Setsuna and marina relationship questions

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setsuna and marina relationship questions

As for a Setsuna-Marina romantic relationship, I thought that the movie really closed Setsuna killed his mother - he seemed to be working some of those issues. and Setsuna F. Seiei/ Marina Ismail from Gundam and both for pretty much the same Sort of like Casablanca, but without the pre-story relationship. flag · like · Comment · one year ago. Write a comment More Answered Questions. Two Binary Relationships As a child-soldier of the KPSA, Setsuna experienced he slowly began to admire Marina, and ask probing questions about war and.

As she sees herself unable to turn to violence to solve problems, Marina wishes for people to talk things over and reduce the bloodshed, so that happiness can be spread to all people of the world. After learning that Setsuna was one of Celestial Being's Gundam Meisters, she slowly develops a concern for his well-being.

As a child, she had great interest in teaching and music. In a time of political complexities and turmoil of the middle east, monarchy was chosen as the government body to rule over the establishment of the fragile Azadistan.

Because of Marina's royal bloodline, she was elected as the country's new leader. Though a young political leader, she accepted the role as princess and devoted herself into reforming Azadistan.

In hopes to gain greater political support, she attempted to enlist Imam Rasa Massoud Rachmadionly to become her opposition.

Rasa explained that there are many conservatives that are against her political ideals and reform. To support her would throw the nation in to further turmoil and felt he was better served as the voice of the conservative party to temper their emotions for a more stable country.

This caused some civil unrest amongst the conservative population, as many citizens are xenophobic and weary of foreign interference.

With the help of her top political aid, Shirin Bakhtiarshe hopes to salvage Azadistan to make it a better country. Meeting Setsuna While in Scotland for negotiations, Marina noticed a young boy in a cycle, pursuing a terrorist. She saved him from arrest, believing he was a citizen of her nation. Marina and Setsuna found a quiet area of a park to chat. Marina asked Setsuna if her action was out of line, but he answered no. Marina asked if Setsuna was from her own nation, but he angrily replied that he was from the fallen Republic of Krugis.

Realizing Setsuna's nationality made conversation awkward since Azadistan subjugated KrugisMarina replied, "Krugis I don't know what to say I didn't introduce myself, did I? I'm Marina Ismail" Setsuna gave away an alias, "Kamal Majirif" Marina wondered if he was in Scotland as a tourist, but Setsuna didn't want to answer further more and decided to walk off. Marina didn't want the conversation to end, "W-Wait! I want to talk to you some more, please Marina talked to Setsuna about Azadistan's foreign policy.

I'm sure you know, Kamal, but Azadistan is being split between the Conservative and Reformist parties. In order to rebuild the economy of Azadistan, with the oil output regulated, we need the Solar Energy System.

However, the Solar Energy System is what made our lives difficult in the first place.

setsuna and marina relationship questions

The conservatives don't approve of it at all. If the fighting doesn't stop, they'll be sure to come.

setsuna and marina relationship questions

Stopping war with force is just It's true fighting is despicable, but the typical way they intervene, I don't think they'll ever make it a reality. There are countries that have had their economies completely devastated. I wonder if they think they're some sort of Gods" Setsuna commented, "Then there are battles, people will die.

They're using force to reach their goals without even attempting to solve things peacefully. Doesn't that strike you as odd? You must have been so young then I still fight" His words frightened Marina, but she still asked, "Are you with the conservatives!? Did you come to kill me? The world would not change. My codename is Setsuna F. One of Celestial Being's Gundam Meisters. If the fighting continues, expect us to come to Azadistan.

Celestial Being was able to save Rasa and Exia returned him to the palace, unarmed. Together, they pledge to restore order to Azadistan. Letter from Setsuna In the aftermath of Operation Fallen Angels, Marina receives an e-mail from Setsuna, asking her about some of the lesser aspects of humanity: By the time you read this Armed interventions to put an end to war, I'm unable to do anything but fight for Celestial Being. You taught me what it means to fight back then, just like Gundam. I wanted to know why our world is so terminally distorted.

Where did that distortion come from? Why there are people who are unconsciously evil? Why people don't know that their evil hurts others. Why is humanity an existence which only conflicts with itself? Why are there people who rule and those who are ruled? Why do we wound each other?

In spite of all this, why do people go on living like they do? I wanted to ask you That being the case, I will seek out the same thing on a different path than yours. Down the path towards mutual human understanding for the answer. I'll keep looking for it, together with my Gundam. For two years, she continued to visit diplomats and world leaders for political aid, but with little success. Azadistan was slowly being choked by the ESF by their dispersal of GN particles throughout the middle east to limit development and use of advanced technology.

Shirin decided to resign her position as her political adviser to Marina. Shirin felt being a political aid won't save their country and promised to find other means to save Azadistan, but left Marina to fend for herself in a still fragile nation.

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For the next year, Marina continued to seek political assistance until the return of Celestial Being. Without his leadership and tempering their emotions, the conservative party jump-started a new wave of violence. This also made Marina a larger target as some blame their misfortunes and suffering upon her.

While she was staying in her hotel room and watched news about the return of Celestial Being, she wondered if Setsuna is still alive. Suddenly, her bodyguards were taken out and ESF forces came to arrest her. Marina was unlawfully taken to an ESF anti-government detention facility for questioning the same place where Gundam Meister Allelujah Haptism was being held.

Upon interrogation, a government agent informed her that she's a person of high-interest due to her interaction with a Gundam Meister 4 years ago when Setsuna returned Rasa Massoud Rachmadi.

Even though she told the government everything she knows before except Setsuna's identitythe agent "grilled" her for possible leads as they have nothing else on Celestial Being.

After interrogation, she was sent back to her cell and kept there for the remaining day. While in her cell, the detention facility was having a lot of commotion. Marina didn't know it, but Celestial Being infiltrated the facility to rescue Allelujah Haptism while Katharon also intervened to rescue their comrades. A person's voice over the door told her to stand back and the door lock blew open.

Marina was surprised to see it was Setsuna who have come to rescue her. Setsuna took her inside GN 00 Gundam and gave her shelter inside Ptolemy 2. Retreating to Ptolemy 2 with Marina Ismail While Setsuna apologized for dragging her into their affairs, Marina wanted to know why Setsuna continues to fight when he could've chose a different life. How can that brat look like Tieria Erde?

He does look too anti-social to be Miss Erde. But… calling him a brat? Isn't he part of your family? We lost contact with him since…" … until I saw him at school as a girl. He was a friend, right? Tieria was not a friend. Ever since they met in the institution, there was not a time that they did not fight… and the reason for their fights was always the same.

Out of all of us, Neil seems to be the only one you can consider as his friend. A rival for Ham-sensei? Grinning at Setsuna, Louise said, "I was joking. Setsuna placed the picture back on the table and asked, "Why are you here? I can't visit a classmate? Setsuna sat on the chair once more and crossed his arms. Realizing that Setsuna was on her, Louise sighed in resignation and whined, "Saji's breaking up with ME!

And even if I was, I would have supported his decision. You're supposed to comfort me and then try to kiss me so I can push you away and say I love Saji!!!

I should have thought you would understand me. Upon receiving a bewildered expression from her classmate, Louise said, "Ehhh?! Don't tell me you haven't realized it! Louise walked towards him and Setsuna pulled back as Louise placed her face a bit too near towards his. Seiei, don't tell me you don't feel threatened by Katagiri-sensei. Louise walked away from Setsuna and whined, "Great. You're not only heartless, you're also dense.

Rumors that Katagiri-sensei and Ham-sensei… have more than a platonic relationship. Katagiri-sensei may be trying to take Ham-sensei away from you at this very moment and all you can say is 'so?

Finally having enough, Setsuna took Louise by the arm and began to drag her out. Let me show you the door. Louise began to trash and shout as Setsuna dragged her to the door. Why should you pity Graham Aker?

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I used to play hard to get as well. I am not play-" "But you shouldn't use it too much! Setsuna looked at the floor in contemplation. Give up… "Then you'll be left alone and wondering what you did wrong!

And when you realize that Ham-sensei has fallen in love with Katagiri-sensei you would probably just give up and be all emo, right?! Even if it means going against Miss Erde! And Miss Erde doesn't seem to mind!

Where would you have such an unpleasant idea, Miss Halevy? Tieria gave her a beautiful angelic smile. You… You two-timing jerk!!! You were seeing Miss Erde behind his back?!! Setsuna growled at Tieria, "What the hell are you doing here?! Louise looked towards the origin of the voice and saw a man with brown hair smiling towards them. He looked exactly like the man that ushered her to Setsuna's room but, from the outfit alone, Louise can see that this was a different man.

A hand was placed on Tieria's shoulder, who continued to smile at them angelically, all traces of the sadistic smile gone from his angelic face. Lyle said you would be gone till eight! Can't leave her only daughter alone right, Tieria? His eyes gleamed as a secret passed from him to Tieria. Tieria returned the smile and nodded.

Setsuna wanted to throw up at the look they gave each other. If anyone can fake a wife-like smile, it would be Tieria. Louise, on the other hand, saw the smile and thought otherwise. Gasping, Louise took Setsuna's arm and dragged him to the living room much to his annoyance. Outside the living room, they could still hear Neil and Tieria's conversation. I would rather you take a bath first. You must be tired. Please do not burden yourself. Please, let me do this for you. Louise showed her finger, only her pinky finger was up while the rest lay on her palm.

Whispering to Setsuna, she asked, "Are they like this? Neil walked inside the living room and smiled at Setsuna, "Setsuna… Who would this young lady be? Louise smiled at Neil and greeted.

This is the first time Setsuna brought a classmate. And a girl…" "Why am I not surprise? Setsuna glared at Louise. She came here… uninvited and unwanted. Louise glared back at Setsuna. Neil merely chuckled and offered to Louise, "If you would like, you can stay for dinner.

My parents must be worried sick where I am. I don't want to intrude in. My house is just a few blocks away from here, anyway. It's already dark and a cute young lady should not be walking alone. Louise smiled and nodded, "If you must insist, Mr. Dylandy makes me feel so old. Neil placed a hand on Setsuna's shoulder and said, "Now, you take good care of this cute young lady. Unfortunately for him, Louise lost all of her manners the moment they were out of hearing range from the house, pestering Setsuna for information about what she just witnessed.

Tieria Erde would spend some nights in our house during the days her mother would not be able to return for the night…" was Setsuna's answer.

It was not a total lie. Leesa Kujo, stage name: Sumeragi Lee Noriega, was Tieria's adopted mother and was known as a rising star but her occupation causes her to be away quite often. Other than that, Setsuna kept quiet at all of Louise's questions about what relationship Tieria and Neil may have which earned him more than a few jabs from Louise. Setsuna did not waste any time, walking briskly as they neared her apartment.

As Louise grabbed the doorknob that led to her home, a soft smile made its way towards her face making Setsuna uncomfortable as it was the first time he ever saw such a thing from the vicious, in Setsuna's eyes, girl. Louise sighed in relief and smiled at Setsuna, "Thank you, Setsuna.

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It… just happened that you picked the right time to barge in our house to whine. Why not try and read the atmosphere before talking, Setsuna F. Louise opened the door and said quietly, "Don't tease him too much.

You might really regret it. Setsuna stared at the closed door for a few minutes before shaking his head and walking back to his home. When he returned, dinner was already served and they were only waiting for him. The moment they were all sitting on the dining table, eating, all hell broke lose.

This only made Neil smile, "Yup. My mother did this for her entertainment! You look so much like a girl. Instead of replying, Setsuna shrugged and ate in silence. Neil chuckled and ate as well but asked, much to Setsuna's fear, "So… who's Ham-sensei? I didn't thought you had it in you, Setsuna. So… is she hot?

What do you think, Setsuna? Neil smiled and looked at Tieria, "That wasn't nice, Tieria. Katagiri-sensei and Ham-sensei… have more than a platonic relationship.

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Katagiri-sensei may be trying to take Ham-sensei away from you at the very moment It's quite obvious that Ham-sensei is in love with you. Keep it up and he may very well give up, heartbroken and everything! And then Katagiri-sensei would be there to pick up the pieces!

Then you'll be left alone and wondering where you did wrong! Don't tease him too much. Setsuna frowned and mumbled, "I'm not teasing…" Resting his head on the table, Setsuna sighed and closed his eyes. Wouldn't that be the best? He didn't need a crazy teacher's affection. He doesn't want it. You have such beautiful eyes, Shonen. What's your most favorite thing? How about joining me for a while?

There's a new release today and I wanted to check it out. They're re-releasing Nu Gundam. Behind Tieria, Setsuna could see the light peeking in from his window indicating that it was morning. Setsuna closed his eyes once more and got a more strained, "Setsuna F.

He frowned as he was pulled by Tieria and opened his eyes once more, glaring at Tieria. Tieria returned the glare. We're going to be late. Setsuna growled once more as Tieria left his room, slamming his door loudly. Setsuna looked at the clock by his bed and frowned as he realized that they only had two hours before class begins. In just a few minutes, Setsuna had took a quick shower and done everything he needed before going down where his family was sitting and eating… plus one invited guest.

You'll destroy the heavenly taste of Marina's cooking. Marina smiled at Setsuna as she gave him his rice bowl. Setsuna looked at the food, "Miso… rice… and fish…" "Don't forget pickles. Setsuna frowned but nonetheless ate the food. Marina placed cups of coffee on the table but Setsuna was given a cup of milk. Setsuna did not say anything and ate, drinking the milk when he finished.

Once they were done eating, they all walked towards the door. Marina and Lyle worked on the other side of town so they took the same car. Neil, on the other hand, took another car. Marina's car left the driveway, Lyle waving at them. Neil chuckled at Tieria and Setsuna's silent glaring contest and opened the door to his car. Neil looked at Tieria and Setsuna. The drive to school was quiet… much to Neil's disappointment.

But that was to be expected from both of the most anti-social persons Neil had ever met. Neil stopped just pass the school gate and both of them got out.

I hope we were not a bother. Neil had to smile. Anything to see this. Tieria smiled at them. Neil nodded and turned to Setsuna. Without even waiting for Neil to drive away, Setsuna began to walk towards school, not bothering to wait for Tieria who was waving and smiling softly as Neil drove away. Setsuna managed to enter his classroom without any problems and walked towards his sit when two of his classmates greeted him, "Good morning, Setsuna.

Louise sighed and propped her head on the palm of her hands, "Same Mr. Louise only took her tongue out. A few minutes later and the bell finally rang. All of them sat and waited for their homeroom teacher. And so they waited… And waited… And wai- "AH!!! Where the hell is Ham-sensei?! First period is about to end! I refuse to be treated like this!

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All of them looked as their school idol smiled at them angelically, "I, for one, think that something must have happened to our teacher. He is not the sort of person that will do such a thing intentionally. He suddenly felt his entire body warn him as Tieria faced him with that angelic smile that, Setsuna knows, is currently hiding a sadistic smirk, "Seiei-kun, will you be as kind and check what may have befallen our dear teacher.

Setsuna glared at Tieria and refused to answer him. Tieria continued to smile that creepy, for Setsuna, smile, "If you would please, Seiei-kun.

I am quite sure you would be the best person to ask of such an important inquiry.