that she likes being with him because he makes her forget the terrible things she did but she broke down in tears because she feels guilty for dragging him into the war and staining his hands with blood. They attempted to share their first kiss, but were interrupted when Nirvash rejected the repairs.

Eureka insisted to the scientists that the Nirvash didn't want to be repaired to its' original form and wanted to change, and she relates how she has changed into a better person.

Based on the research from Dr. BearEureka learns that the reason why she has no memories of her past prior to being found is because the Scub Coral deliberately created her with a clean slate so that she can experience human behavior and emotions, and forge her own human-like personality for the Scub Coral's benefit in understanding the humans.

Eureka Seven A New Beginning Chapter New Life, an eureka seven fanfic | FanFiction

Prompted by Renton's reaction to the deaths of Charles and Ray, Eureka begins to understand feelings of guilt and regret, especially towards the massacre at Ciudades del Cielo. She knows that her past actions led to the deaths of many people, and because she is beginning to understand the human impact of killing and loss, she loses confidence in herself and no longer wished to fight with Nirvash.

Renton helps her realize that they can only disarm enemy units and he constantly consoles her as she tries to deal with her past sins and take responsibility for them. When Dewey starts releasing the Antibodies to destroy cities and kill people to gain public support, Eureka was saddened and blamed herself because she knew it was own kind killing people, causing her to lose confidence in herself and lose the will to fight.

Renton decided to cheer her up by asking her to ride Holland and Talho's longboard with him, and she asked him if she was a burden to him, which he denied and they happily rode the longboard in the middle of the sunset. Holland announced that he planned to disband the Gekkostate after completing their final mission, which was rescuing Norb from the military, but the crew decided to stay with him. In a carefully planned mission, they invaded the Capital to rescue Norb from Dewey and the Federation army.

Eureka reluctantly agreed to go along with it, but in midst of the mission, she forced the Nirvash into hiding and broke down to Renton that she didn't want to fight because she was afraid of killing more innocent people and wanted to run away from it all.

Renton reacted by hugging her and assuring her that he will fight in her place due to his own desire to end the war between the humans and Scub Coral. This cheered Eureka up and they completed the mission by retrieving Norb from Dewey. However, after seeing Eureka and Renton pilot the Nirvash together and appearing to be happily in love with the other, he ordered Holland to get them to the Vodarac Shrine, where they could pass over the Great Wall and find a way to end the conflict between the Scub Coral and humans.

Eureka becomes ashamed of her scars, and after learning how guys like girls who wear makeup from Gidget, she attempts to use makeup on herself for the first time to look pretty for Renton, but feels humiliated due to using too much of it and Renton tells her that he loves her no matter what she looks like. Overtime, Eureka learns more and more about human nature, specifically pregnancy and childbirth, which intrigues her.

She later finds out that she can also conceive, carry a baby, and give birth like a normal human, which seems to strengthen her desire to have a family with Renton and the kids. Days before their arrival at the Vodarac Shrine, Eureka and Renton talk about what might be behind the Great Wall, and Eureka replies it is the "future" and that his father, Adroc, once told her that. Renton was shocked that she knew his father, Adroc, before he died and that he was the one who taught her almost everything.

This caused Renton to become upset and shout at Eureka for not telling him sooner, but she was confused due to her not understanding family issues and ran away. This caused a misunderstanding among the Gekko crew that Renton wanted to have sex with Eureka and she was resistant of him, due to Eureka crying about whether or not she deserved to be with Renton and due to Renton looking at adult magazines for relationship advice. Hilda and Gidget took Eureka aside to talk to her it is implied they explained the facts of sex and pregnancy due to her immediately questioning about Talho being pregnant and how Holland was going to be a fatherand she finally starts to understand the meaning of family.

After reconciling with Renton, she later revealed that it was Adroc who released the Amita Drive during the Seven Swell event and his last thoughts were of his family before he disappeared. This revelation allowed Renton, who had thought Adroc abandoned his family for his research, to forgive his father, and Eureka thinks that how Adroc treated her was that of a father-figure.

Shortly afterwards, Norb had the entire crew play soccer, and even though she had never played before, Eureka excelled in the game. She constantly cheered for Renton and even coldly told him to "stop joking around" when he made a mistake, but she later apologized and offered to cover his mistakes, much to his dismay. In the final round, she and Renton stepped on Holland's face to jointly score a goal.

As punishment for stepping on Holland's face, they cleaned the hanger and Eureka told Renton that she said "I believe in you" to Renton during the game but he didn't hear her. She said to him that she feels that miracles seem to happen when he is around and that's why she can believe in him more than anyone.

At first, she refused to go and meet with the Vodarac because she doubted they would forgive her, but pressed by Talho, she agreed to go through with the mission.

Renton Thurston

Initially, the crew planned to enter in disguise but an incident with the kids accidentally activating Nirvash caused them to hastily help Renton, Eureka, Norb, and the kids enter the Vodarac shrine. Sakuya tells Eureka her history, including how she fell in love with Norb and their failed attempt to pass through the Great Wall. She helps restore most of Eureka's superficial damage, but Eureka requests that her scars remain to remind her of what she's been through.

renton and eureka relationship advice

If there's a Eureka Seven character, they are in that index somewhere. Eureka Seven contains examples of: Eureka's kids learn at least twice directly, and numerous times by being on the ship, that Renton will do anything to protect her.

They completely forget this in the last few episodes and a painful, both for the viewers and for the characters, reeducation takes place. Holland's attempt to make Eureka accept him as The Chosen One and deny her relationship with Renton eventually becomes this. All Men Are Perverts: In "Date of Birth", when Renton is caught looking in a porn magazine for advice on how to patch things up with Eureka after a miscommunication regarding her relationship with his father, the other members of the Gekko think that the tension between the two is because Renton has been pressuring Eureka for sex.

While the women on the ship counsel Eureka about resisting unwanted advances, the men come to Renton's room with whole stack of porn and start redecorating his room according to instructions in the magazines to make an atmosphere suited to seduction, well, with the exception of Holland, who is NOT amused, with predictable results.

All Your Colors Combined: The "Seven Swell" and other Amita Drive-specific effects. In "Animal Attack," Renton is about to kiss Eureka after a heartwarming moment, but just as he comes close, Eureka senses that the Nirvash is in pain and rushes off. The relationship between the anime and the manga. Some characters like Holland's animosity with Renton are changed in personality or behavior. The symbolism is drastically different the anime showing lots of color and using heartfelt words like "love" and "emotion" frequently, while the manga has much dark imagery and lots of blood Certain characters die in the manga that do not in the anime Dominic for example.

Many characters from the anime outright don't appear in the manga Lady Sakuya, Master Norb, Ray and Charles, many side characters and one-offs and one video game only character Ruri gains a prominent role in the main story line.

The relationship between Renton's family and the plot changes: Renton's grandfather Axel helps repair the Nirvash during the story, as well as being its builder. Renton's father Adroc is still a hero, but was also Holland and Dewey's personal mentor who got assassinated by Dewey as opposed to disappearing by stopping the Summer of Love Incident. Diane, Renton's sister, still leaves home and disappears but her relationship with Holland is practically non-existent and her ultimate fate is not revealed.

The Coralians are totally different between each media the anime points them as noble beings who want to live in peace with the people of the Earth, while the manga shows them as Eldritch Abominations hellbent on devouring planets The endings are totally different one very upbeat with a happy ending, the other extremely depressing with a much darker and sadder tone.

The beginning of "Pacific State," where they show what it would be like if the cast was on Earth before the scub came and surfed instead of lifted. The fourth theme song is based around the song, prominently sampling a performance of it during the song's intro, choruses and outro. Eureka refers to it throughout the series as being male, but there are a couple times where other characters refer to it as female and when Nirvash finally speaks in the final episodes, it's with a clearly female voice.

Given its originsNirvash may not have a defined or set gender. Most of the flying vehicles. During "Shout to the Top! The latter barely even qualifies as a villain. The Beams, who aside from their Ax-Crazy behavior regarding Eureka, are decent people. This show is a breeding ground for arc words.

The Limit of Questions is actually based on real physics, though stylized. The implication is that there's such sheer informational density in the Scub Coral biomass that it would cause a black hole, which is scientifically plausible.

Hollywood Skydiving is both present and Averted; on the one hand people have conversations while falling in the climax, but on the other Giant Robot Hands Save Lives is averted in every instance as they match speeds before picking up falling people. The revelation in the climax that the visible world is actually a shell kilometers thick above the actual Earth, made from Scub Coral, also includes atmosphere and sunlight below the ground.

Justified in that Scub Coral can bend reality. Dewey Novak, to a lesser extent the Council of Sages. Hollandthough, is just a jerk. Generally based on the protagonist's group being outlaw rebels. Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: What humans and Coralians should do in order to avoid reaching the Limit of Questions, thereby destroying the universe. Eventually it happens; partially. The Scub Coral split universes; one where humans live and one where they live, and one day they will communicate again.

Some punks to drunk Talho in Vivid Bit.

renton and eureka relationship advice

Axel Thurston proves to be a one of the highest order when he successfully rams an armored transport carrier with a forklift, blows his workshop up to slow down the military, then dashes for and then,off a cliff so he can send the customized LFO board for Renton's mecha to him without panicking once.

Renton and Eureka, obviously. There are also couples where one member takes part in combat while the other plays more of a supporting role in the battle: