Tekken jin and asuka relationship goals

What is the relationship between Jin and Asuka in Tekken

tekken jin and asuka relationship goals

Yeah there have been many confusions about Jin Kazama and Asuka Kazama. How does Jin turn in to Devil Jin on purpose from the game Tekken? \nNo he. We know little how Jin was before he turned as self-hating emo due of reason for hating Kazuya is his devil gene and his goal of purging it. I would like to think that Kazuya almost held back for Jin to win, because on the inside he still Jun is strong willed, and probably would wait till marriage. Asuka Kazama seems to be a strong contender, and I wouldn't be surprised if she beat T5. His goal was to kill his father, not to get his jollies.

But hand to hand? How would he exist? Kazuya is dead, therefore he would have no host. He tried to get Jin so Jin could be his host. True to a certain extent, but usually if the host dies the parasite dies. So, he must have been seperate enough from Kazuya that he didn't die along with him. Devil must have been able to manifest in some form or another, if Jun was to have fought him.

Perhaps the energy from Kazuya's death and Devil's desperation, gave him the ability to manifest. I dont know, it's not explained. All we know is that she defeated him, and what's what counts. Kazuya and Devil were one. If Kazuya died, devil had no physical being. He tried to get Jin, so he could have one again. If Devil and Kazuya truly were one, then Devil would have died along with Kazuya. But Jun stopped him. How can you fight something that you can't punch?

Defeat it with your soul and heart. That is the demons greatest weakness. And how do we know that Jun wouldn't defeat Devil with her soul and heart, if he tried to rape her?

Now, I could be wrong on that. But I still don't get why Devil would want Jin if he is in a physical fighting form. It is there, the logic breaks apart. Because that just doesn't make sense.

Then again, Tekken does that lot. When Kazuya died, Devil lost his power base. Jin inherited the Devil gene, so that was a way for Devil to regain that. He thrived from influencing Kazuya. When Kazuya was killed, it would be the same thing as if you got your house burned down.

The same kind of principle.

tekken jin and asuka relationship goals

Devil lost what he had. As for moving on? Why the hell would he do that. Evil doesn't just "get over" things.

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Demons are capricious so of course he'd seek revenge in some form, or a way to restore his power. Because his power, comes from being able to influence others. As for Ganryu and Michelle. He did not know Michelle probably and fell in love with her during all of that.

Also, wasn't that mentioned before TTT? I keep thinking I heard of that before that came out. Maybe I am wrong. I'm not really sure about that, but I'm going to skip over it cause it's not even the issue here.

It's just yet another example of how Namco never explain lovey dovey crap. As for my so called morbid theory? Your a lady, of coarse you are not going to believe Jun, the main heroine was raped.

So, if I was a guy, I'd be more likely to accept the idea of her getting raped? If anything, I'm closer to the reality of rape and know that it exists. My gender isn't the issue here. Yikes, if that is true then Tekken really is sexist. Women are either 1 Losing and failing Nina cant assassinate one person 2 Slutty Anna and sometimes Christy dresses up kind of slutty 3 Getting raped Maybe Jun 4 Ditzy Xaiyou or however you spell her name Wow, then I guess that they're racist too, since the Tekken's have only been won by japanese people.

Like poor Paul, he gets screwed over every time, because in none of the Tekken tournaments has he ever been defeated. T1 by the time he beat Kuma Kaz had won, T2 he got stuck in a traffic jam, T3 he beat Ogre and thought he'd won and returned home, then Jin came along and defeated True Ogre. Not to mention that rape's a bit more than 'sexist. But to answer your points: T1 and T2, Anna got in the way. T3 she's being controlled by Ogre, so it's not like she knows what she's doing, and when Ogre's killed the influence is released.

She had no reason to kill Jin for herself. King II got past his desire for blood once he saw Marduk's family while Craig was recuperating following their fight at the fourth tournament. Armor King II, however, does not take things so lightly and is out to make Marduk pay. Both King and Marduk have tried reasoning with him but he has yet to let it go and his last fight with Marduk ended up putting both of them in the hospital. Despite the rocky relationship, King and Armor King share a positive relationship in Tag Tournament 2 i.

In one of their win poses, Armor King even raises King's arm in victory, similar to how normal tag teams would. He's very tall and intidimating and black Spikes of Villainy: He is willing to rip Marduk a new one.

Taking Up the Mantle: After his brother is killed at the hands of Marduk, he takes up the mask and becomes the new Armor King from 5 onwwards. Tall, Dark, and Handsome: Like his brother before him. Like the other Kings, he only speaks through growls. He's an even bigger example, since he's a man of fewer words than the other Kings.

Which kind of makes his title an artifact. In Tekken 7 you can kit out Armor King with an outfit that makes him look like the movie version of Black Pantherjust with a cape. You Killed My Father: And he's not going to just let him off easily. Emilie "Lili" de Rochefort Lili in Tekken 7: You surely don't believe Has a butler named Sebastian no, not that Sebastianand while she has the makings of a Spoiled Bratshe's not quite and instead is a graceful Ojou. At one point, she was kidnapped by the mafia who tried to get some ransom from her Unfortunately for Lili, her father abhors violence, and she still respects him, but at the same time, she just can't let go of her battle lust.

Make excuses for traveling, then participate in street fights. Until at one point in a street fight, she managed to snatch an invitation to the 5th King of Iron Fist Tournament from an opponent she defeated suspiciously looking like Forrest Law.

Learning that it's from her father's rival company, the Mishima Zaibatsu, Lili entered to help her father take down the Zaibatsu so there would be no more rivals. That doesn't work so well, after Asuka Kazama whooped her hard, and her father found out about her 'hidden activities', resulting in her getting grounded. In the eve of the 6th tournament, however, the Rochefort company is in danger of bankruptcy, and for Lili, the only way to save it is to But, then again, that gives her a chance to take revenge on Asuka Her fighting style is counter and combo-oriented.

She has one of the best sidesteps in the series, a command sidestep, many combo and launcher options, and many of her attacks get benefits from landing as a counterattack. However, her approach game is one of the worst and has a hard time applying pressure. As such, she's best played defensively, attacking weak points and countering mistakes. Tropes associated with Lili: Switch Monaco with Japan and you have Karin Kanzuki.

Has been shown to have a crush on Ganryu due to his eyebrows on top of a massive amount of Les Yayfrom her relationship with Asuka in all appearances together to being a Covert Pervert Yuri Fan in Queen's Blade.

Asuka Kazama

Her Headdress item move ends with a butt bump. Her Matterhorn Ascension down plus both kicks. Gays and lesbians are sometimes accepted and even glamorised in the Japanese entertainment like anime, but definitely not in real life and not everyone in Japan likes anime.

I knew a guy who lived in Japan for 18 years and during the whole 18 years he lived there, he's only met 2 guys who are openly gay. Most have to stay in the broom closet. So please people, stop comparing cousin relationships being accepted in Japan, to gays being accepted here in the west.

Japan really is a very homophobic country. So I really don't see Asuka and Jin happening, unless they want to open up a can of worms and have the soccer moms on their asses. I don't even see why some people on many forums like this pairing anyway.

Once again they like her because she's hot and got big boobs. Just like the Jina fans. I'm also getting sick and tired of everybody saying. So stop comparing the two! I really am getting tired of all these weeaboo Asukjin fans, repeating that over and over again "It's acceptable in Japan. I've wanted to say to say this for a long time.

I have to get this out of my system now! There, glad I was able to get that out of my system. Another reason why I don't see this couple being together is that in T6, Jin called Asuka a loud mouth brat in Scenario Campaign mode.

True there is a chance that they might get along and be friends in the future, but I still see no signs of that happening any time soon. Some people like to argue that Asuka is the one with the spiritual powers, to save Jin from the Devil Gene.

But that doesn't mean that they'll have a romantic relationship. There might be a very very small possibility of this couple happening, but it's still extremely doubtful.

Not as much of a possibility as ending up with Xiaoyu. Which brings us to our next pairing. Because Namco has given A LOT of little evidence here and there to hint at a possible canon future for this pairing. Though, I do have my doubts.

Xiaoyu has very strong feelings for Jin and he seems to care for her as a friend or maybe more. They used attend school together, lived in the same house and most likely sparring partners. This pairing seems to be a bit wishy washy, in Scenario Campaign mode in T6, Jin tells Xiaoyu to stop following him and what he's doing is none of her concern. But if you take her to his lare in SC mode, he tells her he's simply trying to put things back the way they were again.

Ling Xiaoyu had a role similar to Jun Kazama's in T6. Xiaoyu and Jin even had their matching school uniforms in T3.

They also had matching secret costumes in T5. Oh and if you want to debate the fact of them being friends, there's one strong point that proves they are.

The simple fact that Jin calls Xiaoyu by her nickname, "Xiao". In Japan, it's very prominent that people refer to others by their last names adding a "kun" or "sama" at the end, as a form of respect or if you don't know a person well.

Now Jin isn't a disrespectful person, so he would never call her by her nickname to disrespect her. That therefore cancels that point, leaving the point of friendship or familiarity.

But Xiaoyu wakes up to find it was only a dream. Some people may argue that her feelings for Jin are one sided. I guess we'll have to wait and see how it all plays out in the next Tekken. Couples like this happen very often in video games, anime and manga, like the ones I mentioned earlier. I'll list them again here. Even the age difference can be seen as evidence. They have a 3 year age difference, which is one of the most common age differences in the Japanese entertainment, especially in games and anime.

They met while Jin was 19 and Xiaoyu was 16, Xiaoyu is alway chasing after Jin and obviously has a crush on him. Their relationship is a lot like Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose. Sonic is 15 and Amy is 12, Amy has a crush on Sonic and is always chasing after him and he always tries to get away from her.

Jin doesn't seem to be trying to get away from Xiaoyu though. Evidence of this would be her TTT secret ending. She runs up from behind Jin and they have a little conversation. Anyway, if Sega hadn't confirmed that Sonic and Amy will be together at some point in the future, then we would think their relationship is one sided.

Couples like this are very common in the mainstream Japanese entertainment. They even met when Kilik was 19 and Xianghua was Once again, we have ignorant weeaboos and Asukjin fans stereotyping. First of all what goes on inside the entertainment in Japan, isn't what always goes on in real life. Even though it might be the first time Namco has let their main protagonist with a foreigner, it won't be for Bandai! A few years ago Bandai came out with an anime series, called Gundam Wing.

The main protagonist was of course a Japanese guy named Heero Yuy, while his love interest was a blonde hair and blue eyed European princess, named Relena Peacecraft.

tekken jin and asuka relationship goals

Gundam Wing was a very popular anime in Japan and the U. I'm not sure this is true or not, but last I heard Japan usually stereotypes western women as whores. Though I could be wrong But like I said, what goes on in real life in Japan, isn't what always goes on in the entertainment. And not to mention, Relena chased after Heero, the same way Xiaoyu chases after Jin. And at first Heero didn't want anything to do with Relena, but that later changes. I have also heard of some Japanese people say, they don't mind their sons or daughters marrying a foreigner.

As long as he or she embraces the language and the culture. Which brings us to our next piece of evidence for Xiaoyin. Xiaoyu never speaks Mandarin all through the series, even when she's talking to Wang Jinrei. She only speaks Japanese all through the series and she has all the Japanese school girl stereotypes. It's as if she's already embraced the language and the culture. But the way I see it, if they're planning a romantic relationship between her and Jin, it would explain a lot!

It just seems as the series progresses, she becomes more Japanese. Ling Xiaoyu seems like the most possible canon love interest for Jin.