Roger waters and david gilmour relationship help

roger waters and david gilmour relationship help

Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour laid out his future plans in a new clip and David Gilmour Discusses Potential New Album & Strained Relationship With Roger Waters The guitarist has done a good deal of press in support of Live At Dye brought up Roger Waters' current tour and Gilmour made it. Pink Floyd: David Gilmour, Roger Waters. Ian Dickson/Redferns “It's symbolic of our whole relationship, really,” Dave reflected. Once the two. Roger Waters and Nick Mason said they would be willing to reunite as Pink Only problem: David Gilmour, the other surviving member of the band, (Gilmour toured last year in support of his album, Rattle That Lock).

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roger waters and david gilmour relationship help

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ROGER WATERS: “DAVE GILMOUR and I are not mates”

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And I started to fit things together. During the same period he worked up a rough demo for another project, The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking, which would eventually become his first solo album. Initially, however, both projects were presented to the other members of Pink Floyd.

Waters invited them to choose which of the two demos they wanted to make into the next Pink Floyd album. They opted, of course, to do The Wall. At this juncture, the band was on the brink of bankruptcy, owing to some ill-advised business investments. It has been widely speculated that Pink Floyd might not have stayed together to make The Wall had they not been in such dire financial straits.

The situation being what it was, Gilmour, Wright and Mason joined forces with Waters to make what would become a fittingly grand last hurrah for Seventies rock, and a record that would set the stage for Waters and the other group members to go their separate ways in the Eighties.

Comfortably Numb featuring David Gilmour, Roger Waters, The Wall @ O2 Arena London 12th May 2011

It was deemed necessary, however, to bring in an outside producer— rock vet Bob Ezrin—to work on The Wall. And there was an unadmitted mutual respect beneath all the arguing and bickering going on between them. But the tension was always present because there was a war between two basically dominant personalities. Each one had a need to express himself in his own style. And sometimes these styles were very different.

Sometimes they approached the same piece of material from an entirely different point of view. So my job was often to be Henry Kissinger and run back and forth between the two of them, trying to arrive at a workable middle ground.

ROGER WATERS: "DAVE GILMOUR and I are not mates" - Prog Sphere

Before sessions for The Wall began, Ezrin spent some time with Waters, massaging the plot line. From that, we refined the plot line and developed a slightly different story from the original one that Roger had. We filled in holes, the way you do with a movie script, and built the album around the story. The indignities suffered by stadium rock concertgoers—festival-seating stampedes, deafening P.

All this might seem a bit of an over-exaggeration. Or perhaps not, depending on how many stadium rock concerts one has attended. He begins to erect a mental barrier—a wall—between himself and the outside world. As he grows to manhood, he is further traumatized by a sadistic schoolmaster emblematic of the repressive British public school system and the infidelity of his wife. By midpoint in the piece the end of the first discPink has become totally alienated from the outside world.

He turns into a quasi-Nazi. The sadistic schoolmaster and faithless wife return as witnesses who testify against Pink. The verdict is to tear down the wall Pink has built around himself. But the ending is ambiguous. Or is it a bad thing—a further trauma for the already unbalanced protagonist? The final lines of the piece sound a note of sympathy for those close to Pink. The same ones who drove him crazy in the first place? Also like Pink, Tommy withdraws into himself as a result of psychological pressures brought to bear by his mother.

Pink becomes a rock star. Tommy becomes a messianic guru, not unlike a rock star. Tommy and Pink both turn authoritarian on their followers toward the end of their respective stories. Pink undergoes an awakening of sorts when a wall is torn down.

Tommy undergoes a similar jolt to consciousness when a mirror is smashed. But what sets The Wall apart from Tommy is its tone. Tommy is much lighter in mood, reflecting the spiritual aspirations of its author, Pete Townshend, as much as his doubts about rock stardom.

They have the cruel stench of real human beings. Much like Lennon, Waters was traumatized by the early death of a parent. My father was missing in action. I think that is maybe one of the things that makes people performers.

I think it engenders in you a tendency to jump through hoops. But I really think that. I suddenly was able to explain dreams that I had had periodically throughout my life.

And I came to the realization that, on some subconscious level, I felt that I had killed my father. I was born and he died. Korn, for instance, hit a tremendously responsive chord in its young audience by dealing with the early life psychological traumas and purported childhood abuse of band leader Jonathan Davis. And its protagonist also develops a Nazi alter ego, just like Pink.

But after a few sessions they were informed by management that, owing to tax issues stemming from their recent financial difficulties, they would have to make the album outside of England. So the quartet moved operations to Superbear studios in France and then completed the album at Producers Workshop in Los Angeles. The album was still only partially written when sessions got underway.

We should include them. We changed the key of the opening section from E to B, I think. And it was all done before the orchestration was added. But there were arguments about how it should be mixed and which backing track should be used. I think it was more of an ego thing than anything else. We actually went head to head over which of two different drum tracks to use. But it seemed important at the time. So it ended up with us taking a drum fill out of the one version and putting it into the other version by editing a track tape—splitting it down the middle so you have two strips of tape, one-inch wide.

A particularly heated confrontation between Gilmour and Waters took place over dinner one night at an Italian restaurant in North Hollywood. And I was right in the middle of it. I was fighting at that point for the introduction of the orchestra and the expansion of the Pink Floyd sound into something that was more theatrical, more filmic. Roger sided with me on that particular point.

roger waters and david gilmour relationship help