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Rizzo raises questions the rest of the characters seem scared to Like Sandy, much of Rizzo's narrative is also wrapped up in her relationship with men. Then, when she thinks she might be pregnant, she assures Kenickie. You knew whether you were a Frenchy, Rizzo or Sandy and you had furious debates about who was hotter; Danny or Kenickie. a previous fling of Danny's which raises some questions with Sandy, but she is dating a different greaser now. You knew whether you were a Frenchy, Rizzo or Sandy and you had furious What did Kenickie compare his hickeys to? fling of Danny's which raises some questions with Sandy, but she is dating a different greaser now.

To me, I mean. I think this would be one of those times where it's better to talk one on one than be swamped by a crowd. Danny shook his head without a second thought and Kenickie's arms were around his waist in an instant.

I guess that's what it's like when you're in love. He tried to regain his willpower, remind himself that the other boy was making some kind of a joke, teasing him, and didn't really feel this way. He wanted to pull away, he honestly did, but the taste of Kenickie was intoxicating and when he ran his tongue along Danny's lips, he was helpless and could do nothing but part them and allow the kiss to deepen. Kenickie's hands were still wound tightly around his waist, drawing him impossibly close, and Danny's own hands migrated to the other boy's hips as though of his own accord, pulling his shirt up a little and stroking the skin that became exposed.

Kenickie sighed against Danny's mouth before reluctantly pulling away to breath. It was only then that Danny regained his senses and pushed him away. Nobody's going to find us, I swear! Of course that's what Kenickie was concerned about, being found. He couldn't bare to ruin his precious reputation. That's not to say that the prospect of being caught appealed to Danny in any way, so perhaps reprimanding Kenickie for it internally was somewhat hypocritical, but at least he wasn't worried that it might ruin his chances with some girl.

I thought you felt the same way I thought when you kissed me in the school parking lot that it meant that things had changed. I thought that we were on the same page. Because I love you, and I wanted that more than anything.

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I didn't want last night to be a one time thing, no, but I didn't want it to be all there is either. You're my best friend, Kenickie, and I don't want to lose that. I can't stand to be another one of your conquests! Kenickie took a step away from him, giving his some space, and reached up a hand to caress his cheek, sadly and with all the care he had ever felt. He wiped away a tear. You know you're not the same as any girl. With you, all of this actually matters.

It actually means something and I have wanted you for so damn long. Yours has been the face in my mind almost as long as I can remember, every time I'm with a girl. This unexpected outburst had been smoothed over, he knew, and so he leaned in for another kiss. Again, Danny's hands were on his chest, pushing him away.

You needed to find someone else at short notice and I just happened to be there? I had thought that even you would not sink that low. Sleeping with a guy, with your best friend, just because your girl's not giving you exactly what you want for once in your life! You'll do anything, won't you? Was it that obvious that I was pining over you, that you just had to look at me and I'd be putty in your hands, kiss me and I'd melt.

Keep his rep with his friends and have Sandy, as well. And when Sandy became Sexed-Up Sandy to fit in with the friends he hangs around with he got it. Still, how long would she really be able to keep up this act?

Would she finally put out for Danny and once she did how long would things really last between them? He seemed to fall for her because she was different from the other girls he knew. When she became just like them, how long would he really stay interested in her? He sought her out when she was on the Ferris wheel with Frenchie.

That sounds like real love, still loving someone and accepting them even though you think they cheated on you, and loving them enough to get past it and still wanting to be with them. You both change and evolve through your love and relationship. They accept each other as they are.

Not having learned his lesson, at the drive-in, when Sandy is already upset with him, Danny first tries to sneakily cop a feel while she's focused on the movie. When she notices, he grabs her, gets on top of her much to her very vocal distressand assures her that it's okay because nobody is watching them. Danny is well aware of what kind of lady Sandy is, yet he still thinks he can convince her to fool around in the middle of a packed, outdoor movie theater.

Screaming at him to stop doesn't work so, naturally, she resorts to violence. And we, as an audience, are supposed to feel bad for Danny as a result. The biggest laughs come from the principal and her assistant YouTube Grease is still really funny in general particularly the older you getbut the little moments shared between the principal and her hapless assistant are pure gold. Whether it's finding the schedule for last semester, instead of this year's, or going too hard with the xylophone for morning announcements, getting caught up in the typewriter wire, or crying at the end of term, they share some of the best moments in the whole movie.

And so much of their dynamic is communicated without words. Arden's IMDb lists screen credits, while Goodman was working steadily into the early s. Their easy rapport, with McGee scolding her useless assistant while clearly harboring a huge amount of warmth for her, is really lovely and it sells what are often the slowest moments in teen movies such as this i. That is, if it even registered in the first place.

Is it a reference to bras i. Is that even a real term for bras that people use? Is it another innuendo? Some weird '50s slang that nobody gets half a century later?

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The answer is actually much more interesting. The reference was placed into the movie to give some authenticity to the time period in which it's set, because Funicello would've been a cultural reference point at the time, particularly for lusty young men. Rizzo is so against the idea of "Summer Nights" she's not part of the choreography It's the first big banger of the movie, but there's one character who refuses to get caught up in the awesomeness of "Summer Nights" aside from maybe Sonny, who is mad at Danny for bragging about his prowess with the ladies.

From the outset, Rizzo is not interested in taking part in the conversations surrounding Sandy's summer romance. She tells her there's no such thing as a special guy, and tries to put her off even telling the story. When the song kicks off, she sits stiffly at the opposite end of the table from everybody else, refusing to sway along with the others while Sandy trills about Danny. Then, she lays down on the bench, sunning herself, during her one line "cause he sounds like a drag".

And finally, Rizzo purposely pushes Sandy and Patti over into a trashcan, ruining their poise and disrupting the song entirely. The idea of integrating the choreography with Rizzo's refusal to join in is a brilliant, hilarious choice that's totally fitting for her character.

The song may be one of the most popular and beloved songs to come from Grease, but it's also majorly problematic, particularly nowadays with everything we know about rape culture, issues of consent, etc.

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One of the standout lyrics sees Kenickie asking Danny "did she put up a fight? The whole thing is engineered to show off how much Danny is lying about the dirtier elements of the summer fling, while Sandy coos about how romantic it all was, meaning the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. But lines like "Did you get very far?

How much say did Sandy have in these seaside activities anyway?! Rizzo is the most sympathetic character The older you get, the more you realize that Rizzo is actually the most sympathetic character in the whole movie. Frenchie is sweet and kind but she also drops out of high school in her final year when she could probably just wait, Marty doesn't get enough of an arc, and Sandy, as the song goes, is a bit of a sap.

Rizzo is the most layered and nuanced female character, brilliantly played by a raw and committed Stockard Channing. She's the only one of the girls who gets a proper arc, who makes mistakes and then learns from them, has plenty of funny moments like when she makes fun of Marty's glasses because "you can still see your face"and she gets the best song too.

Just how good Channing is in this role was made evident during Grease Live when a brilliant, but still lacking, Vanessa Hudgens struggled to bring the same level of emotional struggle and authenticity to the role. Kenickie pulls out a knife to fight the Scorpions, Doody pulls out a water gun YouTube The T-Birds' long-running turf war with rival gang The Scorpions is hinted at throughout the movie, from the "75 cents for the whole car" comment to their leader taking Rizzo and Marty to the dance.

A final showdown sees their sworn enemies beaten and disgraced at Thunder Road thanks to a tricky body of water.