Wicked elphaba and glinda relationship poems

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wicked elphaba and glinda relationship poems

It starts out with Fiyero and Glinda as a couple, which has Elphaba Today, I will talk about the love triangle in Wicked in a way that I But eventually Fiyero breaks up with Glinda and ends up in a relationship with Elphaba. specifically, the character of Elphaba, or the Wicked Witch of the West. causes of guilt, including her mother's death, her relationship with Glinda, .. writing short stories and poems, and created a magazine he titled Rose Lawn Home Journal. 3 quotes have been tagged as elphaba-thropp: Gregory Maguire: 'Not old enough to feel like tags: adult, adulthood, carefree, careless, elphaba, elphaba -thropp, glinda, tags: choice, color, elphaba-thropp, gender, parents, the- wicked-witch, Knowledge Quotes k; Relationships Quotes k; Motivational Quotes 9k.

Fiyero and Glinda vs Fiyero and Elphaba

However, the availability of bootlegs makes it easy and cheap for fans to rewatch the show, possibly picking up on details they missed during a live performance or re-experiencing favorite moments. About six heard the soundtrack of Glee covers first. This fan in particular runs the gamut of pre- and post-show interaction: After seeing it my interaction with the fandom became more intense, I started creating fanart and became a fan of some of the actors who have been involved in the show.

These bootlegs also provide the source material for gifs Graphic Interchange Format and the creation of gifsets that pair certain frames of the show to emphasize a theme, character, or couple.

The dialogue can be subtitled onto the image or there may be explanation text that accompanies the images. Take the following gifset for example.

wicked elphaba and glinda relationship poems

A fan would take all these themes into consideration when deciding clips, quotes, and artistic rendering, just as a fanfiction author might choose to emphasize a particular dynamic between two characters.

While participation in the fandom can be as shallow as simply seeing the show and enjoying it, the most visible participants in the fandom are the ones who critically engage with the show.

A Feminist History of the Broadway Musical. When Nessarose was handing out perfect attendance awards to the Munchkins, the house fell right on top of her. Glinda would then give Dorothy Nessarose's beautiful shoes and cast a protection spell upon them.

To get the girl out of the way, Glinda then sends Dorothy and her dog Toto on the yellow brick road which will ultimately lead them to the Emerald City to seek the Wizard. There Glinda hopes that he'll help the lost girl, not realizing that she just contributed to Elphaba's oncoming death.

A little while later she meets Elphaba again before Nessarose's funeral, and tells her what happened, and is chastised by Elphaba for giving Dorothy the shoes.

Though she tries to convince Elphaba that her intentions were not out of spite and she tries to talk Elphaba out of going after Dorothy, she refuses to listen and storms off.

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They see each other only once after that, but Elphaba walks past her and does not speak, even when Glinda calls her name trying to mend their relationship, with no avail. The two women would never see nor speak to one another ever again.

Son of a Witch It is indirectly revealed that Glinda cast yet another spell on Nessarose's beautiful shoes that Dorothy was wearing. The spell allowed the girl and her dog to return back to where they came from by clicking the heels of the shoes together three times.

wicked elphaba and glinda relationship poems

Later, after Dorothy's departure, it is revealed that Lady Glinda is tragically widowed from her husband, Sir Chuffrey, and is chosen by the provisional government to be Throne Minister.

Her job, according to The Scarecrowis to "clean up" the affairs left by the Wizard and it is implied that after this is complete, she would be expected to resign in favor of a new Throne Minister.

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When Liir comes for a visit to request her help in finding Norshe does not believe him and has a breakdown in front of him, even smashing a glass china doll on a nearby nic-nac table, speaking about the treachery of her position and the people around her, and throwing Elphaba's broom into the fireplace in a fury. Upon seeing that despite the fire, the broom itself will not burn and disintegrate, thus being magic.

wicked elphaba and glinda relationship poems

Glinda realizes he must be a confidant of Elphaba's and directs him to Commander Cherrystone and Shell Throppwho can lead him into Southstairs prison. She reappears later in the book to make a donation to The Cloister of St.

wicked elphaba and glinda relationship poems

Years before, she had taken in Rainthe daughter of Liir, in order to protect her identity. Her household is on the Lake Restwater. This puts her on the forefront of the Oz-Munchkinland civil war as the lake's water is a chief resource both sides are fighting for.

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Because of this, her home is commandeered by Commander Cherrystone and most of her staff is dismissed. When the crew of the Clock of the Time Dragon came into town, she authorized a performance of the Clock. However, the prophetic performance upset Cherrystone and his men. The crew gifts her the Grimmeriewhich she is able to conceal with a spell within it. However, the performance of the Clock causes greater restrictions in her household.

When Cherrystone launches his invasion of Munchkinland using the dragon-pulled boats, Glinda and Rain cast "To Call Winter Upon the Water," a spell which freezes the lake, trapping the boats and dragons. She then smuggles Rain out, giving her over to Brrr for protection.