Taurus man and leo female relationship

Taurus man Leo woman

taurus man and leo female relationship

I also have a Taurus man guide and Leo woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your. The stable, dependable, down to earth Taurus man and the proud, fiery, demanding Leo woman – what are the chances for this relationship between two fixed. The Taurus man and Leo woman compatibility in bed, love life, romance and Leo woman will depend on which direction they take their relationship and how.

taurus man and leo female relationship

We both expressed the emptiness we feel without each other. He holds me when needed. He dries my tears. He says he does not deserve me. What am I supposed to do with this feeling? I feel incomplete without him. Taurus man is very very patient and highly practical.

They are so much mad about sex. Taurus man is good in finance and money. They are easy with the life working! Leo craves to be cared and to be admired and showered with attention and admiration. Taurus man are not childish. Leo tends to be childish. Luckily, Taurus man has great patience, so Leo can be calmed down rather than going on with arguments.

He is Stubborn like a Taurus and I am as stubborn as a Leo as well. The relationship is going GREAT, though we may have our differences we learned to accept it and move on though when we do fight, we wont stop We try to win the battle even though neither of us wins because we decide to laugh at the situation later and remember how much we love each other. I'm a Leo woman with a Taurus male in a relationship for 3 and a half years.

I don't know if this helps you girls, but this has been my experience while dating him. We are both very successful in our careers and he loves that I do something worthwhile.

He is very encouraging and supportive. If you are confident enough, then you will know that the silences at times with him, means that he is studying you. The way he looks at me, makes me melt. Play it by ear, Leo lady and he will pursue you. My man took a long time to tell me he loved me even before I did. When he does, you'll know he means it because in a brief moment, he'll say everything at once.

taurus man and leo female relationship

My advice-don't tell him how you feel first. He'll fall all over you. He's the type of man who doesn't want it too easy, or he'll think that you're easy to stray. He'll look at you and you'll know exactly how he feels. He is confident, but like everyone, there is an element of insecurity, probably because as a female Leo, you are unlike any woman he has met.

The sex is unbelievable, never been with anyone so passionate and sexy. Once he opens up, he may not tell you all the time, but when he does, it is perfect. He will look at you the way no other man does, and when he does, you'll know he loves you. He admires strength in character, to don't be too female. Don't put him on the spot, just as you don't like - respect that he doesn't like confrontation, just like we don't. He can get wrapped up in work, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care, in fact, if you call him on the spur of the moment, he'll love you the more for the thought, even if he can't do the spontaneous at that time.

He'll treat you like a woman and wants to be treated like a man. He has a sense of humor, so always make him laugh with your zaniness.

Taurus Man And Leo Woman Breakup

He may pretend that he doesn't care, but he is already more in love with you than you know. Just be level headed as the initial stage of this relationship will mean you need to be one step ahead of him intelligently if you want him to fall for you.

He's great because even though he is quite conventional, he doesn't care what others think and is willing to take chances when he trusts someone. He's loyal and can get hurt deeply, if you question his intentions or love. By the way, he is jealous, so if you catch his eyes becoming angry when men look at you, you'll know he is nuts about you. Read his face, it tells more of the truth about what's really going on with him and that will help you understand his silence.

He's nuts about you, but needs to be sure that you feel the same - and fabulous for us, we don't need to say the words. He is the sexiest and most passionate man, about all things and what I've noticed the most is that he is in awe about the way I Leo woman am proud, fun-loving and independent. Be patient and you'll get a man that rocks your world, even if he does drive you a little crazy with his out of place remarks or stubbornness.

After all, our sunny personality make all the clouds disappear. I am a Leo woman married to a Taurus man. We've been together for six years and have been married for three. We each had one child when we married.

He- a Taurus son. Me- a Cancer daughter. I fell in love with he and his son who was 6 at the time. So I guess I love two Taurus guys.

Now we have two more children,a Cancer and a Leo boy. The Leo shares my birthday. There is a lot of passion around our home My husband and I love each other passionately. My Taurus step son is very protective of me as is my Leo son. My husband tends to be very thoughtless and stubborn and tries to be very controlling. He used to be rude about what I wore He would always ask me what I was doing with male friends and want to know where I was all of the time. As you Leo women know, this type of behavior does not work with a Leo woman.

I want to wear what I want and go where I want and do what I want. And you'd better trust me, or you will ever hear the end of it! And you'd better trust me, or you will never hear the end of it! So finally, I told my husband,"I promise to look nice foryou every day if you let me wear what I want and don't say anything. We have had many heated conversations and arguments about my need to not be monitored and how I'm sick of him badgering me when I say no. For me no means no-- end of story.

As a Leo, I am extremely decisive and know what I want. I'm thinking it's almost against our nature to live happily with a Taurus. But I really love my husband. I was drawn to the fact that he is far from a pushover. My Taurus likes some adventure and excitement,but he still likes to lay in bed a little too late in the morning for me. I'll say "I can't lay here anymore.

I love to cook, and I am the homebody. I'm more of an introvert, so I read books about other places and write books, too. Plus, I'm a high school teacher, so I get to be performing in the stage of my classroom all day, and by the time I get home, I'm done. I'm ready to relax. My husband is always on the go, although he's slow to do everything, and he always makes us late,so we'll be in the car waiting for him while he's messing with something in the house.

My Taurus man is a bit of a scientist, so I'm quite fascinated with his brain and he with mine. We're both very creative and like to tell stories and play sports-- he's more lflashy and I'm more down to earth. Funny, but maybe all of those things are why we like each other.

Maybe he's learning to be a little more Leo,or I'm learning to be a little more Taurus. Or else we have weird moons. I think he has a moon in Leo and I have one in Virgo. This will be our 3rd week of being seperated. First week he broke down and contacted me From what I have observed so far Taurus men are hard to read I give him enough room to breath BUT I know my limitations We Leo's will have to be the one that backs down I know this is just unheard of We argue to the point where we get mean.

When we come down from those arguments there's lots of loving, lost of never-agains, but we both know I love him a lot, but I have grown tired of his bossiness and he is tired of my need to be in charge all the time. It is so true when they say neither of our signs backs down. I can't even help myself. He is more willing to compromise than I am, and I guess I've worn that out. Now he's ready to have his say in things, and that is so foreign to me lol.

My love for him is true, though. I forgive him pretty quickly. He knows I like to hear how good it is. I would really do anything for him, and he takes great care of me. Great father too, but he needs his time to himself; not trying to be bothered with kids all day. I am a Leo woman and I dated a Tarus man for over a year. Tarus man is a provider.

He has his feet firmly planted on the ground and is at a constant pace. He likes the way playful Leo makes him feel.

Taurus Man and Leo Woman

A playful carefree state that is hard for him to achieve on his own. My Tarus didn't like to spend money or anything frivolous, but wasn't that good at saving it either. He was a pretty boring loving, though sensual and good intentioned, he way was too "inside the box" to make a passionate lover.

taurus man and leo female relationship

They are fiercely honest and loyal. They make good fathers and husbands. They feel a strong sense of responsibility. That said, they are also characteristically stubborn and hold grudge.

In my experience, my Taurus' are Alpha dogs and have a little kick of testosterone.

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They are also very deep and sensitive underneath the tough exterior. Just don't hurt they're feelings or the expressive, communicative Leo, will be left with nothing but a cold shoulder to talk to. I am in love a taurua man I didn't say to him about my feelings. I feel that he loves me too the way he talke his warm voise his.

I love him really but I cant say to him always when he come to our section and ask about something he stand very close to me is he in love with me or I am dreaming? I am a Taurus man and I find Leo women attractive and they find me attractive as well. The first girl I was ever with was a Leo who was the aggressor because I was shy and inexperienced.

I have had several Leo females that were very persistent and aggressive. I had never had a woman just openly say how much they like you or will be as graphic in saying what they want to do to you. They make my face turn red. They are NOT shy about it, they will let you know they like you. I flirt with a Leo at work right now but neither of us is available and had another Leo that basically fell in love with me quick but we were only friends.

She is jealous of me speaking to this other girl. I love the energy they give off and they must feel the same way about me. I think that this can be a good match or a disaster, it's up to them, but I feel that the good can completely make up for any problems. I am currently seeing a Taurus man and I am a Leo woman. He is extremely loyal though and I need that in a partner especially being so loyal myself.

We have only been seeing one another for 2 months but I can see what it would be like if I succeed in him trusting me. Cancer and Leo do not mix! The difference is though that Taurus guy is always broke like me and loud and fun, going out and being social often. So if I can get that side of him and the rest I will be in heaven. And the sex is phenomenal!!! Iv known this Taurus guy since I was little, I fell in love with him when I saw him for the first time, at first he was very mysterious and secretive and he would always keep things to himself.

He found out that I had feelings for him from one of my best friends who has known him since they were 7 then he started to avoid me, as a Leo, I don't like to be avoided, I make friend easily, and I'm very social, he used to always walk away when ever I came near him and that broke my heart.

He went away for a year to another city, so I used that time to socialise with other guys along the way, but somehow I was always drawn to him, I would of had sleepless nights of just wondering what we would be doing, if he still remembers me, if he's with someone else But now in the present tense, I am his friend, like a buddy to him, we share a joke, a laugh, but we never talk about our feelings, he still knows that I love him and that he means the world to me.

I have a whole army of friends to try and help me win his heart, I even got one of his mates to help me on my too P I'm so in love with him, and he treats me nice too. So one of my friends told me that he might also have feelings for me, but he's giving me mixed signs, I used to date another Taurus and that was different, I broke up with him because I thought we would be better as friends so I dumped him.

The strange signals he gives me When I catch him staring at me he looks away. He always looks me in the eye when I talk to him. He laughs at my jokes even if they aren't funny at all. When I ask him help with something he's always willing to help.

He's sarcastic most of the time. Any creative impulse of Leo could be followed by the realization plan thought out by their Taurus partner, if only they shared enough emotions to have patience for each other.

taurus man and leo female relationship

Their creative strength is the strength of a Venus in combination with Sun, so we could say with certainty that they would create something in image of universal love. Leo is a passionate sign that represents love as a power of creation and all we feel gravity toward. They are both a personification of love, each one of them in their own way. When they get together, they will rarely feel this love for one another.

Maybe we could view this as their mission to give love to the less fortunate zodiacal signs, or maybe their emotional nature has to give more and receive less. There is a great possibility that they will simply stay in their own worlds, with no prospects of merging even in something close to a friendship. Each of them has their own nature, their own world with all its beauties, and they need someone closer to this world they hold on to.

None of them has the role of a floating island in search for someone to merge with. If emotions are shared, they could be huge, but there would still be the issue of showing and recognizing them before we imagine a fairytale. Leo values peace, too, but for them it is hidden in a different, much more joyful place or in public, such as peace between entire countries and continents.

To Taurus, Leo may seem like someone to strike a pose and have no depth at all, and although depth is not one of their primary values, it is still a very important one. Leo women and Taurus men form unbreakable friendships together, usually lacking any flakiness or disrespect.

This firm bond can often be attributed to the fact that Taurus men do not require their friends to share their values as they do their partners. Intimate relationships bring unique challenges when the full spectrum of differences for the pair are put on display. An uncompromising nature makes any relationship difficult and this difficulty only increases when both partners share this trait.

Taurus men can often be viewed as exceedingly boring and loathed for their predictable behavior and desire to relax at home during their time off. Leo women, on the other hand, lust for excitement and adventure while quickly growing unhappy if forced to stay home.

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As she finds this excitement with friends of the opposite gender, the natural protective and possessive nature of her bull partner are sure to kick in, adding fuel to the fire of an already tenuous relationship. The sex life of this pair, although bound to be frequent and passionate, also suffers a similar fate.

The Taurus man and Leo woman love sex, and it will never be in short supply, but there are differences in emotional involvement and preferences that can cause some upset. The bull's tough outer exterior is largely nonexistent in bed, where he lavishes his lover with his romantic and heavily emotional side. Although a true hedonist at heart, he also uses sex as a primary means of expressing affection and adores the sensuality and closeness of it.

Leos are extremely sexual creatures, but their desires are drawn from a place of fun and personal satisfaction. They often lack the desire for emotional connection or romantic buildup every time and instead prefer adventurous and experimental intimacy while Taurus men prefer the vanilla. Working Together The Taurus man is the poster boy for hard work and is endlessly dependable regardless of the task.

He never shies away from challenges and refuses to cheat his way to the top. His helpful nature means he functions as well in a group as he does on his own, but he may struggle under the leadership of someone clearly worse than him at getting things done.

The Leo woman is ambitious and works hard to be on top. Being the best means admiration, something dear to every Leo's heart.