Show luo and rainie yang relationship

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show luo and rainie yang relationship

Hi My Sweetheart is a Taiwanese drama starring Show Lo, Rainie Yang and Lee Wei. Luo Xini. Directed by, Lin He Long (林合隆). Starring, Show Lo · Rainie Yang . Xue Hai then sets his mind on destroying the relationship of Bao Zhu and her "boyfriend", while he continually pursues her, often forgetting whether. Show and Grace are currently in a stable relationship despite Dee Hsu interrogates Rainie Yang, Show Luo on respective romances. Show Luo confesses: 'It was due to a misunderstanding, friends passing around the wrong messages, purposely spoiling our relationship, they.

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They then departed to their own homes. Their relationship is progressing so rapidly that even their friends are amazed by it. One of their friends revealed that on the 22nd of October, Show was helping good friend Elva Hsiao film a MV for her new album.

But at approximately Although she only stayed for an hour, staff members felt that this was very unusual because people who know Rainie know that she hardly ever visits people at work. Particularly because her work load is huge, and whenever she has any spare time, she will go home to rest, and furthermore she has pretty much never visited anyone at work in the middle of the night. Hence, this made staff members very surprised.

The reason being Show's ex-girlfriend Makiyo acted as an improper messenger between the 2, leaving a knot in both their hearts. Furthermore, Rainie had a messy break-up with her ex-boyfriend Ben, and at the time, Show supported his good friend Ben, and hence had a bad impression of Rainie. All this persisted until the following year, when the 2 had to perform together again in Sydney, Australia.

During that trip, the 2 had a long conversation and worked out their differences. However, not long after they resumed contact with each other, love rumours surfaced about them, and the 2 both suspected that the other had given inappropriate information to the media, turning their relationship sour once again.

show luo and rainie yang relationship

Until their collaboration this time in idol drama 'Hi My Sweetheart' did their relationship slowly heat up once again. The drama crew staff revealed that while filming in Hang Zhou, the 2 would play together, go shopping and even play cards in each other's room. There was one night when staff members walked past Rainie's manager's room, and heard music coming from the room and Rainie's laughter.

Angry that Xue Hai has been lying to her all this time, Bao Zhu angrily tells Xue Hai that she never wants to see him again and plans to leave the country with He Yan Feng. Before they leave, though, there is a fire in the radio station, trapping Bao Zhu in the building. Xue Hai, wanting to save his love, rushes in but is hit on the head and trapped under a wooden beam while trying to protect Bao Zhu. Unable to get out himself, Xue Hai urges her to go and leave him and she is taken away by He Yan Feng.

The firemen are able to pull Xue Hai out of the fire, but he is unconscious.

show luo and rainie yang relationship

Distraught that he is seriously injured, Bao Zhu is convinced that it is her fault. She realizes he truly loves her and that she loves him too, whether he is Da Lang or Xue Hai. When Xue Hai wakes up, no one is there and he stumbles out of the hospital onto a toy store owned by a mother and daughter.

He has lost his memory, and unable to find his true identity, the mother and daughter kindly take him in. Xue Hai lives with the two in his old self Da Lang, having no idea of his actual identity. Bao Zhu searches for him for months, and finally stumbles across the store and finds Xue Hai, but discovers that he has forgotten everyone in his life - including her.

Determined to get him back she brings him to many places that could remind him of their previous relationship.

show luo and rainie yang relationship

But after realizing that he does not remember her and in fact has started to like the toy store owner's daughter, Bao Zhu decides to leave with He Yan Feng to America. But before she has a chance to even consider it, Da Lang is kidnapped by his oldest sister's evil boyfriend and held for ransom.

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He is knocked out when he tries to escape and the blow to the head brings his memory back. However, he continues to lie about remembering Bao Zhu because he believes she is still with He Yan Feng and doesn't want to mess up her life anymore. On Bao Zhu's birthday, Xue Hai, drunk, accidentally emails Bao Zhu a birthday greeting which reveals that he really does remember her.

He wakes up in the middle of the night and, realizing his mistake, manages to delete the email on her laptop.

Show Luo and Rainie Yang used to HATE each other?

However, Bao Zhu has already seen the e-mail and knows that Xue Hai remembers her. But she pretends she hasn't seen the e-mail, and asks Xue Hai to meet her later. That night, they meet and she reveals she knows he remembers her.

She then proposes to him.