Stannis and davos relationship goals

'Game of Thrones': Ser Davos remembers Stannis Baratheon with 1 line

stannis and davos relationship goals

At the end of Season 2 Stannis's fleet – including Ser Davos – was .. I never heard anyone make this connection and would be interested to. Stannis had smashed Mance Rayder's wildlings at the Wall and cleaned Asha At death's door, only the timely arrival of Davos's onion and salt fish kept the that soured the already cold relationship between Robert and Stannis. .. Besides sowing fear, the goal of the Mountain Clans was to blind Stannis. To begin with, only Davos has the kind of relationship with Stannis (one . do I believe that Melisandre told him the true purpose of said ritual.

His father was a poor crabber. His black-sailed ship became infamous for sneaking into harbors in the dead of night while avoiding detection. The supplies helped Stannis's forces survive until the end of the war. For this service, Stannis rewarded Davos by bestowing him with knighthood and lands. However, Stannis also cut off the four fingertips at the knuckles from Davos's right hand as punishment for his past smuggling crimes.

Thieves in Westeros are often sentenced to having fingers or the whole hand removed, but Stannis only took the fingertips of his less used hand his right, as Davos is left-handed. Davos submitted to this punishment willingly, judging it a fair exchange in return for improving his family's future prospects. He also mentions in a featurette that he submitted to the punishment for the sake of sheer justice, saying he "avoided punishment for too long" and that this was the first instance he had ever seen of true justice being served.

He wears his severed finger bones in a pouch about his neck and believes they bring him good luck. He chose the name "Seaworth" for his family's new noble House, as a reference to his smuggling past.

Highborn members of older noble Houses disparagingly called Davos "the Onion Knight" for his actions, but he has embraced this title and proudly took an onion on the sail of a black ship for a sigil and sewed the onion onto his ship's sails Davos is one of Stannis's most loyal and reliable vassals and arguably his best friend, but is treated with disdain by some of the other lords of Westeros for his low birth. Stannis himself points out that it was the low-born Davos, and not the high-born lords, who saved the lives of Stannis and his castle garrison.

Davos is one of the only men who can even grudgingly influence Stannis's decisions, because he values Davos's honest advice above that of noble-born flatterers. He is proud of his son's education but remains illiterate.

It is almost hopelessly ironic that Davos's good nature and compassion is met with outrage or controversy by anybody else. It is unfortunate that his warnings against Stannis utilizing Melisandre and her powers to achieve his goals fell on deaf ears, since doing so would have meant avoiding an untold amount of destruction which ironically is the reason that Melisandre used to persuade Stannis to keep her as an ally.

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Only the strength of House Florent is left to Stannis, against all the might of Highgarden, Sunspear, and Casterly Rock, and now most of the storm lords as well. To make matters worse, many of the lords who had previously supported Stannis were now dead or turncloak.

Stannis was short men, money and supporters. He needed new allies. Tywin Lannister recognized as much: But a bolder man might roll the dice for Dorne. If he should win Sunspear to his cause, he might prolong this war for years.

Had it not been for the unexpected return of Davos, Stannis would have most likely suffered an ignominious end at Dragonstone.

Regaining the Strategic Initiative: If not for my Hand, I might not have come at all.

stannis and davos relationship goals

Lord Seaworth is a man of humble birth, but he reminded me of my duty, when all I could think of was my rights. I had the cart before the horse, Davos said. I was trying to win the throne to save the kingdom, when I should have been trying to save the kingdom to win the throne. In that position, Davos learned to read from Maester Pylos.

Davos Seaworth

One of those letters reached Dragonstone and was read by Davos Seaworth. Stannis left a token force at Dragonstone under the command of Ser Rolland Storm and sailed with the majority of his force for the Wall in hopes of defending the realm. In moving to defend Westeros from external threat, Stannis distinguishes himself from the other kings in the eyes of lords and commonfolk alike, and in doing so, regains the strategic initiative. As an added benefit, this strategic refooting opens up the opportunity for Stannis to acquire new allies and soldiers in a region which is still leaderless after the fall of Robb Stark.

But still, there was the fact that the force Stannis took to the Wall was small and the Wildling host was 10 times larger than the force Stannis brought north with him. Battle at the Wall: He could not have come at a more dire time.

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Castle Black was under attack by a massive host of Wildlings, giants and mammoths. In previous installments, we saw Stannis as a good naval commander, good defender and unlucky besieger. Here, we see Stannis at his best as the greatest maneuver commander this side of Brynden Blackfish and Robb Stark. It was from them that he learned about the battle beneath the Wall. Mance Rayder was taken captive, a thousand of his best slain, including Harma Dogshead. The rest scattered like leaves before a storm, we heard.

When Stannis and Cotter Pyke were near the Wildling camp, he divided his combined force in to 3 parts. Mance Raydar rallied his forces to confront this threat while Stannis positioned his main thrust to the north and northeast of the Wildling host.

And then the main attack began from the north and northeast of the Wildling lines. The mammoths had shattered the center column, but the other two were closing like pincers. On the eastern edge of the camps, some archers were loosing fire arrows at the tents. While one flank was engaged, the main force struck the rear of the camp, shooting fire arrows at the tents and blowing horns. This caused mass confusion among the Wildlings and sent the mammoths into a rage. In this, Stannis achieved a single envelopment while giving the Wildlings an avenue to flee.

And while some may think that giving a lane to the Wildlings was foolishness. Completely surrounded, the Wildlings are able to reform and Stannis is forced to fight man to man with an army 10 times his size. In that scenario, Stannis mostly likely loses the battle. The Wildlings save for the Giants broke en-masse. And through the smoke another wedge of armored riders came, on barded horses. Floating above them were the largest banners yet, royal standards as big as sheets; a yellow one with long pointed tongues that showed a flaming heart, and another like a sheet of beaten gold, with a black stag prancing and rippling in the wind.

Previous portions relied mostly on the books with elements of military tactics and strategy intermingled to help us better understand why Stannis was so successful and balanced as a commander. Today, the first half will focus on War in the North while the second half of this post will take a look at the Siege of Winterfell and speculate on what tactics Stannis will use and what I think the overall outcome will be. To the surprise of everyone, Stannis Baratheon acquires new allies in the North, utilizes deception to defeat the Ironborn at Deepwood Motte and in my opinion will use terrain and deception to defeat the Freys and Boltons outside of Winterfell.

stannis and davos relationship goals

It is time we made alliance against our common foe. With the Wildlings dead or routed and the Wall secure, Stannis moved to secure new allies in his struggle. The only enemy that matters. More than a true Northerner, he needed a Stark in Winterfell: What is needed is a Lord of Winterfell. A loyal Lord of Winterfell. In singling Jon out, he hopes to rally the Northern lords to his side while recognizing that he cannot stop the hemorrhaging of the North.

For that, he needed a Northerner with the name of Stark. Though the Karstarks declare for Stannis, most others side with the Boltons or remain on the fence. Homage is the duty every leal subject owes his king. Stannis read from the letter. But Jon Snow makes Stannis aware of more potential allies: No roads, no towns, no villages. Men have lived in the high valleys and mountain meadows for thousands of years, ruled by their clan chiefs. Petty lords, you would call them, though they do not use such titles amongst themselves.

Clan champions fight with huge two-handed greatswords, while the common men sling stones and batter one another with staffs of mountain ash.

A quarrelsome folk, it must be said. Donal Noye was the former smith and first sword to Stannis. His opinion of Stannis was nuanced: Stannis bends throughout the series. Instead, he listens to counsel and heeds it when it seems the most prudent course of action. His two closest advisers: Melisandre and Davos give Stannis advice that Stannis sometimes bends to.

Good men and true will fight for Joffrey, wrongly believing him the true king. A northman might even say the same of Robb Stark. They turned their backs on their rightful king for no better reason than dreams of power and glory, and I have marked them for what they are.

Deception and Tactical Agility: Deepwood Motte Jon glanced down at the map. In order to secure the North against the threat of the Others, Stannis needed to defeat the Boltons. Seizing Deepwood Motte would serve three strategic goals: In defeating the Ironborn, Stannis eliminates a peripheral threat prior to moving on Winterfell or the Dreadfort.

While the Ironborn in the North are weakened following the Kingsmoot and withdraw of Victarion and most of his men and ships, they can still cut Stannis off from his supplies and reave in his rear that came out strange-sounding.

stannis and davos relationship goals

By seizing Deepwood Motte and returning it to the Glovers, he would potentially gain the support of one of the more powerful houses in the North. Most importantly, by defeating the Ironborn, Stannis demonstrates his value to the North by fighting non-Northmen first and potentially gains the loyalty of more Northern lords than the Glovers themselves by setting himself up as a good alternative to the Boltons.

And so Stannis departed Castle Black for the foothills along the shore of the Bay of Ice with about Southron soldiers. There, he gained the loyalty of the Mountain Clans and about new soldiers.

stannis and davos relationship goals

With this now man army, he moved on Deepwood Motte. The plan was simple and smart. To take Deepwood, Stannis would need to utilize the terrain and cover that the forest outside of the castle provided. Only at the last possible moment would he move on the castle itself. Then she realized that trees were creeping closer. Unfortunately the scouts were discovered and killed. Outnumbered and in a poor defensive position, Asha Greyjoy commanded her soldiers to abandon the castle and retreat east for the ships at Sea Dragon Point.

Hoping to evade pursuit, Asha moved south and southwest as opposed to the direct west and north approach towards Sea Dragon Point. The battle was predictable. Outnumbered and fighting in the dark, the Ironborn fought hard but were soon overwhelmed.

The victory was total. Stannis secured Glover and Mormont loyalty. With his western flank secure and new soldiers about to be added to his ranks, Stannis planned his next move. From one such island rose a weirwood gnarled and ancient, its bole and branches white as the surrounding snows. While the march begins at a brisk pace, Stannis and his army encountered their most formidable foe yet: Their pace slowed as a blizzard conditions set in.

The march finally stopped 3 days ride from Winterfell in the Wolfswood at a village between two lakes. There, he is finally joined by the Mormont, Karstark and Glover soldiers. Unbeknownst to Stannis, the Karstarks are secretly loyal to the Boltons.

But before they can be dispatched, Mors Umber sounds horns outside of the walls of Winterfell, luring the Freys into charging out of the gates and into pits that he and his green boys had dug under the cover of the blizzard.