Robin and amon relationship

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robin and amon relationship

It's still kind of weird though because Robin is 16 and Amon is in his . im DEFINITELY not a fan of the whole Amon/Touko relationship. it didnt. is there a witch hunter robin 2?? that keeps the story going. that said something about Robin following Amon's orders in a fatherly way. Their relationship is rocky at first, but it eventually turns into a caring, though sometimes cryptic, friendship (especially after Amon saves Robin from her attackers.

Amon was never friendly. He had no real friends and was a loner. You will be happy to know that this business will gain at least 50 percent more profit than last year. He didn't bother to compliment the work. Money was not very important to him. He had many mansions and expensive cars. He wore expensive clothes.

Witch hunter Robin- Amon and Robin

He ate at the best restaurant. He spends money as if he drinks water. He wasn't overly flashy but all the things he owned were of fine quality. Amon looked at his watch to see the time. Sakaki and Touko just look at each other and shook their shoulders.

Amon had an appointment to see an old family friend. Father Juliano had called Amon for a favor. Ever since he was a young kid, Father Juliano has been his family's priest. He was the one who had wed his parents, baptized him, and he was there to give the sermon at his parent's burial.

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He was there for Amon whenever Amon needed him. He is not close to his brother, but apparently does keep in loose contact with the older man. His relationship with Robin gradually evolves from putting up with her and veritably ignoring her, to helping her improve, to respecting her, to being willing to put his life on the line for her. Whether or not he has a romantic interest in her we are definitely left with the impression that he cares for her. Why we love him: I'll probably say this over and over before we are through, but what is there not to love about a broody, quiet, extremely skilled guy who looks great?

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Seriously though, Amon is a pretty amazing hunter and he possesses a quality we should all admire - he changes for the better. Not that he ever says that he was wrong about his black and white stance on witches, but he stays with Robin, and he saves her, so obviously he has changed some. He takes a special interest in Robin, looking out for her and preparing food for her when she cannot come to the bar.

Near the series' conclusion, he empathizes with her troubles and welcomes her "home.

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She appears to have had a relationship with Amon, but he eventually decides to end the relationship. In the middle of the series, a group of assassins tie her up, duct tape her mouth shut, and use her as bait during an assassination attempt on Robin in her apartment. During the ensuing gun battle, she is shot in the back and critically injured. After the gun battle, Zaizen kicks Amon repeatedly, saying "your failure lead to this", suggesting Zaizen is the one who planned the attack, using his own daughter as bait.

Others tell Robin that Toko's "physically recovered but the rest is mental", suggesting that Toko is having difficulty accepting what happened. She tells Zaizen to leave Amon alone, when Zaizen visits her in a hospital. He has Robin act as a bike messenger, partly because he does not believe the government is correct in persecuting witches. Throughout whole episodes, Nagira does not do anything but investigate.

He gathers information in the streets by means of a man he meets in a pachinko bar as well as a witch in Wall City. Personality-wise, he appears to be the opposite of his brother, as he is talkative, goofy, occasionally lazy, and tends to do things his way.

Amon and Robin escort Cortion to the church he will be staying, and a discussion between the Inquisitor and Robin reveals that he performed Robin's Inquisition. As Cortion is leaving to return to HQ after the Inquisition, he tells Robin they will probably never meet again and alludes to the fact that she has awakened to "the pleasure of using her craft. Father Juliano Colegui[ edit ] Father Juliano Colegui is a Roman Catholic priest and Robin's former guardian, he is also her maternal grandfather who raised her from birth.

robin and amon relationship

In the beginning of the series, Robin mentions that his powers have diminished, suggesting that he was once a craft user for Solomon, although it is never stated what his specific craft was. Since he and Robin are related, its probable that he was a fire craft user like Robin.

He visits Robin in the latter part of the series to inform her about the events surrounding her past. During the times Robin stays with Nagira, he is the one who asks Amon to hunt Robin, for fear that she wouldn't be able to control her powers as they grew stronger.

Later, in "Redemption Day" he confronts Robin himself, and sees that she has not changed, nor turned into the monster he feared her to be.

robin and amon relationship

He asks her forgiveness and blesses her, giving her the information taken from Todo's journal that will help her choose her path, and entrusts her to her own destiny, knowing she will choose the right actions. He researched a new project to repair the conflicts between humans and witches, however all evidence of his research was destroyed by Solomon because of the potential danger it contained, although it was far too late as the project had already reached its final stages.

He entrusted Juliano with Robin's care, after Maria's death, gambling that Juliano would let her live. In the last episode, a recording of him is displayed on a computer in The Factory, explaining everything about his project, Robin's origins and potential, and the origins of Solomon's fear of witches much to Zaizan's dismay. Maria Colegui[ edit ] Maria Colegui is the daughter of Father Juliano and is also Robin's mother, although not by a standard means of birth.

robin and amon relationship

She passed her power of pyrokinesis to Robin, stating that Robin is the "Hope" for the future of the well-being of all witches, as well as the key to solving the struggle of acceptance between witches and humans.

After giving birth to Robin, Maria died.

robin and amon relationship

Reception[ edit ] The characters of Witch Hunter Robin have received praise and criticism from several publications for anime, manga, and other media. Zac Bertschy of Anime News Network notes that the character designs fit well with series' visual style and the characters' expression were convincing.